11 Kdrama With Worst Ending You Wished You Never Watched!

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Kdramas usually give us far closure and a happy ending.

When fans invest their precious time in Kdramas, they feel happy and feel satisfied when the story has s proper conclusion.

However, that's not always the case and some Kdramas have a very bad ending.

The ending leaves you sad, angry, and frustrated, and a bittersweet aftertaste.

Here are some of the Kdramas with the worst ending.

Watch them or not, it's up to you as the story was good and had a lot of potential, but the ending killed it.

11. Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap is one of the best webtoons ever made. However, Cheese in the Trap Kdrama is a huge red flag.

The Korean drama leaves you disappointed although the cast was amazing.

That's mostly the reason because the webtoon was still ongoing, so the creators decided to give a vague ending.

Feel free to read the webtoon available on the Line Webtoon app to forget the disastrous ending.

10. Cheat On Me If You Can

The story had a lot of potential. The Kdrama built an elaborate premise and maintained all the elements of surprise and mystery.

The cast was quite nice and the actors played the roles quite well.

The beginning of the drama in Cheat On Me If You Can give hope for fans for something spectacular but the ending was pretty vague and left to the imagination of viewers.

No one will really know what really happened.

9. Heaven's Promise

The 102 episode Kdrama was really good since the beginning and even till the last few episodes, Heaven’s Promise did show signs of a good ending.

The revenge plot and twin sister’s storyline were quite intriguing, but the ending was utterly disappointing.

Heaven’s Promise is one of the Kdramas with the worst ending.

Everything is conveniently forgotten and forgiven because the FL is a kind-hearted angelic being.

Like seriously, why play with the emotions of fans?!

8. Fly Kick 3

It wasn’t the worst ending given there are many Kdrama that have been far worse.

Fly Kick 3 did give some characters a good ending except Ahn Jong Suk played by Lee Jong Suk.

The curse of Fly Kick which never gives a happy ending to the firstborn children in the children was evident in Fly Kick 3 as well.

The 123 episode Kdrama was good except the ending could have been better.

7. Potato Star 2013QR3

The 120 episode Potato Star 2013QR3 was quite unique and enjoyable as a sitcom.

The characters were well defined and the plot was quite good but the ending was a disaster.

The Plot showed two families living under the same roof and the long-lost son appeared.

The last few episodes were outright bad. There was no happy ending so prepare your heart to be crushed.

Let’s just pretend the last two episodes didn’t happen.

6. Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The plot was amazing with such a beautiful cast except for the ending and the lack of Season 2.

Let’s just forget the last episode that ever happened because Scarlet Heart Ryeo might have left a huge void in the heart that no one can ever fill.

5. Extraordinary You

There are two kinds of fans for the Kdrama Extraordinary You. The first category is a die-hard fan for whom the drama was perfect.

However, there’s the second kind of fan who found the drama monotonous, boring and has no depth whatsoever.

The ending was pretty cliched and joins the list of worst Kdrama endings ever.

Watch the Kdrama to satiate your curiosity.

4. Squid Game

This might seem debatable and now we know that Squid Game will have season 2 as well.

Despite this fact, the ending of the Squid Game was outrageous.

There were loopholes throughout the show and nothing was properly explained.

What was even more unbelievable was the ML ditching his flight to meet his daughter and going for another version of Squid Game.

Hail to this genius because who cares about family. The entire story took a downward spiral in the last couple of episodes.

3. The Memories Of Alhambra

The Memories Of Alhambra had a great cast, a good storyline, and amazing CGI. Everything was perfect except the ending.

Even till the end what was the role of the game creator who was trapped? How did Yoo Jin Woo come back?

There were so many loopholes but the makers decided to not care because all’s well that ends well no.

Try it at your own risk. No possible warning is given, either you will love it or you won’t.

2. Extracurricular

The series was well executed however, as the story progressed, loopholes and flaws were seemingly visible.

The most frustrating Kdrama with the worst ending goes to Extracurricular.

Well, there’s the cliffhanger as well, so unless there’s a season 2, this Kdrama will have the verdict of worst ending possible.

If you’re curious watch Extracurricular available on Netflix.

1. Alice

Alice Kdrama was the most promising Kdrama of 2020 but halfway through the story, the creators ruined it.

What’s more, the ending was disastrous. There was no point at all with this ending.

The identity of the villain didn't make any sense. The ending was a cruel joke played on the fans.

The ending didn’t serve the purpose of the drama at all.

Watch it or skip it, Alice Kdrama makes no sense and has the worst ending ever made.

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