King's Affection Kdrama Ep 5&6 | Is It A Love Triangle?

How will Lee Hwi handle her feelings?

King's Affection Kdrama Ep 5&6 | Is It A Love Triangle?
King's Affection

King's Affection drama is now turning on to a more romantic mode. Since the tragic night and the secrets, Lee Hwi was holding on to, brings a lot of worries. Still there were people around whom she can trust and can also expect support.

How will Lee Hwi handle her feelings?

At the ending of episode 4, we saw Lee Hwi and Ji Woon with a close-up shot. There was affection in Lee Hwi's eyes and it got into her mind for the whole night. It even made her blush while she was in her chambers looking at Ji Woon's hat. That is the moment where Lee Hwi could not resist that she still has feelings for Ji Woon and her heart beats so fast.

Ji Woon smiling at Lee Hwi

When it was time for the crown prince's education, Lee Hwi gave Ji Woon's hat back with adding two strings to it and he wonders if they were there before. But, Lee Hwi was embarrassed and did not want him to know that she is the one who added those stings to his hat.

While the studying was going on, Ji Woon notices that the crown prince looks like a woman as he can see such soft texture and skin of her. The way she moves her hands for turning the pages over and the long beautiful eyelashes and the pink perfect shaped lips, only a woman can carry such beauty.

Lee Hwi caught her staring at her and he suddenly hid his face behind a book and they continued their study.

After a few minutes, Ji Woon stand up while Lee Hwi was reciting a poem and suddenly Ji Woon came towards her so close that they could able to hear each other's breathing.

Lee Hwi asked him for the reason for his behavior and said that she skipped a part of the poem she was reciting. That moment, Lee Hwi did blush and again she was able to sense her heart beating so fast and with a sudden jerk she pushed him back and he got up.

Later, a scene comes when Lee Hwi was in her study room and had to go for morning assembly, but due to tiredness, her eunuch told her to take leave and due to that Choi Man Dal who was on duty to take the crown prince to morning assembly, instead, Ji Woon ended up coming to Lee Hwi as Man Dal was not well.

Did Ji Woon fall for the crown prince?

Ji Woon being close to Lee Hwi

When Ji Woo went to her and he saw Lee Hwi was sleeping. When he came near her and saw that she was having a nightmare and sweating, he brought his hand forward to touch her face and suddenly she jumped on him and hold his neck as to kill him.

But soon she came out from her nightmare and saw that she was trying to kill Ji Woon. At the end of episode 5, they both met with an unexpected moment when Ji Woon saved her from the falling vase her head was near his heart, and, at that moment they both felt each other's heartbeat.

There were many scenes, where we can see Ji Woon eagerly gazing at Lee Hwi with a big smile on his face.

Holding Lee Hwi

Later, Lee Hwi appeared for a royal lecture confidentially, and Ji Woon watches her with mesmerizing eyes and cups hands on his cheeks with his heart beating so fast.

What does Lee Hyun knew about?

Lee Hyun

Did we talk about Lee Hyun? There's always another lead actor who falls in love with the lead actress. Lee Hyun is Crown Prince's cousin and, the fact that we are aware of is that Lee Hyun is in love with Lee Hwi. Lee Hyun knows that big secret that Lee Hwi is hiding.

Back when the queen was alive, Lee Hwi was still struggling to get comfortable with the role she was asked to play for her life. Lee Hyun was in the room of Lee Hwi's and listened to her and her mother's conversation. He even saw Lee Hwi getting changed and saw that the crown prince was a woman.

At a mountain

Yes, Lee Hyun did not tell anyone about it, not even Lee Hwi that who is aware of the fact that he knows she is a girl. Since the day he found out about Lee Hwi, it was love at first sight.

From that day till now, he is in love with Lee Hwi and as of what we can see is that he is being quiet and admiring her being by her side and secretly looking out for her. At the end of episode 4, he brought the ring and gave it to her which she was gazing at while they were at a shop. But the worst part, our Crown Prince already has someone in her mind.

Will Lee Hwi able to help Ji Woon?

At the top where whole palace is visible

Due to Ji Woon's case of working as a physician and was accused of disrespecting noble families and people. Being a son of a royal inspector, he was treating low and poor people.

Well, it was that time when people were judged by their positions and titles. However, the punishment was execution and, the royal inspector took Ji Woon's friends who were working with him and tried to kill them and made a male assistant write a suicide note to protect his son, Ji Woon.

Lee Hwi and Ji Woon 

While this all was going on in a forest outside the palace, Lee Hwi came and rescued the assistants and made a warning to the royal inspector that without his power he shouldn't be doing any of this behind his majesty's back.

Before Lee Hwi came to the scene, her grandfather told her to remain under his hand and do what he wanted her to do. Also, he mentioned that she shouldn't be going too soft on the enemies, and instead, she should kill them without showing any mercy despite whoever that enemy would be.

At palace for the punishment

The next day, when the punishment was going to announce, Lee Hwi entered and demanded that she knew where Ji Woon's friends were. Lee Hwi did not want him to lose what he had. Well, the ending left us thinking about what she might tell His Majesty and how would she help Ji Woon.

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