Lost+Brain Manga: The Next Death note?

Lost+Brain Manga is a Japanese mamga series written by Tsuzuku Yabuno and illustrated by Akira Ōtani.

Lost+Brain Manga: The Next Death note?

Lost+Brain Manga is a Japanese mamga series written by Tsuzuku Yabuno and illustrated by Akira Ōtani. It was serialized in Shogakukan’ Weekly shonen sunday from January to July 2008. Shogakukan compiled its individual chapters into three tankobon volumes published from May to August 2008. Lost+Brain Manga story starts off from Ren Hiyama, a genius student was tired of the boring world. While he was thinking of recreating the world, he realizes that with hypnosis, he may be able to do that. After a year of testing with his classmates, recreation of the world begins.

I started this manga because I’m a massive Death Note fan and I wouldn’t pass up on something that’s similar. However, despite not having too much expectation in the first place, it still turned out to be a huge disappointment.

The genius high schooler who is good at everything, but also bored with all the things and people around him character is quite good. At a school event, he discovers the powers of hypnotism and attempts to change the world using hypnotism. Up to this point, it’s almost like a Death Note clone. Heck, even the protagonist, Hiyama Ren, gives off similar vibes as Yagami Light.

I like the idea actually, especially as the manga explains further on several hypnosis techniques and explores a few psychological viewpoints. However, as the story progresses, you find yourself watching an unimaginative police investigation drama with a plot as linear as it gets, without the action.

There are no thrills and no plot twists. Everything is so predictable and boring. Hiyama basically gets his way 99% of the time without anyone posing as much as a challenge. Even the Japanese police and the government readily bow down to him at the slightest urging. Of course, the brilliant plan thought up by Hiyama is to control everyone through mass hypnotism (yawns).

Lost+Brain Manga story could have been much better if there was stronger opposition, and if hypnotism was used to manipulate people as pieces in a chess game, rather than dropping an atomic bomb (mass hypnotism).

As for the characters, they are all pretty one dimensional. Hiyama is capable inducing the deepest of hypnosis stages in people effortlessly. (This guy doesn’t even need to try.) Other than that, he’s just a deluded egoist. His ideals of a better world are also convoluted and laughable.

Itsuki Kuonji, the (supposed) rival of Hiyama, busies himself with pointless investigations (I call it pointless because he is investigating just for the sake of it) throughout the story and makes little contribution. The rest of the characters are simply roadside pebbles.

Lost+Brain Manga protagonist was strong, but sadly he did not have a strong antagonist going up against him. Kouji did his role well however if he used his little brain of his, as well as his powers a bit more often, that would’ve been nice.

Those who like Death Note, don’t expect a Death Note. Those who like Code Geass, this will seem quite similar (however our main protagonist isnt much of an antihero) and those from Zennou no Noa (which may be just a few), expect something to that level however, preferably, while reading this don’t compare it to anything as it may ruin the experience. For those that are unfamiliar of this type of plot, I recommend you read it.