Komi Can’t Communicate: EPISODE 1 Review

A new anime dealing with everyday life for people suffering with awkwardness, anxiety and identity crisis. How does it fare though?

Komi Can’t Communicate: EPISODE 1 Review

Komi-san Can’t Communicate just dropped on Netflix. The popularity of the show among the people and manga community has been on a high ever since the show was announced. Also, the show has been getting great responses amongst anime watchers.

The show is a Slice of Life anime created by Tomohito Oda. The manga became a great hit and was adapted into an anime by OLM Studio. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai fame, Aoi Koga, voices Shouko Komi, an Itan Private High School student. Gakuto Kajiwara voices Tadano Hitohito. He is well known for his roles as the voice actor for Asta in Black Clover.

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The story follows Komi as she struggles through school with her communication disorder and a small dream in tow. The dream - to make 100 friends. And all this is seen over by Tadano.

The Plot

Tadano Hitohito is a normal, average, everyday guy. He just aspires to live life simple by, without calling attention upon himself. His biggest fear is that of being shunned out. Little does he know about the hilariously ride he has hopped on. Komi-san is someone who is an instant celebrity. Her looks and grace capturing hearts everywhere she goes. And so the inevitably odd pair end up together.

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Komi suffers from a communication disorder. She is unable to talk her feelings out. Things as simple as a thank you or good morning are tough for her. This is quickly noticed by Tadano. Tadano, an adorably helpful person helps her out as much as he can. As Shouko deals with various problems due to her problem, Tadano is there for her as a support throughout. The names are literal puns.

Tadano Hitohito means just some guy, exactly what Tadano aims to be. Komi Shouko “komyushou” means communication disorder.

The Animation

One of the things that absolutely blew my mind was the animation. It was refreshingly beautiful, with colours soothing the eyes. Every scene pops out. The scene where Shouko and Tadano talk to each other through chalk is aesthetically pleasing. The background score is a piano piece and like the whole scene, it again is brilliant.

Character designs have been done justice. Komi’s ears popping up like a cat is very kawaii. The smoothness and transitions do not seem abrupt, and each character’s various details flow out very gracefully. Kudos to the animation team for doing a truly fantastic job.

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The pacing of the show is incredible. Neatness is the word that comes to mind. And even though the voice actor of Komi, Aoi Koga, does not have a single line, her little stutters and cat-like noises are an absolute delight. Komi glitching while Tadano is scared to death is such a great comic relief. While Gakuto Kajiwara sounded exactly what I imagined Tadano would have sounded like. A sincere, down to earth type of guy, who wants to mix in with everyone.

The Review

Komi-san can’t communicate just might be the next great Slice of Life anime out there. Apart from the great direction, art style and just awesomely cute characters, what truly stands out is the genuineness. The show seems much more real. Filled with real-world situations, and people who you can easily relate to at their very core.

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Discussing problems that probably every teenager suffers with. The queasiness, the flutters you get on entering a new school. All of this flows out naturally from the characters. Common problems that a student faces, adjusting in, making new friends and peer pressure have been mentioned throughout the show in small snippets.

All of this has been brought together in an amazing cohesiveness, drawing you in immediately. Ayumu Watanabe always pleases with visual delights and has again done a fantastic job here.

The review. Komi-san has to be a must-watch for people this season. Not only for the sheer visual quality given, but the efforts of storytelling have been sincere. Characters have not been glossed over. The adaptation is on point too. The show has a little bit of everything for a perfect blend. Netflix is streaming Komi-san every Thursday from 21st October. So free your calendar and get ready for the awesome ride.