7 Potential Matches for Luffy's Love Story

It's kind of fun to imagine the possibilities and no one can be sure of what the future holds for Luffy.

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female characters hovering around luffy

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The manga’s protagonist, Luffy is everyone’s favorite, and most of the manga fans favor him to achieve his goal of becoming a Pirate King.

Though we have seen him throughout the journey doing stunts and being serious about his goal, this doesn’t mean that he didn't have any time for love. He did make some time to find his true love.

His love life isn’t ideal and many fans are awed by his preferences. Some fans refer him to as asexual while others say that he is simply in love with the adventure itself.

Luffy is pure at heart and is not looking for any romantic partnerships is one of the presupposed ideas about him. Luffy’s Love Interest is one of the most debated One Piece topics. Though it's kind of fun to imagine the possibilities and no one can be sure of what the future holds for Luffy. Let's see who really fits with Luffy.

7. Nojiko


Luffy's journey of becoming a pirate king was very interesting. He met several interesting female characters. When it comes to Luffy's romantic relationships every person has a different opinion. Few fans even accept that Najiko, Nami’s adopted sister, would be a perfect match for Luffy.

Nojiko is the owner of Tangerine Farm. She is a supporter of the straw hat pirates which is a plus point and used to prefer to stay out of trouble. Her kindness makes her the perfect partner for Luffy.

6. Kaya


We have seen in the manga series that Kaya is often ill because of her habit to worry too much. The aspiring doctor and inheritor of a large fortune lives in a deluxe mansion on Gecko Island.

She is a very good friend of Usopp and a fearless person like Luffy. When it comes to protecting the weak she is not afraid of her life too. These are some good things about her which may force Luffy to change his mind for a romantic relationship.

5. Marguerite


In episode 409 of the manga series when Luffy crash-landed on Amazon Lily, most fans hoped that this time he would fall in love with Marguerite. Marguerite, a young and peculiar lady, who saved Luffy’s life when he ate a Poisonous mushroom.

While Marguerite has kind of shown profound interest in Luffy, the feelings aren't mutual at the time. According to me the first time they met was a bit awkward as men were not allowed on Amazon Lily, because of this the girls there were not so experienced with the males. Even though Luffy didn't really show any interest in Marguerite, many of the fans still believe that their path will ever cross again.

4. Tashigi

tashigi angrily smoking a cigar

In chapter 11 of the manga series, Fans saw Tashigi for the first time as Master Chief Petty Officer.  She is also one of the supporting antagonists of the manga series. We can say she is quite a good fit for Luffy.  

Many things are common between them as they are fearless and can’t be defeated easily. However, she’s also a hothead and sometimes even reckless, never afraid of her opponents.

Tashigi is a little clumsy but she is never afraid of fights. She would never admit defeat and always keeps her eye on her target, just like Luffy. There are a lot of chances of Luffy falling in love with her.

3. Perona


Thriller Bark Saga’s antagonist persona is certainly an unusual pick for Luffy. Still this is one of the most interesting and exciting relationships in the history of Anime. Perona is a troublemaker but her childish personality often misleads others into thinking she is harmless. The only thing I find odd about her is her changing personalities.

One day she is cruel while on the next day she appears kind and caring. Most of the fans don't really root for them to get together but they would make an astonishing couple.

2. Nami

nami holding luffy's neck

How can we even forget her. Nami is a true explorer, who has a very kind heart. She is the navigator of the crew and her one of the goals is mapping the world. Luffy and Nami’s relationship is argumentative and can often be violent on Nami's side. But they also used to value and trust each other. They respected each other's decision.

Though she is calm in most of the situations, sometimes she is easily freaked out by bugs and spiders. As she was the second girl pirate to join Luffy , fans believed love could spark between them.

1. Boa Hancock

boa blushing

Boa Hancock and Luffy are the perfect match for me. Luffy’s adventure on Amazon Lily attracted many manga fans to this couple. Though they are very different from each other but are the most memorable and funny when together. Boa Hancock is the Snake Princess and the tribe’s ruler along with her sisters.

The only strange thing about Boa was that she used to use her beauty to gain forgiveness for her cruel and manipulative behaviour. Still they could really be a perfect couple as fans are still very excited about them and their bond.