Little Women Kdrama Ending Explained! Who killed Jin Hwa Young?

Did Choi Do Il and Oh In Joo end up together? Did Little Women have a happy ending?

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The trending 12 Episode TvN drama has finally come to a conclusion. Little Women was an intricate plot of suspense, betrayal, discovering the past and the story of three sisters intertwined with the Korean setting.

The retelling of Little Women from the perspective of the Oh Household sisters each trying to uncover the unfairness of life, poverty and justice.

Kim Go Eun has Oh In Joo, and Nam Ji Hyun as the reporter Oh In Kyung made Little Women an exhilarating experience. Wi Ha Joon as Choi Do Il made us second guess everything in the drama.

Whereas Uhm Ki Joon as Park Jae Sang was the epitome of greed, corruption, power, ambition and evil. Last but not the least, how can we forget Uhm Ji Won as Won Sang Ah with the most shocking twist in Little Women?

The Little Women drama ending left us with too many shocking twists, but it was quite satisfying.

What happened to Oh In Joo?

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Things went downhill for Oh In Joo after Park Jae Sang’s death. Won Sang Ah quickly turned everything in her favor and Oh In Joo became the fall guy or scapegoat in this situation.

Oh In Joo was facing long-term charges for money laundering. Welp, too much greed and money did become a source of headache for her.

Choi Do Il got into an accident, the money was gone from her account and her sister Oh In Kyung was kidnapped by Won Sang Ah. Seriously, nothing was working in her favor. What was awaiting Oh In Joo was a long-term prison sentence.

Did Choi Do Il Betray Oh In Joo?

Unfortunately for Oh In Joo, Choi Do Il was testifying from the prosecution’s side. It only means one thing, Oh In Joo has more worries and troubles coming her way.

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Choi Do Il did pin some of the blame on her but prepare to be surprised! There’s a plot twist we didn’t see it coming (or did we)! Choi Do Il exposed Won Sang Ah’s corruption and money laundering. This could mean jail time for Choi Do Il as he openly confessed in court, but he’s smart! Sure, he has everything figured out!

Who killed Jin Hwa Young?

Perhaps the biggest plot twist in the Little Women Kdrama was Jin Hwa Young. Her death was the start of it all and her emergence could surely twist things even more. What has Kdrama taught us is no body means the chances of the character being alive is 100% possible.

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Jin Hwa Young emerged from the dead. The very undead Jin Hwa Young was the last twist and the game charger from Won Sang Ah. Even she couldn’t escape from this.

Won Sang Ah killed her substitute at her home and staged everything. The drama portrayed maybe Park Jae Sang killed Jin Hwa Young but in reality, it was Won Sang Ah who killed her at her home and left the blue orchid.

Is Jin Hwa Young Alive?

Jin Hwa Young is very much alive. Won Sang Ah thought she killed her but luckily she survived. Jin Hwa Young planned to escape from the beginning by laundering money and blaming everything on Won Sang Ah.

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Things took a drastic turn when the undead Jin Hwa Young returned and testified in court. She disclosed the truth. On In Joo was acquitted by the court and faced probation for other charges.

Jin Hwa Young later disclosed all the corruption through her accounting software and exposed all the activities of Won Sang Ah’s family. There’s no place left for Won Sang Ah to run.

What happened to Won Sang Ah?

The character is one hell of a tenacious and self-driven person. Won Sang Ah would win no matter what. Nothing could stop her.

Together with Jang Sa Pyeong and On In Kyung, Won Sang Ah was completely exposed. As a retaliation, Won Sang Ah killed Jang Sa Pyeong. Next was Jin Hwa Young’s turn.

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Won Sang Ah kidnapped Jin Hwa Young and threatened Oh In Joo to come to save her. The crazy woman used Hydrochloric acid to kill Jin Hwa Young, but thankfully Oh In Joo saved her. Unfortunately, the accident caused Won Sang Ah’s death.

Did Choi Do Il and Oh In Joo end up together?

Now that everything’s over, fans can prepare themselves for heartbreak. Oh In Joo and Choi Do Il bid their goodbyes. So, any hope of romantic interest is out of the question. They didn’t end up together as they went their separate ways.

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Did Oh In Kyung and Ha Joong Ho get together?

Oh In Kyung landed a job offer but she declined. She decided to go for further studies. At least one couple had a happy ending.  Ha Joong Ho was preparing to go back and this time On In Kyung would join her. The couple finally ended up together.

What happened to Oh In Hye and Park Hyo Rin?

Choi Do Il met with Oh In Hye and Park Hyo Rin to do his own bidding and somehow ended up helping the kids. They were together and Oh In Hye divided the money among her sisters. Oh In Hye and Park Hyo Rin were together pursuing their dream and freedom.

Did Little Women have a happy ending?

With too many deaths and uncovering of the secret Jeongran society, both Oh In Joo and On In Kyung achieved their goals and mental peace in one way or another.

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The drama did have a happy ending considering justice is what we get at the end. Oh In Joo was cleared of the charges and Oh In Kyung was with the one she loved. She even declined the job over.

Both Oh In Hye and Park Hyo Rin were together in the end free from all the adult toxic relationships. All three sisters had a happy ending. The Great Aunt left the house for Oh In Joo but of course, there’s a gift tax and debt to pay.

The money was divided among the sisters and the three of them had a happy ever after if such things exist. Overall, the ending of Little Women was quite satisfying barring the fact that there was no In Joo and Do Il pair.

They ended up going their separate ways. Given it’s a TvN drama, the writers have pledged maybe not to give fans the happy ending of the pair in 2022.

Little Women is now streaming on Netflix so do check it out and stream!!! The series is perfect for a binge-watch!

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