Komi Can't Communicate Episode 5 Review

Summers, Ramen shops and a chuunibyou are served this time around.

Komi Can't Communicate Episode 5 Review

It is summertime at Itan High. Out have come the summer dresses and out with it have come people’s hearts.

The Summer Dress

Komi enters school

The sheer beauty of the scene of Komi entering the school makes people drool over and fall in delight. The reaction of Yanami…, well you have to watch it to know it. The same reaction is caused by the rest of the friends. Najimi, Agari, both are awe-struck on seeing Komi in her summer uniform.

When Komi all nervous and scared asks Tadano that whether she is all ok because everyone keeps staring at her, our dear Tadano is at a loss of words.

Fumes running out of his ears he answers, “Yes,” in his most sincere tone.

Komi and Tadano

And that is what happens on the first day of summer school.

The show covers some of my favourite parts from the manga. Not playing favourites but every one of the scenes is a sheer treat to watch for any manga or anime-only fan.

The Home Visit at The Goddesses Adobe

Najimi pops the question to Komi whether they can visit her home. Komi all flustered answers with a slight nod, surprising Yadano who considers this a big growth for her. Enter Komi’s sister,...., errr...mother??

Komi's mom

A woman so Komi-san alike that Najimi and Tadano consider her too, a goddess. A woman in her seventeens eternally. Komi’s mom is well, quite unlike Komi in nature. She is talkative and quite at ease with everyone.

Reminds us of a certain creature called Najimi. Even at scenes where everyone is at crossroads about what to do next, she pops in with snacks and is really good at small talks.

Also Komi-san has no secrets. All that Najimi may have tried she failed to find any clue which may embarrass Komi in her room. The only small bit was the books hidden under her bed.

Not that kind you perv…. Books about her dealing with a communication disorder. Also, we get a peek at Komi-san in her glorious childhood.

At Komi's House

At this point, it is fair to say that I cannot be more obsessed with her anymore. Until the next episode, obviously!!


Ramen shop

Agari gets her chance to shine this time around. Komi reveals her ‘dream’ to eat ramen in a ramen shop. Agari is quite the expert in that field. She introduces them to the modest Ramen Darou. Now Ramen Darou is not your run of the mill ramen shop. It has certain rules and standards you have to live by.

Rule no. 1

Thou shalt not speak

Rule no. 2

Buy your ticket and promptly take your seat

Rule no. 3

Uphold manners and respect the shopkeeper

Rule no. 4

Return your bowl after eating and immediately give up your seat.

Komi-san is quite adept at all of these. Najimi and Tadano well they frankly are absolutely no good at this. Tadano with his indecisive nature and Najimi, who is overly talkative. Never have I ever believed I could look at a person eating food in such happiness.

Komi enjoying her ramen

I along with Tadano, Najimi and the others in the ramen shop are completely engrossed with Komi and her eating Ramen. Tadano and Najimi sadly get their noodles all soggy because of that.

The Dragon Force Awakens

We have our own Chuunibyou with us in the class.

For a better explanation, a Chuunibyou is someone in her teens. Someone who is in a small little world of their own, where they play the main character.
Nakanaka with the trio

Our soft Tadano once belonged to that category. And thus we are introduced to Nakanaka Omoharu. Nakanaka is derived from kanji which means believe, imagine or dream. Nakanaka introduces herself to the group as Arsot Les Primavera, and tells Komi that she is the princess Komilia.

Coming in contact with the ‘Dragon Force’ they now have to make a blood pact. All this flusters both Komi and Nakanaka. Nakanaka in secret is actually a loner.

Her scene during the P.E. period is quite touching to see. Najimi and Tadano explain to Komi that it is her way to ask Komi to be her friend by asking her to make a blood pact with her. Komi then goes on to make a blood pact with her. The friend list now grows a little more.

As the end credits roll, On comes one of my favourite scenes from the manga.

Komi and Tadano sharing an umbrella.

Komi and Tadano under an umbrella

Tadano’s umbrella mysteriously disappears. The culprit - phantom thief. The awkwardness between the two is evident throughout. Komi notices how Tadano keeps caring for her, even while walking in the rain. The show could have not ended on a better note.

So go ahead people, walk in and enjoy a little more of the sunshine this summer season.