Mental Coach Jegal Kdrama | Who does Jegal End up with?

Is it love or empathy for Cha Ga Eul that makes Jegal worried?

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Jung Woo played the role of Jegal Gil in the TvN Korean Drama Mental Coach Jegal. The Kdrama was focused on Jung Woo’s association with two significant people, Dr Park Seung Ha (Park Se Young) and Cha Ga Eul (Lee Yoo Mi).

Jegal was banned from the national team (Taekwondo team) due to an incident with Gu Tae Man (Kwon Yool). Jegal suffered a physical and emotional injury and later became a mental coach.

While the Kdrama isn’t exactly a romance, it was interesting to Dr Park care for Jegal while Cha Ga Eul seemed interested in him.

With so many issues and controversies, who will Jegal Gil pick in the end?

What happened to Jegal Gil?

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Jegal Gil, the main male lead in the Korean Drama was previously a Taekwondo National player. Due to injury and a bad match decision, Jegal Gil was furious and quit the team after causing a huge ruckus.

Years later, Jegal Gil returns as a well-known Mental Coach but still does not prefer working with national players.

In a sense, Jegal became traumatised by the incident and his love life is out of the question.

Sadly, Jegal might have stopped caring about himself as he stopped taking therapy and tried to cause trouble even when he was hospitalized.

Mental Coach Kdrama is a healing journey not just for the athletes, but for Jegal Gil himself as well. The one he needed the most to protect and treasure was himself.

Who is Dr Park Seung Ha?

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When Jegal Gil was banned from sports, he was sent for treatment. Dr Park Seung Ha’s first patient was Jegal Gil.

Jegal was notorious and would do anything to escape or retrieve unadministered medicines which could be dangerous and life-threatening. Dr Park quit her job as she failed to treat Jegal Gil.

Jegal never went for therapy and end up limping. Years later, Jegal Gil and Dr Park cross paths again. Dr Park works with the Korean Sports Association to provide coaching to athletes.

In a string of events starting with Jegal’s former teammate, Cha Moo Tae asked Jegal’s help for his sister.

Jegal Gil was troubled because a young athlete committed suicide after reporting for help to Human Rights Center but didn’t receive any help.

The case was buried and because of Gu Tae Man’s negligence, a promising athlete ended up dying. Gu Tae Man is romantically interested in Dr Park but she isn’t interested in him.

Gu Tae Man is very much like a cleaner/ gopher for Dr Park’s father, Assemblyman Park Seung Tae.

Who is Cha Ga Eul?

Cha Moo Tae was concerned for his sister, Cha Ga Eul. Cha Ga Eul is a part of the National Short Track Speed Skating Group.

After winning her gold medal four years ago, Ga Eul went into a slump. Her relationship with her teammates is rocky and her coach is a preying, violent and gambling addict, Oh Dal Sung.

Oh Dal Sung does everything to torment Cha Ga Eul, even taking it as far as match-fixing and intentional body injury during a match.  

Ga Eul’s life started changing as she started opening up to Jegal who became her mental coach. Unfortunately, Ga Eul had a long list of issues and Oh Dal Sung was making her life a miserable hell.

National Swimmer and Olympic medal winner Lee Mu Gyeol liked Ga Eul in the past, but their relationship didn’t work out because of certain misunderstandings.

Why did Dr Park help Jegal?

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Dr Park Seung Ha was always concerned about how she was unable to help Jegal Gil. It started purely as a doctor-patient relationship, but slowly things started changing when Jegal got involved with Seung Ha’s father and Gu Tae Man.

While Gu Tae Man was still bitter and resentful, he harnessed an extreme level of hate towards Jegal for messing with him and trying to come in between him and Seung Ha.

Seung Ha, however, had no romantic interest in Tae Man and without even realising started helping Jegal. The possible love interest between Jegal and Dr Park was almost there...but not quite.

Meanwhile, Lee Mu Gyeol confessed his feelings for Cha Ga Eul only to be rejected. Ga Eul confided with Jegal and started changing to the point of depending on him.

Although both Seung Ha and Jegal agreed that it was not love and transference, Ga Eul was determined to go through with her one-sided love.

Ga Eul confessed her feelings to Jegal only to be harshly rejected.

This is probably the first time when the main couples in the Kdrama make no sense. The romantic love interest between Jegal and Ga Eul made very less sense due to professional ethics and he was her mental coach.

Jegal had no feelings towards Ga Eul and much less for Dr Park. Although both Dr Park and Ga Eul were aiming for Jegal’s heart, it’s not that unpredictable to know what the endgame would be.

Who does Jegal Gil end up with?

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After Jegal got into an accident, courtesy of Assemblyman Park, Seung Ha rescued him again. She was worried and wanted to protect him at least this time.


Even before confessing, Dr Park was rejected. There goes any possibility of Jegal ending up with Dr Park Seung Ha. Dr Park didn’t end up with Gu Tae Man either, thankfully.

Cha Ga Eul was determined to win an Olympic medal in the upcoming tournament. Although she confessed her feelings to Jegal, time and again she was always rejected.


Jegal started changing slowly as well. He didn’t realise it before, but soon he started liking Cha Ga Eul more than just a sympathetic feeling. 

It started becoming romantic. Jegal tried telling her before Ga Eul left for the match, but she decided not to let the conversation drift that way.

Cha Ga Eul won a Silver medal and returned back home. Jegal was missing her and went to an ice skating rink thinking to try his skills on the ice! Cha Ga Eul came to the very movement and the two of them met.

Although the Mental Coach Jegal Kdrama had an open ending, it was heavily implied that Jegal chose Ga Eul as he became ready to try this relationship.

Jegal ended up with Ga Eul, maybe that was the start of their romantic journey.

Mental Coach Jegal is a 16-episode Kdrama that has finished airing. Check out the drama and watch Jegal Gil messing with the world and fixing things in Jegal Gil’s style!

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