15 Korean Drama with Psycho Male Lead worth Binging! (Unranked)

Which Kdrama will make into your list where the Male lead is a psycho just doing what he wants in his free time?!

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Korean dramas or Kdramas usually portray the male leads as angelic, righteous, caring and everything positive. Who doesn’t want a heart-throbbing, warm-hearted and cool prince charming?

Often there are male leads who love to torment everyone. The psycho male leads are rare but they do exist. 2021 was the year of some of the toxic psycho male leads.

Throughout the years, psycho male leads in Kdrama have emerged like Joo Dan Tae from Penthouse, Jang Joon Woo from Vincenzo, Seo Moon Jae from Strangers from Hell and others.

1. Han Ji Young (Mine)

Ji Young

Han Ji Young is the definition of a psycho, and narcissist, and has no trouble eliminating people who don’t fit in his end game.

He wouldn’t hesitate to torment his wife and family. Han Ji Young is one of the characters who are not tolerant of the fault and love means nothing to them.

Winning is everything to them. What makes Han Jo Young so terrifying is that he is a psychopath who has never truly loved anyone (his son may be the only exception).

Lee Hyun Wook played the character of Han Ji Young with absolute perfection.

2. Jung Sun Ho ( Hello Monster)

Sun Ho

Jung Sun Ho or Lee Min was the younger brother of Lee Hyun. Lee Min was born a psychopath who had the tendency of inflicting cruelty on animals ever since he was young.  

Unfortunately, because of Lee Min’s lies, their father believed Lee Hyun was a psychopath and locked him up. After their separation, he returned as Jung Sun Ho who is a reputed lawyer, practically creeping around his brother for attention.

In what world does murdering someone act as a form of communication? Park Bo Gum was memorable in the role of Jung Sun Ho/Lee Min who killed people like they didn’t matter.

3. Lee Rang (Tale of the Nine-Tailed)


Meet Lee Rang played by Kim Beom in Tale of the Nine-Tailed. Another male psycho lead in the Kdrama universe wants to get his brother’s attention.

Lee Rang didn’t take the betrayal by his elder brother very kindly. He almost screwed Lee Yeon and his long-awaited reunion with his lover.  

Lee Rang didn’t hesitate to harm people close to Lee Hyun just because he was angry at his brother. He’s a psycho but did redeem himself, so that’s something.

4. Mo Tae Goo (Voice Season 1)

Tae Goo

One of the most problematic psycho killers in the Kdrama universe is Mo Tae Goo from Voice Kdrama (Season 1).

Don’t get fooled by his nice guy act, because Mo Tae Goo has no issue brutally killing several people including the family members of the male and female protagonists.  

He is a cold-blooded and sadistic psycho killer who takes enjoyment in hunting his victims. Kim Jae Wook was perfect in the role of Mo Tae Goo as his cold, brutal and cruel actions will stir up the emotions of the audience.

5. Kang Do Young (Liar Game)

Do Young

The host of Liar Game, Kang Do Young, created the chance for people to enter the game to win 10 billion won. Don’t get fooled by his appearance, which can charm anyone and make them instantly fall for him.

Kang Do Young is confident, has elegant speech, and tries to control his expression which makes it difficult to understand what he’s thinking. He is a psycho who wants to tear down society and meet the two people involved in his childhood.

Watch Shin Sung Rock in Liar Game and enjoy the game with him.

6. Kwon Jae Hee  (A Girl Who Sees Smells)

Jae Hee

In the daytime, a famous chef and in his free time, Kwon Jae Hee is the psycho Barcode Killer who enjoys killing. Kwon Jae Hee has prosopagnosia which makes him unable to recognise the face of others.

Kwon Jae Hee is a unique killer from the rest of the psychopaths who make their victims write journals before death and collect them like trophies.

Nam Goong Min played the role of Kwon Jae Hee in the Kdrama A Girl Who Sees Smells.

7. Kang Yo Han (The Devil Judge)

Yo Han

The Devil Judge Kang Yo Han may be a psycho when it comes to killing and hurting people,  but he has a reasonable cause. Kang Yo Han played by Ji Sung made the role quite memorable.  

The notorious judge Kang Yo Han had brilliant revenge on the people who were responsible for his brother’s death.

8. Lee Jung Moon (Bad Guys)

Jung Moon

The youngest genius with an IQ of 165, is a psychopath. Behind his calm and composed face, the handsome guy is a serial killer.

Lee Jung Moon later helps the police, but the fact that this young psychotic killer was responsible for deaths or was he?

Park Hae Jin played the role of Lee Jung Moon in the 2014 Kdrama Bad Guys.

9. Gwi (The Scholar Who Walks the Night)


The one person who you should never mess with is Gwi from The Scholar Who Walks the Night. Gwi takes promises very seriously, and if you doublecross him, he is coming to haunt you and chase you till the ends of the Earth.

Gwi is a psycho vampire who decided to get revenge on the people who betrayed him. Nothing wrong with that, but what comes after is he kills the girl he was in love with because she tried to kill him.

Fair enough, but Gwi was pretty ruthless. Lee Soo Hyuk was the perfect choice for Gwi’s role.

10. Lee Ro Joon (Mrs Cop 2)

Ro Joon

Lee Ro Joon’s character was a typically rich and psycho killer. Not only was he smart, arrogant and his actions will get on your nerves.

Don’t get fooled by his smile and happy-go-lucky vibes, because, in his free time, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone. In the history of the killer, he was the most confident killer who had fun toying with the police.

He openly challenged the new chief of detective squid to catch him if they can. Total respect for Kim Beom for delivering the role of Lee Ro Joon in Mrs Cop 2.

11. Baek Hee Sung (Flower of Evil)

Hee Sung

Baek Hee Sung, the original and the fake were both well-defined as psycho male leads in Flower of Evil Kdrama. Do Hyun Soo was framed due to his psychopathic tendencies.

Deemed a psycho early in childhood, Do Hyun Soo was treated like a killer in the process by his dad, who maybe wanted to protect him. Although Do Hyun Soo was a psycho, he didn’t kill anyone. Do Hyun Soo became Baek Hee Sung, albeit different from the original psycho killer?  

Kudos to the actor Lee Joong Gi and Kim Ji Hoon for delivering the role of Baek Hee Sung. The characters have a lot of shade and different emotions.

12. Yoo Jung (Cheese in the Trap)

Yoo Jung

Cheese in the Trap is one of the most recommended series and no one can forget Park Hae Jin’s role as Yoo Jung.

Yoo Jung is a sociopath and borderline psychopath who takes joy in wrecking other people and manipulating them without getting his hands dirty.

Anyone Yoo Jung doesn’t like will end up getting socially butchered in the worst way possible. Due to his misunderstanding and misgiving, he destroyed Baek In Ho’s hands, who was a gifted piano player.

Yoo Jung didn’t hesitate to torment Hong Seol before she was her girlfriend.

13. Choi Mu Jin (My Name)

Mu Jin

In the My Name Kdrama, Choi Mu Jin is one of the most complex characters ever written.

In the beginning, Choi Mu Jin was one of the characters you will root for, but as the drama unfolds, there is a drastic turn in Choi Mu Jin’s actions.

Meet Choi Mu Jin from My Name, who’s weirdly obsessed with Yoon Ji Woo. He killed her father for betrayal.

Choi Mu Jin killed her one shot at love (Jeon Pil Do), by shooting him to death in front of her to enrage her and get her revenge.

If this isn’t psychotic enough, wait to learn how he emotionally manipulated Ji Woo her entire life and even destroyed her personal and professional life.

14. Jang Ki Soo (Untouchable)

Ki Soo

The powerful persona in Buckcheon City and Joon Seo’s elder brother Jang Ki Soo was a borderline psychopath.

His actions are so atrocious, you can’t help hating the character. Jang Ki Soo is violent, and ruthless, and wouldn’t think twice before hurting anyone, including their father.

Actor Kim Sung Kyun was phenomenal in portraying the role of the ruthless Jang Ki Soo. The character of Jang Ki Soo was one of the well-written characters with a lot of shade.

15. Yoon Hee Sung (Pied Piper)

Hee Sung

Daytime reporter and part-time arsonist/killer, meet Yoon Hee Sung from Pied Piper. To serve his way of justice and get vengeance for what happened to his family, Yoon Hee Sung didn’t shy away from using the innocent FL to get what he wanted.

Actor Yu Jung Sang nailed the role of the psychotic and aggressive journalist. The way Yoon Hee Sung talks and behaves will give you goosebumps.

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