What is the Difference Between a Light Novel and Manga?

There are quite a lot of differences between a light novel and manga in particular. A light novel can be converted into manga but vice versa cannot be done.

What is the Difference Between a Light Novel and Manga?

There are quite a lot of differences between a light novel and manga in particular. A light novel can be converted into manga but vice versa cannot be done. There are many occasions on which light novel is converted into manga just because the popularity of the light novel was very high. After reading this blog, I am pretty much sure you will know what to choose from Light Novel vs Manga. In the contemporary Japanese society this thing is being done that light novel is basically materialized into manga form. If the light novel is too popular among the masses then a light novel can be directly converted into an anime series too.

The thing that can gets change in the manga is that in the light novel each and every scene is told in a specific manner and some of the scenes are very important are told in a very sophisticated manner. But, in the manga it can’t be said so as in manga a lot of time illustrations are not done as perfect as it is written in light novel. So, quite often if a reader have read a light novel of a particular manga he can complain that some scenes are not drawn well or elaborated well as it is told in light novel. Sometimes expectations are let down from illustrators side.

Light Novel vs Manga| Character Appearance

This is one of the main aspect that differs from light novel and manga. In manga there are a lot of character appearance which is very beautifully illustrated but in the case of light novel it is not so. In the case of light novel the character visuals can be done on the front of light novel but, here is the main thing that the visuals which are done on light novel are more beautiful as compared to manga. In the manga, it involves visuals as usual so even if the drawings are somewhat odd it is justifiable but light novels cover and page splash illustrations need to be on point. So, that is why they are done so beautifully.

Number of Characters

In the case of manga the number of characters can be created more as compared to the light novel. In the light novel when it is finished there can be no additional change done in it. But in the manga if the manga gets a good response in order to create more plot writer and illustrator can create new characters just in this case. It can happen with anime too if the anime gets a lot of positive response so,  more additional characters can be added.


The basic plot in the manga and light novel is basically same. There is no difference in that as i mentioned earlier that manga is converted through light novel. But there comes difference when the story finishes and in order to continue the manga more plot is added in the existing plot. In the case of anime filler arcs are used in order to create manga/anime more longer than the existing one. Sometimes there can be different ending too if the illustrator and author doesn’t likes the ending he or she can change the ending in order to create a more suitable ending. Sometimes authors just do it in order to create curiosity among the readers as they have already read the light novel or manga so they know what will happen next! But the different ending makes thing more interesting as it comes out of blue.

Narrative Style

Light novel tends to be more descriptive as they tend to tell each and every aspect of a particular scene and that nothing left behinds. So, that’s why they tend to go in full detail even about one particular scene and sometimes a half episode can be made out of it. And light novel also tends to be more dialogue driven as there are more dialogues as compared to manga as in the manga dialogues are sometimes kept to the point and they don’t elaborate the conversation as it can sometimes getting too lengthy and boring.


These are some of the differences that makes a light novel different from a manga. Apart from the above given différence there are many other small aspects too which differ from manga to light novel. It includes less description about a particular character as in the light novel if a character is introduced it is introduced in full on detailed manner but in manga it cannot be done so. So, that’s why in the manga the characters description are kept short. In the case of manga and anime sometimes certain explicit content is highly present, but, in case of  light novel, it is tuned down as it may be inappropriate certain audience and children especially. This is basically seen in anime cases when in a particular light novel, certain parts are not that interesting, so, they tune it down.