Lunar New Year 2023 Pokemon Go | Explained

This guide covers all the details to maximize the 2023 Lunar New Year event in Pokemon Go.

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The Lunar New Year is an event that takes place in January or February, as a celebration of the real-world Lunar New Year. It's time to celebrate this year’s lunar new year. Pokémon like Bunnelby and Buneary will appear more frequently in the wild, and Trainers can look forward to other event-themed Pokémon appearing in the wild, in raids, and hatching from Eggs.

It looks like all Trainers’ luck will also improve during the event—you’ll have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Darumaka, an increased chance to receive Lucky Pokémon in trades, and an increased chance to become Lucky Friends.

Starts: Thursday, January 19, at 10:00 AM Local Time

Ends:  Monday, January 23, at 8:00 PM Local Time


General Bonuses

  • Increased chance to encounter Shiny Darumaka. Darumaka will be the one in the spotlight with boosted shiny rate. It is one of the best fire-type attackers in the game besides Mega Blaziken and Mega Charizard Y.
  • This event is mainly based on trades and friendship bonuses. It will be beneficial to interact daily during the event days with best friends, increasing the chances to become a lucky friend.
  • There is also a boosted rate for a pokemon to become lucky obtained from trade.
Note: Lucky pokemon requires 50% less stardust to power up.
  • 2× Stardust from opening Gifts can also be beneficial if you can interact daily with friends.
  • One additional Special Trade can be made for a maximum of two per day.

Choose a Bonus

During the Lunar New Year event, Trainers can choose between one of the several bonuses as a reward for their Timed Research.

  • 1/2 Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed into Incubators during the event period.
  • 2× Stardust for catching Pokémon
  • 2× Daily Adventure Incense duration


2× Stardust for catching Pokémon and 2× Daily Adventure Incense duration are the bonuses that will be more useful and sync with this event. You can use the stardust bonus for additional gains with the spawns. The incense bonus might be useful for someone who loves to complete their Pokedex / collect pokemon. This bonus will maximize your chances of getting a rare pokemon, especially the galarian birds which are very hard to find.


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Wild Spawns

If you're lucky, you may encounter the following.

* denotes that the Pokemon can be obtained in its shiny variant


As a collector you definitely want to grind the featured spawns as they have a shiny possibility, some are event boosted and can also grant bonus stardust after catching. Combee, with a base stardust value of 750. With the use of starpiece, it can yield a maximum of 1125 stardust per catch and with a weather boost, it can go 1406. You can easily gain millions of stardust by using this trick.

Magikarp (Gyarados) is one of the key pokemon for this event. Magikarp requires 400 candies to evolve into Gyarados which is the highest candy requirement in the game, grinding for them will be beneficial. Gyarados is one of the best mega pokemon and also a good contender in PvP and PvE.

Numel (Camerupt) has a mega evolution which is yet to be released. This event will be a great option to prepare for it.

Bunnelby (diggersby) will be a good addition to your team. It has very good PvP stats, making it a top-tier meta pokemon for the great league.


the image displays eggs in a container

In 7 km eggs

Galarian Darumaka*

Tips :

Riolu (Lucario) is definitely the best pokemon in the event's egg pool. Lucario is the best fighting type attacker in the game has its mega evolution and is yet to be out. Get yourselves one with good stats, perhaps try to get it shiny which is one of the coolest shinies in the game.

Scraggy (Scrafty)is the top meta pokemon for great and ultra leagues with its dark/fighting typing, providing vast coverage against steel, ghost, dark, and psychic and countering other meta Pokemon and teams. It will be a good addition to your team if you can get one.


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Regice ( 5* raid boss)

Appearing in 1-star Raids

Hisuian Voltorb
Galarian Darumaka*

Appearing in 3-star Raids


Appearing in 5-star Raids


Appearing in Mega Raids

Mega Lopunny


For the raids, the 5-star boss Regice is the only pokemon you should consider raiding as it has more after-raid rewards. It is recommended that you should only spend your daily free passes for this boss.

Other alternative options can be galarian darumaka or druddigon. They are very rare and barely found in the wild. Druddigon, which is obtainable from raids and research tasks only.

Timed Research: Lucky Wishes

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Trainers will be able to access branching Timed Research that grants their wish for bonuses that revolve around either hatching Eggs, the duration of Daily Adventure Incense, or collecting Stardust.

No matter which wishes you pick, all Trainers who complete the research will receive a Lucky Egg and other items. They will also have the opportunity to encounter the following Pokémon.

Galarian Darumaka*


Avatar Items

The following new avatar items will be available to purchase in the in-game shop during this event and will continue to be available after the event ends.

Red Lanturn Backpack- A new bagpack which can enhance your avatar.
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Red Lanturn Backpack

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