Maki Zenin: A Bloody And Badass "Glow Up"

Maki Zenin went on an unhinged rampage in the recent Jujutsu Kaisen arc. Let's unpack the actions of the queen of baddassery.

Maki Zenin

Jujutsu Kaisen has no shortage of characters one can simp for. However, if there is a character I absolutely worship, it's Maki Zenin. Maki was already the poster girl for badassery before the Shibuya Arc. However, her transformation thereafter shocked the entire Jujutsu Kaisen fandom.

Let's break down major events of the Perfect Preparation arc and Maki Zenin’s “glow-up”.

Shibuya Arc Aftermath

During the events of the Shibuya arc, Maki crosses paths with Toji Fushiguro. Toji, like Maki, was born without any cursed energy and quit the Zenin clan. Maki is stunned at the gap in power and skill level of herself and Toji. During an unexpected fight against Jogo, Maki gets a direct hit and falls unconscious.

It is revealed in the Itadori Extermination Arc, that Maki survived the attack but was in a critical condition.

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Perfect Preparation Arc

Maki plans to gather tools from the Zenin family for the preparation of the Culling game. When Maki arrives at the Zenin household, she is greeted by Naoya Zenin. He taunts her about her now ruined looks and lack of cursed energy which Maki (effortlessly) ignores.

Maki encounters her mother on her way to the warehouse, who informs her that she is not permitted to enter. Maki then hands her the keys to the warehouse and claims that the clan's leader, Megumi Fushiguro (long story), granted her permission.

Mai Zenin and Maki Zenin
Mai and Maki Zenin

When Maki enters the warehouse, she is greeted by her father, Ogi Zenin, who informs her that all of the tools have already been disposed of. Maki notices a hurt Mai behind her father and prepares to fight him. Maki breaks Ogi's katana after a brief exchange of blows. Despite the fact that he is defenceless, Maki attempts to land another blow. However, unbeknownst to her, Ogi had cursed his blade and slashed her flank. Ogi closes in, saying that he is not the head of the family because his children are worthless.

Ogi beats up both his daughters and drags them to a training room full of cursed spirits. He then walks out of the room, leaving his daughters to die. Mai checks up on Maki who still has a running heartbeat. In a tearful sequence of events, Mai transfers her remaining cursed energy to Maki to resuscitate her, dying herself in the process.

The Massacre of the Zenin Family

Naoya Zenin
Naoya Zenin

Ogi notices that all the cursed spirits of the training room have vanished. He then sees a vengeful  Maki at the doorway with a sword in her hand. Ogi is frightened at this Maki which reminds him of Toji Fushiguro, a man he tried very hard to forget. A terrified Ogi used his innate technique Blazing Courage to burn her down with his own two hands. When he challenges her to a fight, she quickly cuts his head in half horizontally, killing him.

Maki then unleashes her wrath onto any Zenin clan member that attacks her. She quickly disposes of the Kukuru unit. She is then attacked by Nobuaki and Chojuro where she's able to completely dominate the two in the brief fight. Ranta employs his technique to keep Maki from moving and compares Maki's current strength to Toji Zenin's. Jinichi, who wanted to help Ranta at first, is told to kill Maki.

Jinichi uses his innate technique to attack Maki, but despite his efforts, he is beheaded by Maki shortly afterward. Maki, who is carrying Jinichi's head, walks past Ranta and throws the latter's head into the water as Naoya confronts her and asks if she has a heart, which she denies and claims was taken from her.

The fight between Naoya and Maki is brief but fierce. Naoya is a fearsome fighter in his own right, however, he is completely outclassed by the new and improved Maki Zenin. Lastly, Maki confronts her mother and ignoring the woman’s pleas, cuts her head in half before leaving the Zenin household for good.

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