BTS References In Korean Dramas

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Well! BTS is undeniably receiving all of the love, respect, and popularity they deserve. They have a place in the hearts of so many people all across the world.

But one thing that they appear to be doing a lot of these days is taking over the world of K-Dramas! Here are ten times BTS is referenced in Korean dramas.


Goblin is a fantasy romance about a modern-day goblin who requires a human wife to terminate his cursed immortal life.

His existence is then entwined with that of a grim reaper who is unable to recall his history.

BTS is featured in a list of things that teenagers want and like, and one of the characters tries to imitate the Boy in Luv choreography.


Penthouse follows the storey of an affluent Hera Palace family and their children who attend Cheong-ah Arts School. Shim Su-Ryeon is an affluent and elegant woman with a tragic history.

Joo Dan-Tae, a successful businessman, is her husband. Later, she discovers that he is concealing a secret from her.

There was a scene in Penthouse 2 where a premium branded shopping bag with the words "JIN & V" on it appeared in the backdrop, alluding to BTS's Jin and V!

This isn't the first time BTS has been mentioned in the show; in seasons 1, 2 COOL 4 SKOOL was featured in a scene.

Lovestruck In The City

A passionate architect meets a freelance marketer disguised as a free spirit in a new city in Lovestruck in the City, a romance about the dating life of young people.

Park Jae Won is played by Ji Chang Wook. He is an architect who goes to the beach for a long holiday and stays in a camper.

In "Lovestruck in the City", the characters were constantly drinking BTS Cold Brew. There were so many times when fans can catch a glimpse of the BTS cold brew.

Crash Landing On You

The top series adapts a modern Romeo and Juliet storey to the topic of forbidden love.

Instead of the Montagues and Capulets, it tells the storey of Yoon Se-Ri, a South Korean billionaire and CEO, and Ri Jeong-Hyeok, a North Korean Special Forces Unit Captain.

Captain Ri was shot by a North Korean female who was a patient at the hospital at the time. Seri spotted her when she was watching a BTS video on her phone. This ARMY later revealed that her bias is Jungkook!


Park Joo-Hyeong was adopted at the age of eight and sent to Italy. Vincenzo Cassano is his current name as an adult. He is a lawyer who works as a consigliere for the Mafia. He flees to South Korea as a result of a mafia conflict.

He meets and falls in love with Lawyer Hong Cha-Young in South Korea. She's the kind of lawyer who will go to any length to win a case. Vincenzo Cassano is smitten by her. In his own unique way, he achieves social justice.

Melting Me Softly

This is a romantic science fiction film. A man and a woman took part in a 24-hour human freezing experiment, according to the story. They wake up 20 years later as a result of a sinister conspiracy.

Go Mi Ran, a character in "Melting Me Softly", expressed her desire to see BTS on a show. She even said their names in the way they’re said in fanchants!


Sisyphus: The Myth is a sci-fi thriller about a brilliant engineer who becomes embroiled in a dangerous scenario and is rescued by a trained warrior who returns from a dystopian future. Han Tae Seul is Jo Seung Woo.

When the main character visits the restaurant owner's bedroom in Sisyphus, he notices some BTS photo cards on his wall.

It's easy to overlook them because they appear to be images of his friends. Apart from the other obvious BTS references in the show, that one was more subtle.

The King: Eternal Great Monarch

The series centres on the King of the Kingdom of Korea who uncovers a doorway into a parallel realm, the Republic of Korea, starring Lee Min-Ho, Lee Jung-Jin, and Kim Go-Eun.

Later, he learns that his archenemy is transporting people from one planet to another and forcing them to kill their doppelgängers.

In a parallel reality where Korea is ruled by a monarchy, someone obtains a newspaper that contains a news piece headlined "BTS takes the world by storm." BTS appears to be well-known in all dimensions.

Record of Youth

The film Record of Youth is set in the entertainment industry and follows a model who aspires to be an actor and a makeup artist who is attempting to advance in her career as they face life's hardships and fall in love. Sa Hye Joon is played by Park Bo Gum.

In a karaoke scene, Park Bogum's character performs Tomorrow and adds something along those lines "BTS songs have interesting backstories, which I enjoy.

It makes me want to live a nice life when I listen to it ".. Well! You're not the only one who thinks this way, man! On a daily basis, we feel your pain.

Flower Of Evil

Flower of Evil depicts the connection between Baek Hee-sung and Cha Ji-won, who, along with their daughter, portray the ideal family.

Hee-sung, on the other hand, is concealing a terrible and sad background behind a stolen identity, unbeknownst to his family.

In Flower of Evil episode 12, Lee Joon Gi is seen wearing a BTS t-shirt with the BTS emblem on the back. He's a big admirer, as evidenced by the fact that he acknowledged them on the broadcast.

He revealed he only listens to BTS and that V and RM are his favourite members; he even performed a line from Blood Sweat & Tears.

Hospital Playlist

The film Hospital Playlist follows five doctors who had been buddies since they first started medical school in 1999. The film Hospital Playlist follows five doctors who had been buddies since they first started medical school in 1999.

BTS coffee was seen being consumed by some of the doctors. When asked how they became friends, two of the female doctors revealed they met because they are both ARMY (one of the other doctors thought they meant literal military army lol) In one episode, one of the female doctors had a BT21 pin on her purse.

Hotel Del Luna

Jang Manwol, the owner of Guest House of the Moon, is the protagonist of Hotel Del Luna. During the late Goryeo Era, Manwol was a travelling rebel.

She meets Goo Chungmyung, a Goryeo army man with whom she falls in love.

A ghost ARMY chose to tell BTS how much they mean to her in Hotel del Luna.

The ghost's call was quickly cut off, and she kissed the phone as fast as she could. She then exited while singing and dancing to "Fake Love" by BTS.

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