MHA: 5 Best Kirishima Moments

Eijiro Kirishima is one of the best fighters in My Hero Academia. He chose the hero name Red Riot for himself to honor his idol, the Chivalrous Hero: Crimson Riot.

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My Hero Academia has shown great character development of Eijiro Kirishima. He started out as a normal student with low self-confidence. However, somewhere along the way, he became strong and learned to believe in his powers. He is courageous, passionate about his dream, and always looks out for his friends.

These are the qualities that make him a fan favorite.  As the series proceeded, Kirishima eventually became is one of the best fighters in the hero course of U.A. and had some amazing fights. The series hyped up his character massively in the fourth season. Here are the 5 best Kirishima moments that all My Hero Academia fans love.

5.  Kirishima and Bakugo Vs. Kurogiri

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The attack on the USJ by the League of Villains was class 1-A first encounter with real-life villains. It was brutal, an all-out attack to take down All Might ended up in a huge mess for both sides. It was also the first time the audience learned about this organization. Among the top members of the organization was Kurogiri. Midnight revealed that his warping ability is extremely rare and powerful.

Kurogiri's warping ability allows him to cover himself in dark purple mist so his opponents won't be able to attack him. Amid the panic, Kirishima and Bakugo were the first ones among the students who attacked without any hesitation. Although the attack didn't land, their move proved their bravery and ability to be calm even in the most dangerous situations.

4. Kirishima Vs. Tetsutetsu

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Kirishima made his U.A. sports festival debut with the rest of the first years in the second season. They both have the same hardening quirk. While Kirishima can make his body hard like a rock, Tetsutetsu can make his like iron. The rivals had one of the most motivating fights in the series.

Due to the nature of their quirk, both parties were taking hits from each other with no clear sight of the victor. Ultimately, the match ended in a draw after they both knocked each other out. Even so, the audience continued to sing praises for their passion and determination. After Kirishima and Tetsutetsu received treatment, Kirishima was declared the winner of their match after arm-wrestling.

3. Bakugo's Rescue

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Ever since the early episodes of the series, Bakugo and Kirishima have developed a special bond, despite the former's rude personality. When Bakugo was kidnapped by the League of Villains, Kirishima was the first one to try and convince the rest of his class to join him in his rescue mission. It can be said Kirishima played the most important role in Bakugo's rescue.

Midoriya, Todoroki, Yaorozu, and Iida joined him and they all decided to save Bakugo without anyone getting in a fight. After they reached the base of the League of Villains, it wasn't long when the situation became extremely dangerous with all the Nomus and All For One's anime debut. Bakugo got caught up in All Might's and All For One's confrontation.

So, Kirishima and the others made a plan to jump really high from where they were hiding to a safe place, rescuing Bakugo in the middle. But the key part of the plan was Bakugo had to hold the hand of either Iida, Midoriya, or Kirishima to be rescued. Midoriya believed that given Bakugo's pride, he won't accept help from anyone else except his close friend Kirishima, so the rescue went perfectly as planned.  

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2. The First Time He Used His Ultimate Move

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After getting their provisional licenses, class 1-A learned about the hero work studies. Kirishima was one of the five students from class 1-A who was allowed to do his work studies. He joined the agency of Fat Gum, where Amajiki worked. During their patrol, they ran into a few villains who were smuggling quirk-boosting drugs.

While the three fought well to keep the villains at bay, one of them got away so Kirishima had to run after him. After cornering the villain in an alley, Kirishima tried to talk to him about what he was doing wrong. Unfortunately, the villain injected himself with the drug and gave himself a massive power boost.

character using the ultimate move

His measly power became extremely deadly, but Kirishima was able to defeat the villain after showing his ultimate move for the first time. Taking All Might's suggestion into account, Kirishima developed his ultimate move called Red Riot Unbreakable. As the name suggests, he becomes unbreakable after hardening his body to the maximum, making his opponent's attacks pointless.  

1. Kirishima and Fat Gum Vs. Rappa

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The raid on Shie Hassaikai was the most brutal fight the fans ever saw. Even after so many heroes and work-study students teaming up, the battle was extremely difficult with losses on both sides. During the raid, Kirishima and Fat Gum ran into two of the eight bullets Hekiji Tengai and Kendo Rappa. Rappa's overwhelming strength was more than Kirishima's quirk could handle, even with his ultimate move.

Eventually, he became too scared to fight, leaving Fat Gum to protect him. However, as he realizes that Fat Gum is losing, Kirishima gained the strength to fight against Rappa's monstrous strength. Even though he wasn't able to win against Rappa, Kirishima's determination and bravery motivated Fat Gum to defeat the villains. His actions gained him the respect of both his mentor and his opponent.

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Although every character in MHA has unique quirks and personalities, only a few of them stand out and make the fans root for them. Kirishima is definitely one of those characters. His fear, low self-esteem, and ability to look up to a person enough to become like that is someone people can relate to. Whereas, his compassion, selflessness, value for friendship, and bravery are some the fans admire.  

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