Konosuba: A God Tier Comedy

“I yearn for true gender equality. I have no patience for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them, and then complains about someone “not being a man” when it’s convenient.” – Kazuma Satou

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a group of men and women enjoying their time

Many may know this anime through all the memes it has created.

What many may not know is just how good the comedy of the anime is as many may just know the anime through its memes.

Not only did Konosuba make something fresh out of the thousands of isekai anime churned out of anime studios every year, but it also uses the over-saturation of the genre to its advantage.

Every personality within the show brings more life to the world the anime set for itself.

It is an understatement to say that this anime is an isekai comedy as it is one of the few that is willing to go further than just pulling references and bizarreness as its main tools for comedy.

Multiple jokes popping off simultaneously

Aqua smirking while looking at Kazuma's meat sword

Not many anime can boast about having more than one character speaking at a time and making the scene work.

As it not only confuses the audience as to what they should be paying attention to but it is also extremely difficult to make a scene with two conversations happening simultaneously work as intended.

Yet, these factors do not stop the anime from trying and succeeding. Konosuba injects this comedic technique in almost all of its episodes.

If anything at all, the anime does not hesitate on avoiding any tactics that normally make the viewers feel dumb.

Due to the anime constantly making running gags and jokes on the fly, every episode has a small percentage of an increased rewatch value in comparison to other anime that provides the most basic level of comedy.  

Witty sarcasm and consequences

Kazuma sitting in the afterlife

Of course, no comedy anime can truly be complete without the characters facing the consequences of being witty.

Many comedies consist of characters that get away with visual or situational humor as it gets passed off as something that occurs daily.

However, scenes play out differently when it comes to the case of Konosuba.

As each comedic stunt has an even funnier and extremely real consequence behind it.

Take the example of how Megumin constantly practiced her explosion magic on the previously thought abandoned castle.

Or perhaps how Kazuma was literally taken into custody for teleporting a bomb into a random kingdom instead.

Let's not forget the very serious consequence of all, dying.

Within the anime, Kazuma has died multiple times and each time it is treated as a joke.

However, when the protagonist died when confronting the winter shogun, the rest of the team was extremely distraught and were in tears.

The best comedies are those which know when to tone it down for the emotions to be played to the fullest.

Explosive personalities

Megumin lying on the grass as Aqua gets eaten by a giant frog in the background

As many fans of the series may already know, the Konosuba characters are the main factor behind it being so popular.

Kazuma, our main protagonist who gets isakai'd into the fantasy realm is one that many may relate to.

Yet, he is still far from being the fan favorite in the Konosuba fan community. That spot goes to the one and only Megumin from the Crimson Magic Clan.

Even though she is the most feisty, she is also the most adorable of the bunch.

However, this does not mean Kazuma takes the seat of the most normal character in this comedy anime as you will be able to conclude from the GIF below:  

The most normal character that exists within the show would be the character of Wiz, who is a lich and was previously known as the Ice Witch.

As for the rest of the bunch, there is a character for every type of audience.

Darkness, the masochistic crusader who just cannot stop herself from being aroused in the most despicable of situations.

Aqua, is the goddess who is practically the most useless out of the bunch and is yet the strongest member.

Even, the supporting characters such as YunYun are most entertaining whenever she makes her appearance in the series.

Best jokes are the ones that ring a bit of truth

group of friends in the guild room

Konosuba would not be what it is today without the classic dialogues that have now become a pillar of perfect comedic writing.

As the representative for true gender equality, Kazuma constantly spews out facts in the most comedic settings.

However, this trait is not just limited to our lucky protagonist as there are multiple scenarios in which one cannot help but feel that they were imitated from real life.

As an example of this claim, the child that almost tricked Kazuma into registering himself as a believer of the cult that worships Aqua feels like the most realistic scam in the anime.

Not to mention the fact that the majority of the adventurers in Axel remain there for the sole reason to participate in the late-night succubus club services that provide them with whatever dream they desire whenever they sleep.