Kotaro Lives Alone: Karino’s Bond With Kotaro

Kotaro Lives Alone is a Netflix Jdrama that tells the story of 5-year-old Kotaro who decides to live alone. What happens when Karino Shin meets Kotaro?

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The new Netflix Jdrama Kotaro Lives Alone is a pleasant watch this season.

Kotaru Lives Alone starring Yu Yokoyama as Karino Shin and Eito Kawahara as Kotaro Sato were pleasant duo in the Jdrama.

Karino Shin is literally the overprotective and doting character who worries a lot about a 5-year old Kotaro.

Without a doubt, Karino and Kotaro have an unusual bond. It’s closer to friendship and guardian.

At times it seems like Karino is the guardian of Kotaro, and sometimes it’s the other way around.

From the very first time when Karino met the unusual Kotaro, it’s safe to assume that Karino was concerned over Kotaro.

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In the Jdrama Kotaro Lives Alone, there were many heartwarming moments between Karino and Kotaro that simply melts your heart.

The pleasant and tear-jerking moments in Kotaro Lives Alone makes the slice of life drama worth watching.

In the beginning, when Karino saw Kotaro leaving outside, all by himself, Karino’s parental instincts kick in and he follows Kotaro all the way to the sauna.

Kataro hasn’t received any act of kindness from his family, it was surprising for Kotaro when Karino offered to shampoo his hair.

As Kotaro had built himself to not be dependent on anyone, Karino’s action take him by surprise.

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Later, when Kotaro starts going to the kindergarten, Karino starts dropping and picking him up after school.

Although, Kotaro would never express and be adamant about doing everything alone, and all by himself, he was happy by Karino’s gesture.

As Kotaro Lives Alone progresses, the bond between Karino and Kotaro strengthens even more than ever.

Karino was upset and sulking when Kotaro was hanging out with Aota who recently moved into the apartment complex.

It was cute to see Karino sulk like a like kid, who had his friend stolen.

We gotta hand it to Yu Yokoyama for perfectly playing the role of Karino Shin.

He expressed the role of Karino, a grown adult, who has his own worries, beliefs and acts on them based on how he feels.

Although his job as a mangaka can be demanding, he was motivated and do a good job to make Kotaro feel proud.

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Kotaro gets hurt and visits Karino. Karino gives him a bandaid and first aid and even draws a doodle on his bandaid.

Kotaro wanted to get praise from Karino that he did his own clumsy first aid.

Karino was sincere towards Kotaro and always says things from the button of his heart.

When Kotaro’s friend from the orphanage Iwanaga Tasuku comes to visit him with not sure pure intentions, Karino gets worked up and have a brawl with him.

He tells Tasuku that Kotaro believes in him and that it’s not right to betray Kotaro’ trust.

When Karino was kicked out of his apartment temporarily, he stays with Kotaro.

Karino’s uncle and aunt visit them and it seems like Karino did not have a very stable relationship with them.

In an unexpected turn, Kotaro helped bridge the distance between Karino and his aunt.

Karino was finally able to express how he felt to his aunt and they decided to be more amicable and less formal.  

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When Kotaro showed up at the hostess bar, Karino rushed over to bring him back home.

Karino worked hard and recruited everyone to make the kindergarten festival memorable for Kotaro.

Despite his appearance, Karino worked hard and everyone’s prejudice against him was cleared.

Kotaro Lives Alone is a sweet and warming story of Karino and Kotaro.

In a sense, both Karino and Kotaro have a deep influence and significance in each other’s lives.

Karino Shin at first look might look like a clumsy adult, but he deeply cares how Kotaro feels.

Kotaro Lives Alone Jdrama is a bittersweet and heartwarming story that people need to discover and enjoy!