Konosuba Characters | The Beloved Degenerates Of The Show

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Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! was originally a Light Novel series written by Natsume Akatsuki sensei and illustrated by Kurone Mishima sensei serialized by Kadokawa Shoten from 2013 to 2020.

A Manga was also released and the Anime adaptation was done by Studio Deen in 2016. The Konosuba characters are its selling point.

Isekai anime are getting increasingly popular as of late among Anime fans.

They revolve around a normal person from the “real world” being sent to, reborn into, or trapped within another world, which is typically a fantasy or virtual world.

Here they must adapt to the new world, however orthodox it may seem.

The story follows protagonist Kazuma Sato, who gets Isekai-ed after his death into a Fantasy world with many MMORPG-like elements.

Here he forms a party with a goddess, wizard, and a crusader as he rummages through this new world.

The factor that makes this series so successful is primarily it's characters.

What’s so great about them? Well, all of them are degenerates in some way, full of flaws, fetishes, weaknesses, and attitudes.

1. Kazuma Sato

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The main Konosuba character is Kazuma Sato, who was a student from Japan who always lazed around home playing video games while skipping school.  

Kazuma Sato was a Hikikomori, isolated from society, rarely ever going outside, living his whole life in his room.

This makes him very socially awkward and nervous when faced with the company.

After some time in the new world, he becomes more social, outspoken, and outgoing, throwing caution to the wind when it comes to social interactions.

But overall, Kazuma Sato is very pessimistic, as the life of an Adventurer proves to be very difficult and not all it’s hyped up to be.

He struggles with low pay and dangerous work accompanied by a very incompetent party.  

As one of the most impactful Konosuba characters, Kazuma is sarcastic, cynical, blunt, mischievous, irritable, complains a lot, and lecherous.

A self-proclaimed “advocate of gender equality”, he attacks and harasses girls at times, even stealing their underwear.

He also shamelessly retreats before the girls if he feels endangered.

He doesn’t sugarcoat words no matter who he is talking to.

Despite it all, he is reliable, a leader, intelligent, cunning, kind-hearted, stupidly brave, and hardworking when poor.

When presented with some luxuries, he becomes completely lazy, abandoning all other goals just to live a comfortable life.

2. Megumin

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The fan-favorite Konosuba character is Megumin, an Arch Wizard from the Crimson Demon Clan.

Megumin can be loud, boisterous, eccentric, immature, arrogant, and cocky with no self-control.

She has a flair for theatrics, likes strange names, has 8th-grade-syndrome tendencies, and boasts a lot.

Megumin is overly concerned about her underdeveloped body and gets very defensive regarding it.

Megumin has a petty rivalry with her friend Yunyun, whom she bullies and harasses on occasion out of jealousy for her more mature body.  

Megumin is obsessed with Explosion magic, putting everything into that one spell, which leaves her energyless after one use per day, leaving her a blob of her usual self.

Regardless Megumin is also practical, intelligent, adept at magic, loyal, and loving.

3. Aqua

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The goddess in the group, Aqua is world-renowned to be useless but still a beloved Konosuba character.

She can be troublesome, persistent, gullible, honest, stubborn, egotistical, cowardly, high-spirited, cheerful, carefree, understanding, somewhat vain, inconsequential, inappropriate, and a complete idiot.

Though Aqua can be quite intelligent at times, seeming to know a lot of things, Aqua simply lacks basic common sense and awareness.

Aqua acts on whims, being easy to mess with and manipulate with a general repulsion towards demons and the undead.

While seeking to do good deeds, Aqua always ends up creating a complete disaster. Underlying it all Aqua is a nonchalant but powerful priestess, capable of some extraordinary feats.

4. Darkness

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Dustiness Ford Lalatina commonly called Darkness is the crusader in Kazuma’s party.

Darkness speaks in a serious tone, giving off a prideful, noble aura, and Darkness is seemingly very mature.

Underneath it, this Konosuba character is a complete masochistic pervert.

Her selfless acts are fueled by her masochistic tendencies which include an unhealthy fetish for any form of abuse, even verbal.

Darkness even reveals that she became a crusader hoping to be sexually tortured by the Demon King someday.

Regardless Darkness has a lot of strength and stamina, coupled with useless swordplay.

The only time Darkness gets embarrassed is when her real name is brought up and when she sees Kazuma naked.

On a positive note, Darkness is kind, caring, courageous, decisive, protective, and utterly selfless.

All the while, being a stunning blonde beauty!

The Supporting Cast

5. Yunyun

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Yunyun is Megumin ’s rival, a member of the Crimson Demon Clan, and also its future heir. Being Megumin ’s self-proclaimed rival, Yunyun often challenges her to duels, which tend to go ignored.

Despite being a beautiful young girl, Yunyun is almost always alone, with no friends or companions whatsoever.

Of all the Konosuba characters, Yunyun is quite self-conscious, often worrying about what others think of her.

The reputation of Yunyun is that of a solo hunting super rookie arch wizard, despite her dying need to make friends.

6. Wiz

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Another fan-favorite character is Wiz. She is a lich who runs a Magic shop in the city.

Reputed as an Ice Witch, Wiz was formerly a Demon King General who wished to save the innocent from the more vicious Generals.

Wiz is one of the few Konosuba characters with truly good intentions, being a nice person overall.

Regardless, she is incredibly powerful as she is kind and wise. This had allowed her to become someone all the other characters love, all except Aqua.

7. Vanir

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Vanir is Wiz’s close associate owing to having been a former Demon King General along with her.

After he defected, he lives with Wiz at her shop, helping her run the place. To top it all he is a self-proclaimed model citizen of the town.

He has a wide range of skills which he uses to get to know other people and do business.

Being an excellent businessman, Vanir also possesses powerful magic similar to Wiz. Vanir is your “tall, dark and handsome” yet eccentric type of guy.

8. Mitsurugi Kyouya

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A more comedic character is Mitsurugi Kyouya. Esteemed as one of Belzerg’s mightiest, he uses the legendary cursed sword known as Gram.

However, he is just another person who got Isekai-ed like Kazuma.

Together with his two fangirls Clemea and Fio, they have their own exploits as a party.

His Prince-like looks and traits make Kazuma’s blood burn, as he is your typical good-looking hero from an RPG.

If you’ve yet to watch it, you’re missing out on one hilarious series which is beloved for just how degenerate its main Konosuba characters are!

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