Komi Can't Communicate Episode 4 Review : She Talks?

The show keeps getting better and better. Meet the yandere of the campus this time around. Also we had a big reveal. Read along for more.

Komi Can't Communicate Episode 4 Review : She Talks?

Komi-san episode 4 was just released yesterday. The show has far exceeded my expectations in bringing out the story shown in the manga. It is being well received by the audiences too. Episode 4 marks the introduction of Yamai Ren in an absolutely hilarious way.

Yamai owned every moment she was on the screen. Don’t tell her so though, only Komi-san is the one who deserves the praise if you ask her. Let’s dive deeper.

Warning: Major Spoilers ahead!

The Plot

Episode 4 starts out with the introduction of Yadano Makeru. Yadano is unlike other people. She is not really obsessed with Komi. Rather she views herself as a rival. And what do you know? It is Physical Examination day at Itan High. Yadano has planned to win 3 out of the 4 criteria of the day.

Height, vision, weight and sitting height. Komi has higher marks on the first two. On the other two, Yadano gets higher numbers. This makes her happy till she realizes that having higher numbers means she lost. The weight and sitting height needs to be on the lower end. Oh, you poor dear Yadano!

The next day Tadano is coming to school thinking about his life. As he is daydreaming about being friends with, ahmm ahmm, Komi-san. He disappears.

We are then introduced to Yamai Ren. Yamai who wanted to be friends with Komi forever decides to hang out alongside Komi and Najimi. Tadano is very mysteriously absent. Yamai now runs the show.

The show, well…, we should call it a riot. As I said previously Yami owns the screen while she is in it. From fawning over Komi to daydreaming about being together with her.

A potential addition to the harem of Komi-san.

Najimi mentions that she would come over to Yamai’s home after school, with Komi of course. Yamai is thrilled.

Poor Tadano is locked up in Yamai’s room. As Yamai returns, she warns Tadano to not make a noise or…… After hearing Najimi’s voice through the doors, Tadano makes himself heard.

Yamai has to be given credit for her switches throughout the show. From the mother of all yanderes to a total psychopath to being a total cutie in front of Komi. The whole use of chopsticks as a prop is amazing.

The Big Reveal

After Komi rescues Tadano from Yamai, Komi tells Tadano that she wants to talk with him. She reveals her doubts that Tadano may be suffering because of being friends with her.

She proposes that if Tadano would not want to be her friend anymore, she would understand. All this while sobbing slightly. Tadano on seeing Komi so vulnerable is moved. He tells her that she needs not worry as he is going to choose his friends.

The big reveal of the season. Komi after being cared for by Tadano is moved and tells him by speaking out loud,

“ I really want to be Tadano-Kun’s friend.”

This embarrasses Tadano as he smiles awkwardly. Soon after Yamai apologizes to the pair of them. Another special appearance by Mr Chopsticks. After explaining Komi’s condition to Yamai, she becomes her friend too.

The Verdict

So there you have it, folks. Another friend is added to Komi-san's list. The show was the ride of laughter throughout. Yamai will keep going to provide tons of swelling smiles as the show goes on.

The show keeps following its take on acceptance of the awkward culture. Yadano is again a pun on the name, it means super competitive. The show was an amazing introduction to Yamai Ren. Komi's transition from a stuttering mess to being severely unconfident is nice to see. Gambare, Gambare.

Najimi, like always, is the best sideman, oops, sidewoman…? Gosh, that's tough. Well Najimi is Najimi.

Thanks for reading!!