10 Must watch Kdrama without Second Lead!

Which is the Best Korean drama to watch without any second lead?!

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Second-lead syndrome is fatal for our poor hearts. Watching Kdrama is all fun until there appears a second lead in the story and thus begins the journey of pain and tears when the second lead gets hurt or is left with unrequited love.

Well, that’s all about it, but what makes fans happiest when there is a Kdrama without a second lead?  Second lead syndrome just gets fans hurt and wrecked so here is a list of Kdrama without a second lead and hope it will cheer you all up!

Enjoy binging these series. Most of the dramas are available on Netflix, Viu, Viki, or WeTv. Don’t forget to check out these amazing dramas and uplift your mood! It’s a hella coincidence that most dramas are from the TvN network, guess the network really makes some of the best dramas!

#10 Memories of Alhambra

If you love virtual reality and high-end games, Memories of Alhambra is just the perfect drama for you! 2018 TvN drama Memories of Alhambra stars Park Hye Shin and  Hyun Bin in prominent roles along with EXO’s Chanyeol.

This drama is recommended, however, the ending might make you want to wish for a possible new season!  Warning alert: this drama has no second lead but you will still feel lots of angst!

#9 Find Me In Your Memory

This was one of the most surprising Kdramas ever made. Initially, most people will not be interested to watch this drama, but you will be compelled to change your mind after watching the trailers. Find Me In Your Memory starts out slow, but it keeps the viewers entertained.

This drama is highly recommended. The story revolves around a famous news reporter and an actress who somehow get intertwined as fate played a cruel joke. Nevertheless, this has a happy ending and no second leads. Enjoy the drama worry-free with Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ka Young in the main roles.

#8 Bring it on Ghost

Let’s fight Ghost or Bring it on Ghost is a 2016 TvN drama starring Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun, and Kwon Yool. This drama is quite hilarious and there are moments you will end up laughing like a crazy fool.

This Kdrama is based on a webcomic and is a great drama to alleviate your mood. Bonus point there’s no second lead. So enjoy Bring it on Ghost and let’s see what the ghost is up to!

#7 Oh My Ghost

I guess TvN is really obsessed with the concept of ghosts! Here’s another drama from TvN. the 2015 drama Oh My Ghost stars Park Bo Young, Cho Jung Seok, Lim Ju Hwan, and Kim Seul Gi in main roles.

It was very entertaining to see Park Bo Young play dual characters in the role of the assistant chef chasing and tormenting her star chef played by Cho Jung Seok. it was sad for Lim Ju Hwan to play the role of the antagonist, but at least there’s no second lead so we can enjoy the drama tension-free!

#6 Her Private Life

Fans all over the world obsessed with k-pop can totally relate to this drama. Most fans have to hide their fangirling from their professional side. This drama is just the right fit for you! Her private life is a 2019 TvN drama starring Park Min Young as the crazy fangirl (yep totally relatable!) and Kim Jae Wook.

#5 The K2

Ji Chang Wook’s drama The K2 is a must-watch drama. First few minutes and the drama and you get glued to your screens instantly. The K2 is a 2016 drama where Ji Chang Wook plays the role of a bodyguard/former soldier for hire running away from authorities who have falsely set him up.

Lim Yoon A plays the role of a pitiful daughter from a chaebol family who’s locked up by her villainous and toxic family after the death of her mother. The K2 Kdrama is highly recommended coz why not; it’s Ji Chang Wook and he never disappoints!

#4 The Secret Life of My Secretary

This drama is absolutely binge-worthy and ticks all the checklists! The secret Life of my secretary will totally make you feel happy and the infamous character of Veronica Park, no one can possibly forget it!

There is no second lead so you can happily enjoy this drama where the secretary keeps up with the charade of double life to fool his boss! There's a second couple which is equally enjoyable!

The 2018 SBS drama stars Kim Yeong Kwang as the childish and irritating boss who loses his ability to recognize faces. Jin Ki Joo plays the role of the secretary who indulges in dual life to bluff his boss! The drama is available and fully subbed in the SBS YouTube account. Do check this drama out!

#3 The Beauty Inside

This Kdrama was quite interesting and refreshing. The Beauty Inside had no second lead and it was a nice Kdrama to watch. The Beauty Inside is based on a 2012 US movie and a 2015 Korean Movie. The 2018 JTBC stars Seo Hyun Jin as Han Se Kye, a famous actress whose appearance changes due to mysterious reasons.

She gets entangled with Seo Do Jae played by Lee Min-Ki who has trouble recognizing faces but can only recognize her no matter how she appears. This Kdrama is emotional and really good for binging in one sitting!

#2 Because This Is My First Life

One of the most soothing dramas ever made, Because This is my first life Kdrama is absolutely adorable. It was entertaining to watch Lee Min-Ki in this drama. This 2017 drama is simple and you can relate to some of the aspects of the drama.

And the best part of the drama is it's a Kdrama without a second lead so you can happily enjoy the drama without any angst. Because This Is My First Life is a masterpiece on TvN starring Jung So Min as the female lead.

#1 Descendants of the Sun

DOTS or Descendants of the Sun is a cult classic that fans can never get tired of. You can’t possibly get over DOTS. The 2016 KBS drama starring the famous Song-Song couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

It was one of the most popular and highest-rated dramas of the year with over 41.6% viewership and ranked #1.

Descendants of the Sun won many awards and this drama is totally worth your time because of no second lead. There is a second couple in the series and that’s quite entertaining as well! Check it out!

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