King's Affection Ep 7 & 8 Synopsis | Story From Ming

Lee Hwi finds out the real culprit behind the misuse of medicinal herbs and works to protect Ji Woon. Ji Woon and Lee Hwi grow closer in a surprising turn of events.

King's Affection Ep 7 & 8 Synopsis | Story From Ming
King's Affection

The End of the 6th ep got us stuck in our thoughts as to what would happen after Lee Hwi stood up for Ji Woon in front of all the royal attendees and her father, His Majesty. Later, in the ep 7th, we come to know that Lee Hwi found out the real culprit behind the misuse of medicinal herbs.

Lee Hwi as a Crown Prince

King and Lee Hwi

In the 7th ep, Lee Hwi decided to stand up now and look forward to working better and, she eventually joined hands with her grandfather. Her plan was to work under him and win his trust in her and eventually get revenge for her and her brother.

Lee Hwi went to his majesty to ask if she could welcome Ming envoys. Her father was not sure of it but the crown prince insisted and told him to put faith in her.

Ming entering the palace

When Chief Eunuch from Ming arrived, he brought his unfavourable attitude and disrespected Crown Prince's welcoming gesture. Well, he seems to hold a grudge against the royals of Joseon. It's true, though, as it was well explained, later in the ep 8. When Chief Eunuch arrived in the palace, he was rubbing his fingers on a knife case as if someone especially gifted it to him, and, that caught Lee Hwi's gaze.

Chief Eunuch and his bad temper

Ming's Chief Eunuch

Everyone gathered on the occasion of welcoming the Ming guests. During a performance, Chief Eunuch was discussing the girl's beauty who was performing. A man came to him and said he could ask him for any woman he was interested in. But the Chief said nothing. Instead, he started hitting the man and asked for his wife instead. Chief Eunuch remarked when that man could not even give up his wife or anyone from his family, then how could he decide to give any other woman who doesn't even belong to his family.
Chief Eunuch threw him in the middle of the event, making a fuss that made the King question his bad temper. The Chief demanded the execution of the man as punishment for his mistake. Unable to keep quiet, Lee Hwi stood up and warned him that he was on the land of Joseon right now where punishment to be given is proclaimed only based on law.
While in the event when Lee Hwi spoke to him, after mocking her, Jung Ji Woon came to him and tried to cool him but, instead he got angrier and threw a drink on his face. Looking at his disgraceful behaviour towards the people of the Palace, his assistant came and rescued him.

At lunch

After a while, Chief Eunuch asked the Crown Prince to come and have a drink with him. However, he also challenged her bodyguard as he was said to be the most skilled swordsman in the whole Joseon. A big and large man came to fight with Ga-on. He seems a lot stronger than Ga-on but because of the sudden challenge, his sword fell. Lee Hwi tried to stop the man. However, Ga-on stood up at the same time to protect her from getting stabbed and got himself badly injured instead.

Ga-on is badly injured

After all this, everyone came to the rescue and, Lee Hwi and Ji Woon looked after him. Lee Hwi saw Ga-on shivering and looking sadder even in his dreams.

Once the Chief had cut off Lady Kim's hair in a fit of bad temper traumatising her for life. In those times, publically cutting off a woman's hair was the utmost sign of disrespect and humiliation.  This led Lee Hwi to lose her temper and she punched the Chief many times on his face.

Chief cutting off Lady Kim's hair

Looking at all this mess, Lee Hyun decided to talk to that Chief by himself and, it was then when he heard his talk about a girl with her father. Lee Hyun warned him to be within his limit to overreact in such an inconvenient manner. He also claimed to be aware of the fact that he seized and mistreated the Ming emperor's wealth.

Ji Woon as a spy

Lee Hyun told Ji Woon to spy on Chief as he was expected to meet someone suspicious. And the other night, Ji Woon went for the spy mission, caught Lee Hwi's attention and, she started following him. They got caught and fought with the guards. Lee Hyun came at the moment with the royal guards and caught them.

The three musketeers

The three of them planning

Lee Hwi eventually came to know Lee Hyun and Ji Woon's planning and decided to join them. The three of them started their investigation as Lee Hwi promised his father to not disappoint him and put faith in her again. They asked many houses and shops in the market and came through a person who got precious and rare things from the man who the Chief seemed to know.

At Gambling

They decided to catch him while he would be gambling and, Ji Woon changed his appearance and played when he showed him the costly and rare hairpin. He, in an instant, declared that he was the one who sold that item.

Lee Hyun came to the scene with the guards for catching people promoting illegal gambling. Ji Woon and that man started running off when Ji Woon caught him and asked for Chief Eunuch's story.

His past

Chief Eunuch and his lover

He told them that his daughter was with Chief Eunuch when some people were taking small, poor children to the Ming dynasty to sell. They both shared a romantic relationship since then when that girl became Ming King's royal concubine and, they had to keep their affair a secret.

Lee Hwi asked for a diner to confront this message to him, that she now has a ledger where all his tricks with the emperor's wealth were written. She told him to decline his demand for rising the tribute he demanded. After telling him all this she even said that she now is aware of his secret affair but decided to keep that as a secret. She understands why he wanted to take revenge and took out his anger on the royals of Joseon, his homeland, and why he hated that so much.

However, a past like that where she had to forget her love and had to do things for responsibilities was tough on her. She too had suffered from that. Lee Hwi apologized to him for his past. Chief Eunuch said goodbye to them and left the Palace with a smile.

Leaving Joseon

The Romance

Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Woon

Talking about the romance, we see that Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Woon now became very close since Lee Hwi helped him with his case. They shared moments where they were being supportive of each other.
While their friendship and closeness were developing, Lee Hyun felt jealous and became sad whenever he tried to comfort her, but, instead, Ji Woon came faster than him. A classic case of the second lead syndrome!

Lee Hyun and Lee Hwi

Well, a good thing was, when the three of them were celebrating their victory over Chief Eunuch, Ji Woon got drunk, and Ga-on took him to his chambers. Ji Woon, while sleeping he constantly hears Lee Hwi's laugh and smiles in his dreams.
He got up and decided to go out at Dam-ri's house where Lee Hwi came following a firefly and ended up there.

Ji Woon kissing Lee Hwi on her cheeks

While they were talking, Ji Woon found himself losing control for falling for Crown Prince's beauty. Then he eventually kissed her on her right cheek and, the episode ended with Lee Hwi's surprised face.