What Korean Dramas Does BTS Watch?

What all K-Dramas does BTS like?

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You complete a really fantastic Korean drama, you laugh, cry, mush, blush, and then it's over.

You're heartbroken because you binge-watched your favorite K-dramas over endless cups of hot ramen and kimchi and now you'll never be able to relive the experience.

Shock, numbness, fury, bargaining, agony and hurt, tears, the upward turn, acceptance and hope, and eventually, a new K-drama!

We've all experienced the K-drama phases of grief and loss: hesitation, then acceptance, and eventually, a fresh ray of hope and then moving on.

But first, we have to suffer through the agony to choose which K-drama to watch next!

BTS members are also avid K-Drama fans. Despite being on a busy schedule they all dedicate their fair share of time to relax and binge-watch K-Dramas.

They have given shared their favorite dramas of all time. Continue reading to find out.

1. Sky Castle

Recommendation:  JIN

Jin mentioned in RUN BTS episode 141 that he really enjoyed it. Plus,  it’s also the 2nd highest-rated drama in Korean history so it’s obvious they would watch it.

Plot: "SKY Castle" depicts the lives of four ladies who live in the opulent SKY Castle area.

They strive to make their spouses more prosperous and to nurture their children in the manner of princes and princesses.

Han Seo-Jin is married to Kang Joon-Sang, an orthopedic physician. They are the parents of two girls. Han Seo-Jin appears to have it all, yet she conceals a dark secret.

Lee Tae-Ran is a children's book author. She has a great deal of empathy and cares for others. Lee Soo-Im is married to Hwang Chi-Young, a neurosurgeon. They have a son together.

Cha Min-Hyuk, a law professor, is married to No Seung-Hye. Her husband speaks of fairness and happiness, but there is another side to him. One with a high level of egoism. They have two sons together.

Jin Jin-Hee was born into a well-to-do family. Her father is a property developer. Jin Jin-Hee aspires to be like Han Seo-Jin and strives to imitate her actions.

Jin Jin-Hee, like Han Seo-Jin, is married to Woo Yang-Woo, an orthopedic surgeon.

2. Moon Embracing The Sun

Recommendations: V

V talked about it a couple of times and he also reenacted an iconic scene from this drama in RUN BTS.

PLOT: In order to maintain her family's ability to rule the country, the ruling queen orders the assassination of her stepson.

Yeon Woo, who also happens to be the crown princess, suffers from a sickness that leads to her death.

Now it's up to King Hwon to figure out the truth and put an end to the kingdom's endless battles.

3. My Love From the Star

Recommendation: Suga

During the 2014 Festa, Suga mentioned that he has watched the drama and really liked the plot.

Plot: Do Min-Joon is an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period.

Do Min-Joon possesses a near-perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed?

4. Goblin

Recommendation: All Of  Them

They occasionally talk about this show and it also has the 5th highest rating in Korean history. RM said someone looked like Goblin’s male lead in Winter Package 2021 and Jimin also reenacted an iconic scene from this show.

Plot: The youthful king frames Kim Shin, a decorated military general from the Goryeo Dynasty, as a traitor and murders him.

Years after his death, the Almighty curses him to remain immortal forever, enduring the agony of seeing his loved ones perish in retaliation for the troops he sacrificed to defend his country.

Despite his tragic past, he becomes an eternal goblin who uses his talents to aid others and is a nice man.

The only way to end his immortality is for the Goblin's bride to help him pull out the sword, which will end his agonizing immortality.

Despite her traumatic life, Ji Eun-Tak is a lively high school girl who remains happy and positive. By happenstance, she summons the Goblin, and their lives become intertwined.

Yoo Deok-Hwa, the Goblin's nephew, leases the Goblin's house to a Grim Reaper, and the two wind up living together. Ji Eun-Tak begins working part-time at a chicken shop owned by Sunny, a vivacious young woman.

A deeper story emerges as the lives of Kim Shin, Grim Reaper, Ji Eun-Tak, and Sunny intertwine, as they are not just strangers who met by chance, but people with deep-rooted ties.

5. Reply 1998

Recommendation: Jin  

Jin called Jhope Dukseon’s mom in RUN BTS episode 30 - Dukseon is the name of the female lead.

Plot: Duk-Sun, Jung-Hwan, Sun-Woo, and Dong-Ryong are high school students in 1988, and Taek plays go. These five folks have known each other since they were small children. They all grew up together and are still neighbors.

Their families are really tight as well. They frequently congregate in Taek's room and spend time together.

Duk-Sun comes from a poor family who lives in a semi-basement house. Dong-Il, Duk-father, Sun's lost money by guaranteeing someone else's debt.

Duk-Sun, on the other hand, has a vibrant personality and enjoys singing and dancing. She is constantly in squabbles with her older sister, Bo-Ra.

Jung-family Hwan's got extremely wealthy in a matter of days. Jung-Hwan is a soccer fanatic.

Sun-Woo is a good son and brother at home, as well as a perfect student at school. Sun-Woo and his younger sister were raised by Sun-Woo's mother after Sun-father Woo's died.

Dong-Ryong enjoys dancing and socializing with his four pals. Due to his low academic performance, he decides not to attend university. Taek, sometimes known as God, is a well-known go player.

Duk-Sun, Jung-Hwan, Sun-Woo, and Dong-Ryong are his only friends since he dropped out of school.

6. Descendants of the Sun

Recommendations: All Of Them

Suga was compared to Yoo Si Jin in RUN BTS episode 30 - Yoo Si Jin is the name of the male lead.

Plot: When Yoo Shi Jin, the captain of a Korean special forces unit, and his comrade and fellow soldier Seo Dae Young apprehend a thief on their day off, they have a fortuitous encounter with Kang Mo Yeon, a hospital trauma surgeon.

Although he falls in love with her right away, Mo Yeon believes Shi Jin is a member of the thief's criminal group, but after proving him wrong, they begin an improbable relationship.

But it doesn't take long for the couple to realize they have opposing viewpoints on human life, with Shi Jin killing to save lives and Mo Yeon doing everything she can to save them.

They decide to stop their relationship after they realize their philosophical differences are too great to resolve, and Shi Jin is dispatched to the imaginary war-torn country of Uruk.

After a few months, Mo Yeon finds herself in the unpleasant situation of having to turn down her hospital director's advances.

As retaliation, she is sent to a group of medical volunteers who travel to Uruk, where they meet up with Shi Jin and connect over their differences, learning how strong love can be.

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7. Sweet Home

Recommendation: RM

RM mentioned that he watched it in early 2021.

Plot: After a family tragedy, Cha Hyun-soo moves out of his house and into an apartment. Soon later, monsters attempt to exterminate humans.

People living in the flat are stuck within the building, despite the fact that monsters lurk outside.

Hyun-Su and the other residents take cover within the building in the hopes of surviving for as long as possible.

8. When The Camelia Blooms

Recommendation: J-Hope

On his birthday V-live, J-Hope recommended ARMY's to watch this drama. He also mentioned this drama being his personal favourite.

Plot: When the Camellia Blooms follows Oh Dong-Baek, a single mother who relocates to the fictional village of Ongsan and starts the Camellia bar.

As she tries to settle down in the little town, Dong-Baek faces numerous hardships and encounters a diverse cast of colorful personalities.

Six years later, Dong-Bae meets Yong-Sik, a jovial police officer on the hunt for justice who confesses his love for her.

Meanwhile, a ruthless assassin sets his sights on Dong-Baek as his next target. Yong-Sik juggles his attempts to woo Dong-Baek, a single working mother doing her best, with his efforts to uncover the killer's identity.

9. Itaewon Class

Recommendation: V

Park Seo-Joon, one of V's friends, stars in the drama "Itaewon Class." V also contributed to his friend's success by creating an OST for the drama. "Sweet Night" was the name of the Ost.

Due to an accident that killed his father, Park Sae-Ro-Yi attempted to kill Jang Geun-won, the son of Jangga Group's founder, Jang Dae-hee.

He was jailed and the woman he loved, Oh Soo-ah, was offered a university scholarship by Jang Dae-hee and later became the Strategic Planning Head of Jangga Group.

After his release from prison, Park Sae-Ro-Yi opens Danbam in Itaewon. He wants to be successful and seeks revenge towards the Jangga Group. However, he is not too smart at managing his business. He then meets Jo Yi-Seo.

10. Hotel Del Luna

Recommendation: Jungkook

Plot: The "Hotel del Luna" is unlike any other establishment. The hotel, which is a magical location, is not visible in its real form during the day, and people may only stumble across it under unusual circumstances.

Its employees and clientele are all ghosts trying to resolve unfinished business from previous incarnations before passing on to the afterlife and reincarnation cycle; the employees, in particular, have been there for decades or centuries since they haven't resolved their grudges.

The general manager of the hotel has been filled by a succession of human "passersby" because they need to engage with the actual world in specific situations, such as paying bills or satisfying spirits' requests with still-living relatives/friends.

This hotel, located in Myeong-dong, Seoul, is owned by Ang Man-Wol. The hotel that caters to the dead has been connected to her soul due to a massive sin committed over a millennium ago.

Jang Man-Wol meets Chan-Gu Sung's father after being manipulated by the deity Mago and strikes a deal: in exchange for his life, his son will work for her when he becomes 20.

Gu Chan-sung is taken abroad by his father, who is desperate to save his son. The young man matures into a true, level-headed perfectionist with a compassionate heart.

After his father's death, he returns to South Korea to work as an assistant manager for a multinational hotel organization, only to be confronted by Jang Man-Wol, with whom he eventually fulfills the deal and becomes the manager of Hotel del Luna.

The mysteries and secrets of the hotel and its owner are disclosed by Gu Chan-sung.

This is all for this article. Make sure to watch all these recommended dramas. You will definitely enjoy them.

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