Know The 7 Famous BTS Songs Banned In South Korea, Explained Why?

Did you know some of your favourite BTS Songs are banned by South Korean Television? Most of the reasons are weird though!!!

BTS, photo in an award show
BTS (방탄소년단)

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단) is the biggest musical sensation, not just in South Korea but also Worldwide.

They are recognized for their unique concepts, their self-love theory and of course their power pack performances. Their music has always been known for being inspirational.

It is known to bring positivity, hope, and strength to millions around the world.

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However, Did you know some songs by your all favourite group have been banned in their own country?

Yes, you read it right some all-time favourite songs of fans were actually banned from being broadcast on television in South Korea.

There were various reasons behind this ban, ranging from explicit lyrics to violation of traffic rules, so these BTS songs were considered not safe to broadcast on TV.

Some of the ARMY's favourite songs are on this list, Have a look.

1) GO GO

BTS performing Gogo at Mnet

Go Go is one of the most addicting songs by BTS. It'll make the listener groove in seconds.

It was released in 2017 in the Album Love Yourself: Her.  But unfortunately, the song is banned to broadcast on South Korean Television.

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The song originally talks about the phrase "YOLO" which stands for "you only live once".

The phrase is used in sarcasm here of how today's generation takes this phrase too lightly and spends all their money on useless things.

But the reason it was banned in South Korea was due to some lyrics being "Too Vulgar".

2) Converse High

BTS performing Converse High in an award show

The classical story of youthful love is banned from being broadcast on South Korean Television.

The lyrics of the songs have brand names like "Converse", "Alexander McQueen", and "Chanel F".

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As this is not allowed to be broadcast on national television so the song was banned by South Korean Television.

3) Cypher Pt3: Killer

One of the members rapping Cypher pt3

Cypher was released in four parts namely Cypher Pt1, Cypher Pt2: Triptych, Cypher Pt3: Killer, and Cypher 4.

Easily one of the most loved Cyphers from BTS part 3 has been banned from broadcast in South Korea.

Well, the reason behind this is the inappropriate expressions and once again, the use of brand names.

However, it continues to be the most popular Cypher track from BTS, not just in South Korea but also worldwide.

4) Intro: Nevermind

One of the main rappers rapping 'Never mind' on stage

Well, it was very obvious about this one. If you know the lyrics of this song, you would know why South Korean Television banned the song from being broadcast.

The song is banned from television in South Korea because of the lyrics, which say "I don't give a sh*t, I don't give a Fu*k".

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Clearly, BTS isn't making music to please the Korean Television industry.

The only reason they make music is for their "ARMY"'s and all that matters was that they got the message across.

5) Dope  

The different occupation concept from Dope music video

Dope is a song that can turn any NON-ARMY into an ARMY and that's a fact. The beat and the choreography are on the spot.

However, this song too is banned from being broadcast on South Korean Television because of its "Vulgar lyrics", although fans whether the K-army or the international army love the song.

6) Boyz With Fun

the group performing Boyz with fun on stage

The track "Boyz With Fun" is the song with the most energetic live performances.

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But it was banned from Music Stations due to the use of the Chinese Phrase "chi fan le ma" for "did you eat" which sounds like a curse word in Korean.  But ironically, fans love the song as it is.

7) Pied Piper

The vocal line of the group

Who doesn't love Pied Piper? It is the cleverest song in the BTS Discography.

The song was dedicated by BTS to their fans ARMY as a message to study hard and achieve their goals.

However, even this song is banned from being broadcast in South Korea because it mentioned the names of some apps such as Vlive and Twitter.

Thanks for reading!!