Little Women K-drama: What is the Meaning Behind the Deadly Blue Orchid?

We've seen the blue orchid too many times. But what is the meaning behind it?

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We are undoubtedly smitten with this Netflix mystery Kdrama called Little Women, which has a deeper meaning that takes some time to unravel. The drama, written and directed by Jung Seo-Kyung and Kim Hee-won, also features Kim Go-Eun, Nam Ji-Hyun, Park Ji-hoo, and Wo Ha-Joon in the cast.

Each of the show's mysteries is intriguing, and there are many of them. However, one of the numerous secrets of the show is the blue orchid, which consistently shows up close to death. We finally learned more about this poisonous flower in Little Women episode 4, but we are aware that there is still plenty to learn about the blue orchid.

What is the Blue Orchid?

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The blue orchid is a unique and enigmatic breed of orchids that was first discovered in the forests of Vietnam by troops, as was described in episode 4. Because the orchid hasn't thrived outside its native habitat, they sought to take these plants with them but were unsuccessful.

The folks that ventured behind this enigmatic orchid, however, were the ones who perished. And if that weren't enough, only a few shamans among the locals knew where to find these elusive orchids.

According to rumours, if a layperson stumbled across these orchids, they might put themselves at risk because they can be utilized as sedatives that can subsequently develop an addiction. When made into tea, these hallucinogenic orchids can cause a person to lose consciousness and enter a night of deep sleep.

This state, according to shamans, is the first step to heaven and gives you the opportunity to communicate with your loved ones in spirit.

The Orchid of Death

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We observe this orchid around the Kdrama characters who have passed away up until this point throughout the episode. Despite the fact that we may have first noticed it as a tattoo on Jin Hwa-ankle, young's the moment director Shin saw it in her home after she passed away made us aware of the hazards this flower poses.

Episode 4 is. The flower is also known as the Ghost Orchid because, as In-Kyung further noted, it resembles a person's face.

This orchid goes by a lot of names, but many of them are negative and usually have to do with passing away.

More about the Blue Orchid

The orchid has been present since episode 1, but it wasn't until episode 4 that we saw a tree covered with these blossoms in a location only Sang-a knew about. That is until she showed In-Hye the location and claimed one of the blossoms as her own.

It will be fascinating to see who else will be receiving this blue orchid because these flowers are unquestionably the kiss of death for the various show characters. However, it will also be interesting to observe how In-Hye's sisters manage to protect her from this death mark.

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