Luffy's 10 Most Powerful Moves, Ranked

Luffy is one of the strongest fighters in one Piece. We take a look at his strongest moves!

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luffy during a fight

Luffy is one of the strongest fighters in one Piece. It's not a surprise that Luffy has many different moves, and this transformation of his is a mixture of the various techniques being enhanced due to the quality of the many adaptations. Yet even these various moves and many different forms of the same can be considered clear contenders for Luffy's latest (as of writing this article) and most decisive actions. Let's see what these famous moves are and are they even worth the excitement.

10. Soru

character using soru against his enemy

Let's start this list with one of his most frequently used moves, the Soru. The first-ever move he used against any opponent was Soru. Soru allows him to move at a fast rate, barely even visible. This move was just a start, giving the fans an idea of what kind of moves could take place.

9. Gomu Gomu No Jet Stamp

character using  long legs against the enemy

The most potent move of Luffy at the very beginning of the manga series. This move allows Luffy to show how powerful he can be in his battle against Blueno, and this move lets him use his underlying abilities to the highest.

8. Gum Gum Red Roc

character using Gum-gum red roc against other character

It was first used when Luffy was fighting Kaido. Luffy is seen to inflate his first Gear Third before seriously activating Gear second and Ryou. This move, like Red Hawk, is seen to be aflame as it helps create fire around the same. It can be said one of the most substantial moves used by him throughout!

7. Gum Gum Red Hawk

character using fire from his arms against his enemies

The first use move by Luffy in One Piece in the Fishman Island arc must be everyone's favorite. Here Luffy stretches his arms back, entering the gear second of the moment and the technique.

His arms are stretched till the time when he can release a stream of fire for the enemies. If we look at the manga series, when Luffy explodes through their chest, it damages their internal organs in between.

6. Gomu Gomu no Jet Culverin

luffy using Gomu Gomu no Jet Culverin attack

Can we say that this move is both one of his latest as well as the oldest moves? This is also Luffy's most recent attack, Gomu Gomu No Jet Culverin. Most dangerous and often used attack by Luffy.

This one can maintain momentum all the time and keeps on moving until it hits the target. The most brutal attack to dodge as the attack pattern is simple yet unpredictable.

5. Gum-Gum Over Kong Gun

character using his fist to attack

This is used by Luffy in his Gear fourth Bounce transformation. The Gum-Gum over Kong Gun is similar to the King Kong Gun. The main difference between them is that they are now in the team if we can say, of Advance conqueror's Haki. This is why it is said to be one of the most powerful techniques or attacks used by Luffy till now.

In the manga series, Luffy inflates his fist to massive proportions while compressing it for extra force and more. This very attack is powerful enough to cause one of Kaido's blast breaths to explode in his mouth. Though we can't say that it is one of his most potent attacks till now, as there are many more.

4. Gum-Gum Bajrang Gun

character using the fifth gear version of the over kong gun on his opponents

This was used by Luffy when he was awakened. This technique is the fifth gear version of the over kong gun. One of the main differences is the increase in the attack or its size. In this attack, we saw in the manga that Luffy's hand grows to the size of the island nearby.

It can be definitely said to be one of the largest Conqueror's Haki Clashes seen in the series so far. This attack of his is powerful enough to send Kaiso flying to the ground of the Wano Mainland. Definitely one of the most potent moves Luffy has till now.

3. Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka

character using bazooka against other character

This was performed by Luffy in Gear 4. Can we say this technique is a gold platter on all the other methods that Luffy can generally perform? The only specialty of this technique is its extreme speed and power, which is more powerful and capable of sending Doflamingo, an able fighter, flying.

2. Gomu Gomu no Cannonball

character increasing his size

Can I apologize for disappointing you here? Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka is not the only most powerful technique. Luffy is in his Tankman state, which means after consuming loads of food, Luffy can increase his size to the fullest, which can be done by using the muscle balloon technique and extending Haki up his torso.

1. Black Mamba

black mamba

This technique and the form is one and the only highest-rated and most substantial move, Luffy. If we look at the manga series carefully, we can say that it seems to be a different version of Snakeman. Luffy lets out several attacks continuously without giving the opponent a chance to fight back.