Love is an Illusion Manhwa: The Top Omegaverse Love Story

Love is an Illusion is a famous omegaverse. Omegaverse is a whole separate universe where genders are divided into Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

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Dojin and  Hyesung

Love is an Illusion is a famous omegaverse, boy’s love webtoon story of the manhwa world. Omegaverse is a whole separate universe where genders are divided into Alpha, Beta, and Omega. The stories center around these three, where they each have distinguishable characteristics. Furthermore, most stories of omegaverse centered around soulmates and love stories. In the omegaverse world, there’s one twist above all omega men can get pregnant.

Love is an Illusion, created by Fargo, is one of the best Omegaverse stories with so many fans from all around the world. It gained popularity for its brilliant art style as well as the explicit sex scenes.

What is Love is an Illusion all about?

In the omegaverse world, there’s always an alpha bound to omega and this manga is no exception to that rule.

20-year-old Kim Hyesung had his life planned out. He was going to marry a rich omega and live a comfortable life much unlike his current situation. Hyesung always believed he was an Alpha until that one day, which turned his life upside down.

While Hyesung was serving at a party where he encountered Park Dojin. The omega in him got triggered and he began his heat cycle. Unbeknownst to himself, he came onto Dojin, a dominant alpha who despises omegas.

Dojin made Hyesung realize his true nature. After that, Hyesung went into an existential crisis. He didn’t know what to do with his life after that, all the while blaming Dojin for his sudden change. For one thing, Hyesung decided to somehow change his life.

Does Hyesung Get a Happy Ending?

Over the three years of the manga, Love is an Illusion made all the readers laugh and cry. Though Hyseung’s ending was a happy one, did he ultimately get what he wanted?

The manga has an appealing art style as well as a plot. But what is really missing? A lot about Hyesung’s past is not revealed… so that leaves room for the story to continue.

Hyesung eventually gets pregnant with Dojin’s child. In addition to that, Hyesung never had a good childhood, which resulted in him being extra torn about his situation. Ultimately deciding to keep the baby, they gave birth to Park Byul.

Dojin and Hyesung, both being people who don’t spend much time around each other, never realized that they had imprinted on one another. Despite their problems to accept each other, Hyseung eventually accepted his fate.

Since Dojin is from the ‘Seon’ family, he is very rich, apart from being a famous musician. He easily provided for Hyesung and Byul and even made sure Hyesung attended college. Despite all that, old demons from his past haunted him. While little has been revealed about his father, there are still many holes to be covered of his past.


Even though Love is an Illusion is almost at its end, especially the main couple’s story, the other character’s stories are just as interesting. Perhaps in the future, more will be revealed about Hyesung’s past, or maybe a new story where Byul is the protagonist.

Above all, this is a great story for those who want to get into the omegaverse world or the Yaoi world.