Keitarou of Dark Gathering gives a new twist on the classic MC tropes

Keitarou of Dark Gathering gives a new twist on the classic MC tropes

This summer of 2023, we are treated to a new horror anime in the form of Dark Gathering, a horror/ slice-of-life anime with comedy elements.

The protagonist, Keitarou is a truly unique one. For the past seasons, we have encountered MCs who are boisterous, and confident (like Asta of Black Clover and Luffy of One Piece), outright sadistic ( Light Yagami of Death Note, Anos of Misfit of Demon Academy ), or just a straight up loser ( Kazuya Kinoshita of Rent a Girlfriend). However, this time, it's an MC who claims to hate ghosts, but actually only because he is addicted to the thrill they give him. He loves being scared and terrified of the paranormal, and in the past this habit of his irreversibly hurt an innocent friend of his.

Keitarou has the unfortunate ability to detect and encounter spirits at an unnaturally high rate, which means he runs into trouble more often than he would like to. However, even through all the disgusting and messed up events that go in the anime, he still has a distinct hunger for the paranormal, which is only held back by his prudence.

Enter Yayoi, and Keitarou's situation becomes a whole lot more interesting. Yayoi too has occult abilites, but unlike Keitarou, she is unafraid of the occult and is always raring for more encounters, as a complete opposite to Keitarou. She is the one dragging him into troubles with the Dark, but also the one saving him from it. As the anime develops, it would be very interesting to see how their relationship develops and what role Eiko plays in them.

Eiko is a pretty good addition to the anime too, and rounds off their trio very well. She complements Keitarou excellently, and their back and forth with Keitarou's laid back and frightened nature contrasting with Eiko's boisterous and happy personality, makes for an interesting dynamic.

Eiko is interesting for another reason, and that is as a potential love interest. While I do hope personally that there isn't a romantic plot line in the anime, but if there was, Eiko would be a good choice for the MC( and vice versa).

Keitarou also demonstrates the best thing about watching a new anime, as the season wears on, and the MC suffers through some messed up stuff, they mature, but so do you. We grow along with the MC, relating to them, sharing their emotional burdens. It might sound parasocial to a fault, but it is really well done.