MF Ghost Manga Review: Buckle Up For The New Ride!

For anime fans who love anime revolving around cars, a title that will never be forgotten is Initial D

main lead standing along side a red sedan

How many of us loved cars growing up? Regardless of gender, we all had a phase or are in that phase as we speak. For anime fans who love anime revolving around cars, a title that will never be forgotten is Initial D. The writer who brought this gem to life was none other than Shuichi Shigeno sensei.

Was Initial D all sensei had up his sleeve? Certainly not, as he wrote another iconic work, named MF Ghost. MF Ghost Manga (MF Gōsuto) is both written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno sensei himself.

It was originally serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine way back in September 2017.

Currently, there are a total of ten volumes in this series. This Seinen manga was pretty well received as well, with over 1 million copies sold as per current records. MF Ghost Manga is directly related to Initial D and it’s original cast and acts as a sequel to it. So what’s the hype about this sequel manga?

MF Ghost Manga is set to occur in the 2020s (yes, the very years we are in right now). One big difference though, the world has evolved far more than it actually has in reality.

This is clearly shown in the form of auto-driving electric cars, which have made the traditional internal combustion engine cars a thing of the past. This has become a normal car in this world. But there is always someone out there waiting to break out of the norm and to be all “Old is gold”.

MF Ghost Manga thus turns to Ryosuke Takahashi (yes, the mastermind from Initial D) who has founded an organization in Japan to do just that. The organization is named MFG and they do classic street racing with the good old internal combustion cars of old.

So we are introduced to newbie Kanata Livington (Kanata Katagiri), who is a 19-year-old Japanese-British mix. But to add to the spice, he is the student of the legendary downhill and rally racer Takumi Fujiwara (yes, the diamond-in-the-rough main character of Initial D).

official poster of the manga

Now, Kanata has been trained by THE Takumi himself while at the Royal Donington Racing School in the United Kingdom, which is the top racing school in that country. He is a Formula 4 world champion to boot. He makes his iconic debut on the scene while driving a Toyota GT86.

In the process, he easily defeated European top-tier cars, including the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Ferrari 488 GTB, Lotus Exige, Alfa Romeo 4C, Lexus LC500, and Porsche 911 Carrera.

But what drives Takuma? What’s his endgame? He only has eyes on one prize and that’s to become a part of the Godly 15. The Godly 15 are the best drivers in the MF Ghost Manga.

He arrives in Japan to achieve this goal, but additionally in search of his lost father.The art style is as unique and iconic as it was in Initial D, but as usual, might need some getting used to. The cars look just as lit as they were in the initial work and so does the scenery.

The legendary, even immortal series of Initial D takes off in full blast in this follow-up series. And the good news? The anime for MF Ghost Manga is expected to be released in the near future! The hype is soon set to return, so get in gear and buckle up!

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