Komi Can't Communicate: Episode 6 Review

A fashion show with only the main character as the model. Welcome to the world of Komi-san.

Komi Can't Communicate: Episode 6 Review
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Komi Can’t Communicate came out with new episodes. That’s right, episodes. As in plural. The show was filled with a lot of different segments and the train just kept on moving. From shopping, jokes to exams and beaches. We cover it all this time around. Let’s dive right in.

Komi Makes Her First Jokes

The show introduces us to one of the cutest quirks that our dear Komi has. Dad jokes. Awkward and cringe dad jokes. Komi, while watching tv, comes to know that jokes are a good way to break the ice and talk to people. So she prepares her best jokes for her friends.

The first victim - Tadano. Tadano awkwardly points out to her that jokes are best delivered when said out loud. Komi, so endearingly, walks out of the class and calls him up and guess what? Another dad joke. Then walks in the other victim, Najimi. Najimi flat out tells Komi that the jokes sound more like a threat, especially when left around written in notes. When Tadano is asked to demonstrate by Najimi we get to know he is similarly inept at normal jokes. All he too can deliver are dad jokes.


Shopping, invariably the most common thing that connects girls during their life growing up. As Najimi and Komi decide to go shopping, Najimi ends up dragging Tadano too. Hitohito thinks of himself as sticking out like a sore thumb. The party grows as Agari joins in on the shopping expedition.

All this while, the group is being silently stalked by a secret person. Who else would it be but Najimi?

The scene turns out into a competition and a fashion show at the same time. The model - Komi. The designers are the rest of the party. We are blessed with various versions of Komi- ludicrous, extravagant and nerdy. Then finally she comes out in the choice of Tadano - absolutely beautiful. Tadano for the win in this one.

Komi Visit To The Salon

After the shopping trip, it’s time for an obvious trip to the salon. Komi goes on to visit the salon she has been visiting since she was 12 years old. She is well-known to people there. The dresser understands her and welcomes her. But there is a new intern too. The intern makes Shouko nervous as Shouko is too shy in front of new people. At one point, Komi just pretends to sleep so that she does not have to talk to anyone.

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Credit to the hairdresser though. She perfectly understands every little move that Komi makes, nearly as well as Tadano does. The intern all this while is worried that she may be no good at her job. Komi in her own sweet way tries to comfort her by pointing out through various magazines what she wants to say and answering through that. Even while going out, Komi specifically visits her and passes her a magazine that says thank you.

When Komi visits the next day. It is only Tadano who notices that she got a cut much to the surprise of others. You go my guy.

The Exams Are On

We have been having fun times for some time and now it is time to get serious about their studies. The exam fever is on and Najimi is suffering from one severe bout of it. She absolutely detests them. So, Najimi, Tadano and Komi decided to go pick their brains out for some time. They go to the library, where we meet the over-excited Agari and the librarian, Gorimi senpai.

Our librarian, Gorimi senpai is just like the other librarians. Strict to the point of scary. All you get are 3 strikes before you are thrown out of the library.

Any guesses about who is the first one to break the rule? Barely five minutes in the library and Najimi is on her second strike already.

Kicking it up a notch, Najimi brings out Jenga.

Komi turns out to be much more mischievous than Tadano, joining as soon as the game is brought out. Tadano joins in too after some time and no sooner he does Najimi makes a face at her, making him lose. Each one of them gets a strike as soon as the blocks come down. Najimi is thrown out as she completes her three strikes while the other two are similarly punished. Komi is happy even after being punished, as she felt happy that she too could play along with others.

The exam results are soon back and sure enough Komi aces. Najimi does amazingly well and Tadano is perfectly average. It seems average should be named Tadano at this point.

The Vacations

As the vacations are on after the exams, students have been busy with homework. This has affected Komi the most. She is all done with her work and really wants to hang out with her friends. Unfortunately, she is terrible at contacting people. On the other hand, Tadano is in a similar situation. They both want to contact each other but both of them feel too hesitant to approach the other. Then arrives the hero (or heroine, nobody knows at this point) at the moment of crisis. Najimi calls up Komi and asks her to join in with others tomorrow at the pool. Of course, Tadano shall be there too.

And thus the show leaves us with a much expected next episode. Finally, Komi is going out with her friends on a vacation.

Much to expect from the next episode. Tune in to the next episode in a week. Till then take care and keep communicating people.