What makes Melancholia an interesting Kdrama of 2021?

Why did Baek Seung Yoo return back to Asung high school? Can Ji Yoon Soo get her revenge?

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Yet another masterpiece Kdrama from Tvn. Melancholia replaced Hometown Cha Cha Cha Kdrama and the storyline is unique and quite catchy. The Kdrama centers around two characters both bound with a common connection -Mathematics. This might sound strange but at the same time, it piques your curiosity why

Melancholia Kdrama is so interesting. The characters Baek Seung Yoo (Lee Do Hyun) and Ji Yoon Soo (Lim Soo Young) present a unique and catchy narrative with stressed and elevated mystery with the opening scene of the FL getting reported to the police while the ML watches helplessly.

Conflicts between Right and Unethical

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Yea might seem less original, but apart from this and the possible forbidden teacher-student relationship, which to be fair never happened.

Let’s move on to the stressful school life, where some high school students compete to become the best Mathematicians bringing product and honour to the school and to their families.

Thankfully, Ji Yoon Soo, the creative mathematics teacher in Asung High school didn’t have a forbidden relationship with her student.  

Unfortunately, the student in question, the genius Baek Seung Yoo does harbour a one-sided relationship with her teacher.

He tried to protect her till the end, but it’s not like a powerless teenager can win against the schemes and shenanigans of the powerful and corrupt No Jung Ah, who plans to weed out Ji Yoon Soo for not giving in to her plans of breeding corruption.

The cliche Meeting

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Melancholia has a flashback set four months ago how Baek Seung Yoo and Ji Yoon Soo met on a train where she accidentally left her things behind.

Their things get exchanged and later she finds a genius Baek Sung Yoo who hides his talent in mathematics. Unlike his family, Ji Yoon Soo encourages Baek Seung Yoo to use his talents in Maths again.

Insecure Sung Ye Rin and Troublesome Jang Kyu Young

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It’s not that simple for a nobody like Baek Seung Yoo to rise from the bottom of the class and suddenly become the top scorer.

Sung Ye Rim, one of the top competitors in school feels threatened and insecure towards Baek Seung Yoo who has an aptitude for Maths and has no trouble acing them.

Then there’s Jang Kyu Young who loathes Baek Seung Yoo with a passion. Well, mostly because his throne as number 1 in Maths is gone thanks to Baek Seung Yoo.

Overbearing Family

Let’s take a moment of silence for Baek Seung Yoo, Sung Ye Rin and Jang Kyu Young’s parents who only care about their kid’s high scoring mark sheet and bragging in society.

Baek Seung Yoo and Sung Ye Rin seem more pitiful as one is traumatised by his past, the other one is still suffering from the past actions impacting her present.

Some people can’t be good in Maths and that’s ok, but not the case with Sung Ye Rin who resorts to cheating and mugging up to win competitions and scoring in tests.  

Behind Sung Ye Rin are two of the most powerful backers, the school head No Jung Ah and her dad Assemblyman Sung Min Joon.

Her father created a competition just so that she can win, but Baek Sung Yoo beat her again fair and square.

In retaliation, she harmed the teacher Ji Yoon So and even took a questionable picture and gave it to No Jung Ah.

Forceful and Controlling Fiance

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What was really weird and might tick you off is Ji Yoon Soo’s fiance Ryu Sung Jae. They did make a good couple, but Ryu Sung Jae (Choi Dae Hun) seems very controlling, self-centred and toxic.

Even his family is very questionable as his mother straight up dislikes Ji Yoon Soo and criticises her every chance she gets.

The wedding idea makes it very questionable why they are getting hitched in the first place.

It was inevitable that their wedding won’t happen thanks to multiple people who screwed the event including Baek Seung Yoo who was glued and puppy love gave the people around them the horrible thought in the first place.

Unfortunately, even Ji Yoon Soo is not off the blame who had failed to keep ethical distance and give equal priority to all the students, including Sung Ye Rin.

Successful Baek Seung Yoo Returns

There’s another time skip of 4 years, following the chaos. Baek Seung Yoo is now a distinguished and well-known figure in the Mathematical world, with many accolades and prizes.

Following the scandal, Ji Yoon Soo quietly disappears from everyone’s sight, but she has her own plans.

The same holds true for a vengeful Baek Seung Yoo who plans to expose the school’s corruption and prove his teacher’s innocence. He joined Asung school as the teacher to start digging.

Meanwhile, the ex-alumni, Sung Ye Rin still seems unsettled because she knows what she did to destroy Ji Yoon Soo and Baek Seung Yoo. Following the scandal. Baek Seung Yoo dropped out of school, took a GED and walked on the road to success.

What makes Melancholia quite an interesting Kdrama of 2021 is the plot which might seem typical yet seems refreshing where different characters have their motivation to do anything.

Adding Maths was quite a genius and interesting idea though.