Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu Anime Review

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This Boy is a Professional Wizard

There are many anime genres that weren’t hot stuff back then but as time passed they climbed the ranks to become very popular.

In this regard, two beloved genres now amongst anime goers are Yaoi and Yuuri.

For fans who love these kinds of stories, this blog will review a short but unique Yaoi series.  

This Boy is a Professional Wizard falls under the genre of Magic, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi, and Shounen Ai.

With only four episodes under its banner, each being only thirteen minutes in length, this title captured many a heart.

It aired from February 5th, 2016 to February 26th, 2016, produced by none other than CoMix Wave Films aimed at teens and older audiences.


The story is about a wizard named Chiharu Kashima, who is in charge of their world’s Magic Department’s Crisis Countermeasure Division.

As busy as his days are, being only one of the few who can use magic, he frequently visits his favorite bar to relieve his work stress.

Here he has a fateful encounter with an attractive young man named Toyohi Utsumi.  

Both being regulars at the bar, Toyohi approaches Chiharu first and the two really start getting along.

It is revealed that Toyohi has always dreamed about becoming a wizard himself, and is overjoyed to have met and spoken to a wizard such as Chiharu.

And much to Chiharu’s absolute surprise, on their way home, Toyohi suddenly confesses that he had fallen in love with him.

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Chiharu is left bewildered and astonished at first. But as time passed, he started understanding Toyohi more and they spent more and more time in each other’s company.

But in the midst of this heat, Chiharu’s fluttering heart caused one mishap at his workplace.

This causes him to worry about himself and Toyohi, deciding to push him away while he tries to pour his heart back into his work.

All the while, gnawing at his heart secretly is the fear that Toyohi only loves the magic-wielding Wizard that he is, not the person he himself is.

main leads holding each other's hand

If you love anime like Kono Danshi Uchuujin to Tatakaemasu, Kono Danshi Ningyo Hiroimashita, and Kono Danshi Sekka ni Nayandemasu; this one is your next big feast. The leading characters are voiced by none other than Yuuki Ono and Taku Yashiro.

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The opening is “Kimi no Kotoba” performed by Shouta Aoi and it is something that stands out as really good in this series.

The story setting is simple, as explained above; there are a few magic users and the normal folk.

The plot of Kono Danshi Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu isn’t over the top nor revolutionary, it’s simple with a steady pace as it reaches its conclusion. The two main characters remain the sole focus for the whole 4 episodes.

Their voice acting, as expected from these two famous Voice Actors, is top-notch. The best selling point though would be the art style.

The art and designs of Kono Danshi Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu are absolutely gorgeous with an ever-so-vibrant color palette.

a couple sharing a drink

The colors will capture eyes every time, even the backgrounds and objects.

Special credit to the drinks at the bar as well as the magic portrayal in this regard. As eye-pleasing as the art may be, there really isn’t much movement involved.

Kono Danshi Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu ( This Boy is a Professional Wizard  ) dons a slow-paced animation style, which isn’t very smooth, thus it’ll require a bit of getting used to.

It is still a nice change of pace from the anime style that has been engraved into fans’ heads.

Character Development

The character development is evident in Chiharu, even in the short span of time. It does not seem like an orthodox development as it flows smoothly while being meaningful and impactful.

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Toyohi on the other hand doesn’t show much development, he is like your average Yaoi hottie.

Regardless, he is kind, accepting, and passionate, who plays the part of someone who loves Chiharu through thick and thin.

For fans of Shounen Ai, this will be an enjoyable but short ride. The ending is clean and solid, as to be expected of a typical Yaoi short anime.

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