Love All Play Kdrama | Why did Park Tae Yang Quit Badminton Three Years Ago?

Why does Yook Jung Hwan hate Park Tae Yang? Will park Tae Yang share the real reason with anyone why she quit?

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The new KBS Korean Drama Love All Play centers around Badminton as a key sports theme. Love All Play Kdrama created an intriguing mystery from the first episode.

The female protagonist Park Tae Yang (Park Ju Hyun) quit badminton three years before and went AWOL.

There have been bad rumors circulating around her to the extent people hate her openly. There were rumors that Park Tae Yang was caught bribing which is why she left. There is no truth to it and Park Tae Yang doesn’t talk about it.

Despite so many times when Park Tae Yang’s father asked her, she refused to tell him the truth. What are the truth and real reasons behind Park Tae Yang’s disappearance?

Why does she never talk about it? Why does Yook Jung Hwan hate Park Tae Yang so much to the point of shipping her to Somang? Will park Tae Yang share the real reason with anyone?

Back from Hiatus!!!

Park Tae Yang returned backed after a hiatus of three years. She signed a contract with Yunis for 19 million. That’s pretty much how she got taunted in Yunis by Lee Young Shim and sometimes Yook Jung Hwan.

Although the entire team at Yunis hates her, there are two people who particularly hate Park Tae Yang.

All’s not lost because her coaches Lee Tae Sang and Joo Sang Hyun at least don’t have any prejudice against her. Park Tae Joon is the only person at Yunis who welcomed her.

It’s funny how it was Park Tae Joon who is the reason why Park Tae Yang got discovered and started playing in the first place.

Park Tae Joon overheard Park Tae Yang vent her frustrations when she was telling or rather consoling herself “as if I have that kind of money to bribe others”.

This pretty much confirmed that the bribery scandal was fake and it wasn’t the reason she disappeared all of a sudden three years ago.

Why does Park Tae Yang never talk about it?

Despite the backlash and outcast at Yunis, Park Tae Yang never once complained. It’s like whatever the reason is, she has accepted that it’s her fault.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Yook Jung Hwan hates Park Tae Yang so much that when they met again he was outright angry.

It was revealed that it had something to do with Yook Jung Hwan’s ex-girlfriend and their teammate Park Joon Young.  Yook Jung Hwan never got over his girlfriend who suddenly disappeared one day.

Will park Tae Yang share the real reason with anyone?

It’s surprising that after guilt-tripping and constant mocking from people around her, especially  Lee Young Shim and Yook Jung Hwan who would often cross lines.

It was hard for Park Tae Yang to hold it and she finally discloses her secret as she confides to Park Tae Joon.

Park Tae Yang told Park Tae Joon the reason why Yook Jung Hwan hates her so much. Whatever the reason may be, Park Tae Joon didn’t judge her and consoled her.

Why did Park Tae Yang Quit Badminton Three Years Ago?

It was revealed that Park Tae Yang, Yook Jung Hwan, and Park Joon Young (his ex) were on the national team.

Due to childish and drunk behavior, Park Tae Yang and  Park Joon Young went skiing.  Park Joon Young got into an accident and later had to quit the team.

The real reason was never disclosed because they were at fault because they were drunk.

The accident was the partial responsibility of Park Joon Young as well as she was drunk and indulged in Park Tae Yang’s playful request. A momentary decision cost them their careers.

After the accident, Park Joon Young tried rehab, but it didn’t work. This forced her to give up her career as a badminton player.

Yook Jung Hwan was furious at Park Tae Yang because it was because of her rash decision that Park Joon Young got into an accident. He was furious and drove Park Tae Yang from the team.

Feeling guilty and bearing the weight of her decision, Park Tae Yang quietly disappeared from the team.  

History was about to repeat itself again as Yook Jung Hwan tried to ship Park Tae Yang to the Somang Bank team.

Joining Somang meant the end of Park Tae Yang’s career forever. Thankfully Park Joon Young stopped this decision as he convinced the coach who helped Park Tae Yang dismiss the unfair slave contract with Somang.

It was surprising to note that Park Joon Young is Park Tae Joon’s sister. No one has realized it yet except for the coaches who know the truth.

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