11 Legal K-Dramas With Strong Female Leads

Nothing inspires us more than seeing other strong, accomplished women and on top of that accomplished lawyers.

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The Johnny Depp case is one of the most heard topics recently. What amazes people, even more, is the support that Depp is getting from all around the world. Besides all the support the one person who is fighting back like no one is Depp's attorney "Camille Vasquez".

Taking inspiration from Camille Vaquez, We've produced a list of some of the top female leads from recent Korean dramas who give us Camille Vasquez vibes.

Most people believe that Korean drama fans only watch for gorgeous, chiselled male stars. While this is partially true, it is far from the primary cause.

Nothing inspires us more than seeing other strong, accomplished women. And with these fantastic dramas that deliver a heartfelt, compelling tale, who needs a male lead when these leading ladies merit our admiration?

Cha Moon-sook- I Hear Your Voice

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Cha Moon-sook is a well-liked high-ranking judge who is corrupt and greedy. She presents herself as noble, kind, and just, and she will go to great lengths to keep that image.

She has ordered assassinations, fixed trials, run a fraudulent charity for personal gain, and chosen municipal officials who support her cause. She is the series' antagonist and is adept at manipulating others.

She is a fearsome adversary who has shown no remorse for her previous actions. She was sentenced to life in prison for her actions near the end of the series.

Lee Jung-Joo- Judge vs Judge

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Lee Jung Joo is a hot-tempered judge who can't control her emotions and uses unspeakable words to punish dishonourable defendants. She is the Chief Judge of the Seoul District Court.

Judge Lee Jung-Joo presides over the Seoul District Court. When she curses at shameless defendants, she uses unimaginable obscenities. Judge Lee Jung-Joo will serve on the same jury as Judge Sa Ui-Hyun. Sa Ui-Hyun is well-known for making decisions based on the law and his conscience.

Lee Jung-Joo is up against a powerful force that murdered her older brother after falsely accusing him of murder.

Ma Yi-Deum- A Witch's Court

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She is an experienced prosecutor who has worked in all four district prosecutors' offices in Seoul. She must walk a fine line between legal and illegal investigations. She will not hesitate to use personal insults, fabricate evidence, or commit perjury in order to win her case.

She is, however, conceited and irritable. She has struggled to advance after a shaky start at Korea's most conservative organisation. Then she is assigned to the organization's most despised team, the special task force for child sex offences, after becoming involved in a case.

Seo Do-Yeon- I Hear Your Voice

a prosecutor from a wealthy and well connected family

Seo Do-Yeon is a prosecutor from a wealthy, well-connected family. Her father is a judge, and her mother is a doctor. Do-Yeon has always tried to be the perfect daughter to please her parents.

She had a rivalry with Hye-sung in high school, and after a fireworks accident nearly blinded her, she blames Hye-sung, despite the latter's protests. Do-Yeon was also a witness to the murder of Park Soo-Ha's father, but she loses her courage at the last minute and refuses to testify.

Shin Hee-min- While You Were Sleeping

a lady investigating for the murder case

A female prosecutor who is friendly and approachable. Prosecutor Shin was Jae-chan's roommate in college, but she now holds a higher position in the prosecution office, near their bosses, than Jae-chan.

She also has a high success rate in prosecuting criminals, but she has difficulty recognising her own mistakes, particularly her failure in the Kang Dae-hee poisoning case.

Kim Hye-Kyung- The Good Wife

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Kim Hye Kyung is a new attorney. Kim Hye-Kyung is a talented lawyer who hasn't used it in over a decade since marrying and becoming an obedient stay-at-home mom and housewife.

That all changes when her husband, Yoo Ji Tae's Lee Tae Joon, is imprisoned for his role in a political and sex scandal.

She's avoiding reporters and returning to work at an old friend's firm. Thanks to her friend Seo Joong Won and his older sister Seo Myung Hee, Hye Kyung begins to discover herself, love, and everything about her spouse.

Cha Myung-jo- Diary Of A Prosecutor

lawyers relocating to district's office

She has no choice but to relocate to Jinyoung and work at the District Prosecutors' Office until she can return to Seoul, where she was a successful prosecutor previously.

She was Sun-university Woong's junior, but she started her legal career a year before him. She avoids wasting time on cases, which makes her appear careless in the eyes of some of her coworkers.

Kim Eun Sook- Law School

a teacher at the law university

Professor Kim Eun Sook is a wonderful individual. Kim Eun Sook also teaches civil law at the university. She is a breath of fresh air in a school full of gloomy professors. She has repeatedly shown genuine affection for her students.

She is the toughest person in the courtroom despite being a complete wuss. As a result of her, many people in the audience had major trust issues. She is also the only person who has managed to become Yang Jong Hoon's friend. This is significant because Yang Jong Hoon's demeanour and aura frighten the majority of people.

Ha Jae-Yi- Lawless Lawyer

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A lawyer of integrity is temporarily barred after publicly criticising a dishonest judge in court. She is raised by her father after her mother's departure and returns to Kisung jobless and in disgrace, but she meets Sang-Pil, who offers her the chance to reclaim her licence. Before returning to Kisung, she looked up to Moon-sook as a role model.

Now that she knows the truth, she is adamant in her pursuit of justice for her mother and Sang-Pil. When she is in the right, actress Seo Yea-Ji does not back down, describing her as "unable to hold in her fury."

Kang Sol A- Law School

a first year student at law school

Kang Sol A is a first-year law student at Hankuk Law School. Kang Sol A's character has come to represent students all over the world. In the Korean drama Law School, he is one of the most sympathetic characters.

Kang Sol A was also admitted under a special admissions policy to Hankuk Law University. She suffers intellectually and financially at a university that attracts the brightest students in Korea. She can't stand seeing others struggle, even though she is struggling herself.

Kang Sol A's character was, in my opinion, one of the brightest students in the class. Her academic performance suffered as a result of her inability to say no to everyone who needed help.

Hong Cha Young- Vincenzo

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Hong Cha-young, played by actress Jeon Yeo-been in the hit Korean drama Vincenzo, works as a lawyer in a firm that represents many wealthy but morally dubious clients.

Cha-Young is seen deviating from her father, who is also a lawyer, in the first few episodes because she had no intention of working with low-income clients, no matter how noble the reason.

Her father, on the other hand, fought for the poor. Cha-Young has a competitive attitude as a person who is more concerned with practicalities than with virtue, and she excels as a lawyer in court despite her flaws.

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