How Kim's Convenience Teaches That A Family's Perfection Lies In The Chaos

“Maybe our happiness depends too much on our dumb kids.” — Appa

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A series about a father running his convenience store, a son attempting to build a life that is respectable, a daughter trying to get out of her parent's home, and a boss battling her morality of having intimate feelings for her co-worker.

That is the essence of why Kim's Convenience so engaging while being a light-hearted family show.

Even though Kim's Convenience consists of multiple fights within the Kim family breaking out in almost every episode, the family show teaches its audience some of the most important lessons that people tend to forget when it comes to their own families.

Anger shows the existence of care

A father grabbing his son by the shoulder

As we have witnessed throughout the series, Jung and Mr. Kim have not had the best track record when it comes to father-son bonding.

This was mainly due to the fact that Mr. Kim was deeply hurt when he found out about Jung allegedly stealing money from his business among other antics that would make the cops get involved.

However, Mr. Kim and Jung never stopped caring about each other even through all of their fights.

Their hatred toward each other is only due to how much they want the other to acknowledge their care and pain.

It is only we, the audience who gets to see both parties misunderstanding each other's intentions when we know that the entire argument stems from a place of love.

Keeping a distance can be healthy

a young lady paying attention to an old women

"One cannot be too clingy" said no one ever. Families have always been known for their closeness to one another but it is often unintentional until their bonding with each other grows stronger than the circumstances that force them to be close to each other.

Giving space to a family member when they really need it may be one of the best gifts a person could receive as we all know just how clingy a family can be, especially when you are already stressed out.

The best example to represent the case in point is how Shannon continuously gives Jung as much space as he wants and how Mr. Kim aka Appa gives Janet her space when she needs to get something out of her system.  

Arguments bring us closer

A mother and daughter bonding at the reception

It is the arguments that are shared within the family that makes their bond so much stronger.

As it is one of the few common methods of how members of a family discuss something sensitive and essential to their well-being.

The most known arguments have always been with Appa, Umma, and Janet as being the youngest in the family, she is still in her rebellious phase for some portions of the series.

The feeling of losing the game in a relationship as soon as someone raises their voice, the sense of “This would not work” pops up every now and then but the moment the next person leans in for a hug that melts away all the issues before we even start to solve them it is a human mechanism known as “Fight or flight”.

We all have faced hardcore criticism from our parents, we all have faced the evilness of our siblings if we have any, and we have faced uncanny behavior from our partners, but as soon as we realize that the genesis of all of it was the love we try to rectify the situation, and the process itself is tiring and exhausting, the process calls for a lot of patience.

However, by the end, all of it makes us stronger as human individuals and we become a stronger group once we start to make our arguments safe spaces to excel.