King's Affection Ep 9 &10: A Goodbye?

Ji Woon is lovesick. Will he confess his love to Lee Hwi? Will they part ways? Is this a new beginning or is it goodbye?

King's Affection Ep 9 &10: A Goodbye?
Lee Hwi and Ji Woon

The King's Affection is a historical drama starring Ro-Woon and Park Eun-bin. We are fully aware of her history and her first love. Will they confess to each other? What about the same gender and that too in historical times?

Ji Woon being lovesick

In the last 8th ep, we encounter Ji Woon losing to his desires and finally kissing Lee Hwi on her right cheeks. The next morning, Ji Woon got up with a pleasant dream, Lee Hwi kissing him on his lips. When he returned to his office, his senior told him to tutor the Crown Prince and, he was uncomfortable to face her.

But because it was a duty to be done, he had to face her. After the two seated face to face with each other, there was an awkward silence between them. Ji Woon spoke up first asking for the punishment. But Lee Hwi said she understands and she gave him a box full of sweets for the hard work when ming envoys came.

Ji Woon was extremely happy thinking he was the only one who got this gift. Soon he realized the truth that his co-workers and everyone in the palace got the gift with the same sweets in it. He got heartbroken and, suddenly his expressions became annoyed and sadder.

In the next few days as well, Ji Woon keeps on seeing the same dream of Lee Hwi kissing him on his lips. He even asked his senior the reason for his unfamiliar feelings, one of his co-workers said that he is suffering from lovesickness. He keeps on feeling hot, and suddenly his face than would become red. When the dancers for the palace came, Ji Woon saw Lee Hwi as one of the girls in the group and he got lost in her beauty.

Lee Hwi and Ji Woon hugging each other

On the morning of Lee Hwi’s archery practice, Ji Woon came to her and said that he was suffering from something bad and asked for a hug in front of everyone. Lee Hwi just went for it and hugged him in front of everyone. She even told Ji Woon to stay strong and with his problems or suffering to go away.

Ji-Woon’s Confession to the Crown Prince

Lee Hwi kising Ji Woon

When Ji Woon went back to Dam-ri's secret hideout, he then realized that the dream he had had for the past few days, was real. Ji Woon, realizing the truth, ran to Lee Hwi and said that it wasn’t a dream. He confessed to her saying, that he loves her despite their gender. He also said that they could work it out and wouldn’t bother other people's opinions.

Ji Woon confessing to Lee Hwi

Well, Lee Hwi is a Crown Prince and she loves him as much as he does. But the fact that she couldn’t expose her feelings and confess to him as he did. But instead, Lee Hwi said that she does not feel the same way as he does and asked to forget about the night and this conversation.

Lee Hwi turned and left him with a heavy heart. And with the thought that they can never be together even if they want to.

A date

Lee Hwi enjoying 

Later we see Lee Hwi in front of Ji Woon’s cottage asking him to spend a day out with her. It confused Ji Woon as he never thought that after rejecting him last night, Lee Hwi would ask this. But he got ready as quickly as he could.

They both went out first for a meal, then to buy some sweets and things. In their walk, they came through a swing play and, Ji Woon saw Lee Hwi’s overwhelming smile and asked to go for it and enjoy. As Lee Hwi was refusing, Ji Woon asked the girls who were playing and, they agreed on Lee Hwi’s participation.

The way Lee Hwi enjoyed swinging and the smile she harbored on her face was just mesmerizing in Ji Woon’s eyes and, he even fell for her again.

After that, she thanked him for making her play. They even walked on the same bridge they did when they were kids. Lee Hwi memorized the past scenes and felt more love for him in her heart. While they were still on the bridge, suddenly rain started and, they went under a roof where Lee Hwi told her that he made her happy and thanks for everything. She handed him a letter of promotion and told him goodbye.

Lee Hyun hiding his feelings for Lee Hwi

Lee Hyun holding his umbrella

When Lee Hwi returned to the palace, Lee Hyun came to her with an umbrella as it was still raining. She cried her heart out in front of him and he watched her sad eyes wanting to hold her. After that, she stopped and returned to her chambers. While Lady Kim was doing her hair she tried to hold her tears and felt her heart crushing inside.

When we look at Lee Hyun he seems to be more heartbroken than the two of them. First, he saw Ji Woon and Lee Hyun on the night when Ji Woon confessed to her about his feelings. And, when he went to Ji Woon and talked about each other’s feelings for their loved ones.

Lee Hyun asked him about his first love and how he met her. Lee Hyun then realized that maybe the girl he met could be Lee Hwi. He ran back to the palace where all the records of the maids who left the palace were kept.

Lee Hyun and Ji Woon

Before Lee Hyun met Ji Woon, he was there on a night with Lee Hwi talking about if they ever loved someone. Lee Hwi then told him about her first encounter with a child when she was small and how that child became her first love. She did not mention any feminine and masculine pronouns here.

Thinking about it, would Lee Hyun ever tell Lee Hwi that he was aware of the fact that she is a woman? Would he ever confess his feelings to her? While he was talking to Ji Woon and told him that he never confessed his feelings to her.

Ji Woon asked for his reason and he said he was afraid of doing so as she might distance herself from him, or it could even break their friendship. He even included that he wanted to help and support her without telling his real feelings for her.

The Crown Prince’s marriage

In the palace, there was a rumor going around that there’s going to be a marriage. Yes, it’s true! Lee Hwi was called by Queen Dowager regarding the princess selection. But his majesty was against it and asked the Crown Prince which she rejected. But later, when Lee Hwi just rejected Ji Woon and decided to get married, she went to His Majesty and said she wanted to get married.

His Majesty and Lee Hwi

Her father asked for her clarity and said he did not want her to make the same mistake as he did. Lee Hwi thought that her father did not trust her that she would do good in harboring a family. He even mentioned how much he regretted not looking after her mother and how he failed to save his family. Did he mean that he knew about the execution of her twin daughter?

Lee Hwi was overwhelmed and decided for sure that she would get married. Coming to know about the marriage of the Crown Prince, Ji Woon got sad and angry with Lee Hwi. He was depressed to know this.

Who got selected to be the princess?

Princess Selection

For the princess selection, Ha-gyeong, the second eldest daughter of No Hak-su, the minister of War was excited and she even fell for the Crown Prince. As when she went to the Palace with So-eun, she started wandering around the palace when she saw the door to Dam-ri’s secret hideout. But as she was going to look at it, she fell but, the Crown Prince came and saved her from falling. Since then, Ha-Gyeong decided to be a princess.

During the test for princess selection, Ha-Gyeong was aware of the question to ask and got it correct. But when she was asked the reason behind her answer she was unable to answer it thus, her friend So-eun gave an extraordinary answer which got her selected as a princess.

So-Eun and Lee Hwi

Later in the day, when So-eun was going back to her house, she saw that Crown Prince was waiting for her. So-eun thought the Crown Prince was there for her father but, the Crown Prince was there for So-eun. Lee Hwi asked if she was ready to go on the same path as her. Lee Hwi wanted So-eun to support her and be there for her for the rest of the journey. But, a twist is that Lee-Hwi personally came to her as she already knows that So-eun likes Ji Woon. When she went to her father and told him that she was ready to get married, her father said that if the daughter of No Hak-su, he and her daughter would be of great help in the future.

A goodbye?

Ji Woon saying goodbye Lee Hw

Moving forward to the relationship of Lee Hwi and Ji Woon. Ji Woon asked Lee Hwi to come with him to a place as Ji-Woon wanted to talk to her. They both went to the place where the whole palace could be seen from the top. Ji Woon said that he did not want any promotion as he was leaving the palace and Lee Hwi could not see him. He handed over the resignation letter to Lee Hwi and turned around and left her.