Love like Cherry Blossoms Manga Review | Love that Never Fades Away

a couple sharing a romantic moment

Love like Cherry Blossoms is a romance manga with 86 chapters (completed) in total. A high school love story that each one of us dreams about. The most heartwarming manga that I’ve ever read!


Lin Lu is a clumsy girl who is always confused about her feelings but secretly loves one of her schoolmates. Xia Yi is the coolest boy in school who always brings trouble.

Fate brings them together and now both of them know each other’s deepest secrets.

They make a deal in exchange to keep each other’s secret.

They should be strangers after hiding their secrets. But Xia Yi offers to help Lin Lu confess to her crush.

Slowly they get to know each other and their beautiful chapter starts to bloom. As the days passed, they realized that their love for each other grew stronger.

Lots of twists and turns made their chapter even more graceful.

A cute high school romance that you will read again and again.

It’s so cute to see how their story takes a turn and gives us hope that love does exist and our perfect person is waiting for us to start our romantic chapter.

Lin Lu and Xia Yi

Lin Lu is a shy girl. She is talented in painting and desires to learn arts but she is forced to take the medical field due to her mother.

She’s afraid to confess to her crush. She even concealed this secret from her best friend.

couple in the school

Xia Yi is the charming figure of the school.

But there are some secrets that he hides from the world. He always skips the classes to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Somehow when Lin Lu whispers about her secret crush he accidentally hears it and their story begins.

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Instead of embarrassing her, he helps Lin Lu to confess her love.

One day Lin Lu discovers that Xia Yi is the boyfriend of the celebrity Ming Yao.

Later she figures out that it’s his mother. Wait… Xia Yi is the son of the celebrity Ming Yao!

This was the biggest secret he was hiding from the world.

Being a celebrity, Xia Yi’s mother never gave him the love he expected from her. His faith in love slowly faded away.

When Lin Lu’s crush was about to confess his feelings, deep down in his heart, Xia Yi felt like something was wrong.

Why is the feeling uneasy to see Lin Lu and her crush together?

What happened after Lin Lu’s crush confessed his feelings?

After staying together with Lin Lu, Xia Yi started to fall for her. One day during her art exhibition, Xia Yi confessed his feeling to Lin Lu. Oh no, poor Lin Lu she was trapped between two feelings. 

What she will do now?

Her best friend made her realize the importance between love and being fond of something. Lin Lu was attracted to her crush not because of love but due to the habit of constantly loving her crush. 

This feeling will eventually fade away one day. But what she will do when her beloved person disappears without saying a word?

Lin Lu’s True Feelings

When Xia Yi’s mother met with an accident, he disappeared without saying a word to Lin Lu. She was very frightened and scared to lose him. She finally realized her true feelings about Xia Yi. Yes, it was ‘love’.

She finally confessed her true feelings and they started to date. As the days passed their love grew even stronger.

There were many twists and turns in their story but their love for each other never faded away.

They finally started their life’s most beautiful chapter. A chapter where every day was filled with joy, love, care, and warmth.

If you ever want to read any romantic manga, I would suggest you read Love like Cherry Blossoms.

It’s so heartwarming that your desire to read again won’t fade away. The sweet love encounter makes you feel like you are living their life and it’s your own story.

When destiny leads you to the right person, this is when your cherry blossoms.