MHA: 5 Unknown Facts About Lemillion

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Mirio Togata, hero name Lemillion, is one of the most beloved characters of My Hero Academia.

Ever since his debut in the third season of the anime, his power and skills have been incomparable to his fellow students.

The fact that he won single-handedly against class 1-A speaks volumes of his strength.

His strength has to be justified as he is one of the members of the Big Three, U.A.'s three strongest students who are on the same level as pros.

It should be fair to say that in the first half of the fourth season, Mirio managed to snatch half of Midoriya's limelight.

We learned about his past, his strong sense of justice, and his relentless efforts to make up for his mistake.

Let's have a look at 5 unknown facts about Lemillion that anime fans might have missed.

1. His Super Move is Named After Star Wars

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Star Wars is the favorite Sci-Fi movie of My Hero Academia's manga artist and author Kouhei Horikoshi.

He named Lemillion's super move after the first prequel movie of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menance.

Mirio first used this move during his battle with Shie Hassaikai.

He defeated Shin Nemoto and Deidoro Sakaki, two of the eight bullets of Shie Hassaikai.  

Mirio uses this special move by completely phasing himself into the matter.

With the help of his quirk, he repels himself out of his point of entry into another spot while striking his opponents on the way there.

He does this continuously from several points in an area to barrage his opponents with swift blows they can't defend themselves from.

2. He Can Only Feel Himself Falling Down While Using his Quirk

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Mirio is a special hero who managed to transform his biggest drawback into his strength.

His quirk, Permeation, is extremely difficult to control and can be life-threatening if not used properly.

Using something like this requires an extreme level of concentration and years of relentless training.

Due to his resolve, Mirio managed to make his not-so-impressive quirk into one of the strongest in the series.

While using his quirk, Mirio can pass through any object and while doing so, he loses his sense of sight and hearing.

The only thing he can feel is falling down into an abyss.

If he were to lose focus while using his quirk, he may keep falling down forever.

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3. His Strength Doesn't Depend on His Quirk

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Lemillion has superhuman strength.

His quirk isn't that powerful on its own, but due to his unparalleled skills and years of experience, he can use it to his advantage.

What makes him special is that while most heroes use quirk as their primary weapon, Lemillion uses his quirk as a supportive element.

Due to the nature of his quirk, he can only pass through objects, which isn't always useful in battle.

So, he trained his body along with his quirk.

One of the finest examples of it was when he sparred against class 1-A and defeated everyone with a single punch on their guts.

Another was when he lost his quirk due to the Quirk-Destroying Bullet during his fight with Chisaki.

Even after he lost his quirk, Lemillion fought against the villain and showed his superior skills.

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4. He Shares the Same Birthday as Deku

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Ever since season four, Lemillion and Deku have created a special bond during the battle with Shie Hassaikai.

They both shared the same mentor for their work studies and became more familiar with each other.

After the incident with Eri, both of them felt the same guilt and vowed to protect the girl. There are many things that are common among them.

Both of them have the charm of a trustworthy hero that gives people hope.

They both held the same level of admiration for All Might and strive to become like him.

Among so many similarities, it is a wonderful coincidence that these two aspiring heroes share the same birthday, i.e. 15th of July.

5. His Cheerful Personality is an Inspiration from All Might

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Mirio's admiration for All Might is no secret to My Hero Academica fans.

However, not everyone knows that he adopted his cheerful personality in hopes of becoming the next symbol of peace.

Mirio didn't have a good childhood, but he always looked at the bright side of things and didn't harp on something that made him sad.

His positive personality is something many characters admire including, Nighteye, Midoriya, Amajiki, and even All Might.

Even though Lemillion lost his quirk in the fourth season, that's not the end of this amazing hero.

In the manga, during the intense battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front, Lemllion joins the frontlines after having Eri restore his quirk.

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