Kirito Kirigaya: 7 Facts You Should Know

Kirito Kirigaya: 7 Facts You Should Know

Kirito Kirigaya is the protagonist of the Sword Art Online series. His avatar goes by Kirito in the game. 

kirito kirigaya

Sword Art Online became one of the biggest Isekai anime ever watched. Kirito became one of the most easily identified anime characters. He’s like a typical Isekai protagonist of an anime series.

Here are 7 facts about him that you should know:

1. Kirito Kirigaya’s Actual Name

Kirito’s Kirigaya’s actual name is Narusaka Kazuto. He goes by Kirito in the game Sword Art Online. He did not know his actual name, since his parents died early. 

His actual name and his parent’s names were revealed in the Unital Ring arc of the series.

kirito kirigaya
Kirito Kirigaya

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2. Suguha’s Confession

A shocking out-of-the-blue confession by Suguha, who sees Kirito romantically, is actually his sister. It was definitely an event that was unexpected. Suguha’s parents adopt Kirito after his parent’s death, making Suguha his step-sister. 

Despite him rejecting her, she still tries to pursue her unrequited love.

sword art online
Kirito and Suguha Kirigaya

3. Kirito and Asuna’s Relationship

Kirito and Asuna became friends in the game, and later became lovers. They even spent time together in Asuna’s house in the game world and had a flirty phase. They became husband and wife in the game world. Asuna is also the protagonist of the Sword Art Online series. 

sword art online
Kirito and Asuna

4. Kirito’s Data

As one of the few beta players of the SAO game, Kirito had saved data of the previous games which helped him throughout the gameplay. Not only did it help him win numerous battles, he almost always had the upper hand just like any other protagonist.

kirito kirigaya


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5. Kirito’s Admirers

Like any light fantasy protagonist, Kirito Kirigaya is one of the few who has multiple admirers in the series. Multiple admirers created a harem-like situation. Despite the attention he gets from other female characters, he has remained loyal to Asuna.  

sword art online

6. Kirito’s Level Secrecy

Throughout his life in the game world, Kirito made sure to keep his level a secret. He joined the Moonlit Black Cats. The guild members all had a lower level while he had the highest and kept it a secret. He believes his secrecy is what got the guild members to lose their lives.

kirito kirigaya
Moonlit Black Cats

7. Self-made Computer

Kirito is passionate about computers that he built a computer from scratch. He has good computer skills and enjoys calculating things randomly. He built the computer when he was in middle school. 

sword art online

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