9 Times Yumi's Cells Season 2 Hit Us With The Light We Needed

K-dramas provide us with the most beautiful moments of life and love, but when it comes to advise. Yumi's cells provided us with the greatest suggestion 9 times in a row.

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The romance in "Yumi's Cells 2" has skyrocketed. Babi and Yumi's love is one of the sweetest in K-drama land, and with the rising temperatures and these steamy kiss moments, it's getting hot in here.

Babi's love for Yumi has been very comforting to witness, given how upset she was following her breakup with Woong. And now that Woong has arrived at the end of last week's episodes, emotions and tension are running high, and there is a lot to learn.

This series has taken a toll on its fans' emotions, but there is still hope that Yumi (Kim Go Eun) will find happiness. Yumi's cells provided us with the absolute light we required 9 times.

1. Swearing at coworkers is not acceptable.

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Yumi meets the artist known as Control Z after Ahn Dae Yong informs her that he has found an illustrator for her web novel (P.O). Yumi tries to be pleasant, but he finds it difficult because he comes across as abrasive and rude. She tries to be understanding, giving him the benefit of the doubt, but Yumi knows how to irritate Control Z.

Yumi's rage disrupts her sleep, and with Control Z texting her and commenting on her social media sites, Yumi wants to rip her hair out. She had several occasions where she wanted to curse and scold him, causing her deep concealed swearing cell to appear.

As she prepares to scream at Control Z, she gathers her wits and realises that cursing him is not in her best interests because she needs him to illustrate her book. It is best not to jeopardise or sully your relationship with a coworker, especially if you plan to continue working with them.

2. Sometimes you have to prioritize yourself.

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Yumi and Babi spend Christmas on Jeju Island. She notices a realtor showing Babi's property to some interested buyers when she arrives. Yumi is surprised to learn that Babi is selling the house. When she questions him, he states that he wishes to be closer to the office.

Yumi happens to run into Da Eun later that night (Shin Ye Eun). Da Eun is surprised and upset when Yumi informs her that Babi is moving, and she reveals that she confessed her feelings for Babi.

Yumi discovers that Babi is fleeing because he does not want to come into contact with Da Eun, most likely because her confession misled him.

Yumi asks Babi when he gets home from work that night if Da Eun's confession influenced his feelings, to which Babi responds quickly. Yumi also calls it quits with Babi.

This was the most painful lesson from the recent events. Yumi had a list of lover exclusion criteria. When she was younger, this list seemed endless, but as she gets older, she realises that in order to have a relationship, she must let some things go.

Despite this, Yumi's dealbreaker is one that Babi breaks, and she knows deep down that it is unbreakable. Yumi can't be happy with Babi knowing his feelings were influenced for even a fraction of a second. She realises that in order to be happy, she must let him go.

Yumi has reached a tipping point from which many others can learn: sometimes you have to put yourself first. She didn't want to jeopardise her happiness by remaining with someone who made her unhappy.

3. Sometimes your primary cell does not remain a primary cell.

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Yumi is overcome with betrayal and hatred after her breakup with Babi, and her love cell begins to transform into the incarnation of rage. Yumi's other cells decide that her primary cell should take a step back and her secondary cell, which is the writing cell, should take over as the primary cell.

This segment was so well-crafted that it showed viewers that the most important things in life should not always be prioritised. What we want most has to take a back seat at times in order for us to recover or find ourselves. Yumi's love cell has taken a beating over the years as a result of numerous failed relationships.

She is sick and tired of being hurt and putting her trust in others, and she realises that it is best for her to abandon love as her major cell and focus on her work instead. She must do this to avoid becoming bitter and enraged.

4. You never know where your life will lead you.

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In episode 10, we learn that Yumi's ex-boyfriend Goo Woong has become the CEO of a game company. He has made a fortune by successfully launching the game he has been working on for years.

Yumi unexpectedly rejoins him when Control Z is offered a job at Woong's game company. Yumi and Woong are both aware that they have met their objectives.

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Given that Woong had reached rock bottom when he and Yumi divorced, it really shows how far life can take you with a little perseverance and a few years. Woong was once completely broke after his business failed, but now he is the CEO of his own game company.

Yumi, despite her desire to be a writer, was working in an office, writing for a firm. She is now a published author, and she is working on a new book. A lot can change in a few years, which can be a valuable lesson for people who are at their lowest point in life.

5. Even after a heartbreak, you can fall in love again.

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We get another look inside Woong's cells in the most recent episodes, and it is revealed that he has been carrying a lot of sorrow and heartbreak as a result of his separation from Yumi. His love cell is clearly wounded and scarred, and he refuses to even think about loving someone again.

Yumi and Woong's love cells appear to have been destroyed, and it appears that they will never love again. Despite this, Woong realises that he can love again as his love cell heals. Your feelings will surprise you just when you think you're out of luck in love.

Woong's tenacity and love for Yumi may force him to look for love once more. In other words, it is conceivable if the occasion arises. It demonstrates how resilient love can be, and we see that no matter how hard our hearts have been beaten, we can always love again.

6. Pride will frequently drive your significant other away.

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Yumi decides to sell the brand-new rice cooker she won in a competition in the previous episode. She sells it to buy a small Christmas present for Babi. Woong, her ex-boyfriend, texts her to purchase the rice cooker.

When the two finally meet, they are visibly surprised to see each other. Woong realises at this point that he lost Yumi due to his pride, and he begins to regret it deeply. He resolves to no longer let pride stand in the way of love.

This segment of the show was heartbreaking. Despite the fact that many have defected to Team Babi, seeing Woong so distraught and remorseful over having lost Yumi is something that anyone can relate to.

Regardless, his heart is suffering as a result of this monumental blunder, and he believes he will never be able to reclaim Yumi. Woong has learned to accept his regret and, hopefully, will no longer let pride influence his future decisions.

7. Be trusting

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This segment of the show was heartbreaking. Despite the fact that many have defected to Team Babi, seeing Woong so distraught and remorseful over having lost Yumi is something that anyone can relate to.

Regardless, his heart is suffering as a result of this monumental blunder, and he believes he will never be able to reclaim Yumi. Woong has learned to accept his regret and, hopefully, will no longer let pride influence his future decisions.

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Babi is undecided about telling Yumi about the SMS message. You can even see his cells attempting to remain calm in the face of the situation. Babi simply tells her to go and return without addressing her or requesting that she not go meet him.

He has complete faith in her, which is a very healthy reaction. He adores her and realises that it is the only thing he can do right now as a supportive boyfriend. Trust is sincere, and it is the only way out of this situation.

8. Your relationship will benefit from trust.

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When Babi tells Yumi to go see Woong, she takes it upon herself to set boundaries. She meets Woong and informs him that they should not be dating because she already has a boyfriend.

Woong's eyes are filled with pain, but Yumi is confident that she is acting correctly. Yumi reappears at Babi's door after returning from Woong. Babi is overjoyed to see her and welcomes her inside.

This scenario was the icing on the cake for this week's shows. It's not often that a happy couple appears on television, but here we are. Babi's complete trust in Yumi and willingness to leave nothing to chance only strengthens their bond.

She returned to him soon after meeting Woong, and their feelings for each other were strengthened.

The two can enjoy their Christmas Eve dinner without feeling like they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. As he gave Yumi his door passcode, Babi's enthusiasm and confidence were palpable.

Their relationship is able to progress to the next level due to their trust in each other, which is incredibly healing to witness.

9. Be confident and be yourself in front of your partner’s parents

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Babi chooses Yumi's restaurant for dinner. Yumi's doorbell rings, and she hears her father's voice as the two kiss on the couch. He'd chosen to see her mother out of the blue. Babi and Yumi are taken aback, but they manage to warmly greet her parents.

Yumi's father is wary of Babi and is quite aggressive with him, but Babi holds his own and answers all of his difficult questions. Babi has won him over by the end of the night.

Yumi's father being so harsh on Babi was disappointing, but also understandable. How could anyone be so harsh on such a gentle and caring man as Babi?!

But, in true Babi fashion, he was able to charm his way into her parent's hearts, and by the end of the night, they were complete believers in him.

The important thing to remember here is that Babi was completely himself, which was the best thing he could have done because his parents would accept him in no time!

Being yourself and having confidence in who you are is sometimes the best way to win your partner's parents' approval.

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