Lovers of the Red Sky Kdrama Review; Is it Worth the Hype?

Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 1 and 2 are out. What does the drama have in store for us?

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The much-awaited Kdrama of 2021, The Lovers of the Red Sky began airing on 30th August. The SBS drama Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim You Jung, Gong Myung and Kwak Si Yang in the main roles. Lovers of the Red Sky was hyped for a very long time and fans were eagerly waiting for the show to air. The first episode was decent but lacked attraction. Is the Kdrama Lovers of the Red Sky worth all the hype?

Only episode 1 of the Lovers of the Red Sky is subbed and available. The mast cast has yet to make an appearance. The drama tried to incorporate spiritual and mythical elements in the drama; much like the magic of Goblin Kdrama. Of course, both the dramas are different, but the initial episode gave mixed feelings.

Lovers of the Red Sky had a decent CGI for starters and the narration was decent. The story of  Lovers of the Red Sky was woven to revolve around two main characters Heong Cheon Ki and Ha Ram. Hope the drama will not be tragic and no love triangle, please.

Episode 1 Review

The narration began with the story of Samshin, the creator and the devil of destruction and war. The historical/period Kdrama revealed how the demon was using King Yeongjong for doing his bidding, spewing bloodshed and endless war. Through a creepy ritual, the demon was sealed in the king’s portrait and locked away. The devil enraged cursed the painter’s family and the nation, which caused famine and drought for 9 years.

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On the very same day, two children were born during the calamity. Heong Cheon Ki played by Kim You Jung lost her mother in childbirth and was born blind due to the curse. The curse turned her father mentally deranged. The other child born is Ha Ram played by Ahn Hyo Seop, who possessed the element of water.

The planning of Samshin brought the children together once again when they grew up.  In a twisted game of fate, the rain ritual conducted by the King and the shaman dealt heavy consequences for everyone, yet to see in the upcoming episodes. The shaman conspired to sacrifice Ha Ram in the rain ritual against the wishes of the king.

Due to prince Yangmyung and prince Juhyang, the devil sealed in the portrait was released and attacked Ha Ram. But Samshin had her own grad plans in place. In a twisted and cruel fate, Ha Ram lost his eyes and the blind Cheon Ki gained the ability to see.

Overall the Lovers of the Red Sky had a decent beginning but still lacked the wow factor. Only the upcoming episodes will tell if  Lovers of the Red Sky Kdrama was worth all the hype and wait.  The cast has yet to make an appearance. Lovers of the Red Sky will revolve around Cheon Ki, the first female painter and Ha Ram who now has the devil sealed in him.

Ha Ram possesses the ability of divination, is in charge of astronomy and meteorology. There will be planning and plotting in the royal court and time will tell how it will impact the pair. Hope Episode 2 will be better. Happy binging Lovers of the Red Sky Kdrama.