Kim Jong Un Calls K-Pop a 'Vicious Cancer'; Wants to Ban.

Kim Jong Un has banned K-pop in North Korea. King Kong Un has labelled the K-pop music as "Vicious Cancer".

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Kim Jong Un Calls K-Pop a 'Vicious Cancer'; Wants to Ban.

It's a sad day in the history of K-pop and fans in North Korea. The North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un wants to ban K-pop music in North Korea. Kim Jong Un has labelled the K-pop music as "Vicious Cancer". He said that they are spoiling the youth of the country.

In recent months, Kim Jong Un had launched a crackdown on South Korean pop culture, including movies, K-dramas and K-pop videos. Under the same, North Korean authorities have also outlawed ‘non-socialist’ hairstyles such as the spike and mullet along with dyed hair. As part of the new laws, men and women can only sport one of the 215 other hairstyles authorised.

Ripped or skinny jeans, T-shirts sporting slogans and nose and lip piercings have also been banned. Officials in North Korea are also cracking down on pop music after the popularity of South Korean K-pop bands such as BTS and Blackpink.

Kpop band Red Velvet

Kim Jong Un had rallied against South Korean dramas, K-pop and fashion. This comes as a severe shock as Kim Jong Un was the one who invited K-pop stars in North Korea to perform as he was in awe with them. Red Velvet, a South Korean girl band has performed for Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

The North Korean supreme leader is worried about how South Korean lifestyle and fashion is  impacting and straying the youth. The North Korean people face one of the world's most brutal and authoritarian regimes, so does that mean the youth and the young people were secretly enjoying K-pop and Kdramas?!! Well no one can blame them as Kdramas and K-pop are very popular. The rising popularity of K-pop groups Like BTS, EXO, GOT7, and other bands have spread throughout the world and North Korea was not left undone.

Cultural Influences of K-pop around the world

The world has been taken by the storm by K-Pop music, especially by BTS. Psy was the first musician from South Korea who rocked the World and made K-pop even more famous than it already was. Years later, BTS came into the same and changed the entire world. BTS had levelled the entire field and continued to dominate the global scale. The 7 member Korean boy band has proved that language has no barriers and people can enjoy music without learning the language.

The music's popularity has influenced and motivated people, especially the fans to learn Korean language to understand their music band. The 2010 Hallyu wave has made the world go crazy for the Korean dramas and the virtual Oppas. With the current times, the craze for Korean dramas is on the rise, and streaming giants like Netflix have come up with all the famous Korean dramas that are available on their platform.


In times like this, Kim Jong UN's statement comes as a shock and surprise for people around the world. He believes that his country's "attrite, hairstyles, speeches, behavior" is getting influenced, as reported by The New York Times.


It was surprising to find that there were laws that were imposed in December that stated that anyone watching or possessing South Korean entertainment can be shipped to 15 years of labor camp. That's a very expensive price to pay for being a fan. There is death penalty if anyone is caught smuggling music or shows into North Korea. The legislation can be amended and people can be punishable for two years of hard labor if found to speak, write or song in South Korean style.