20 Kdrama with Revenge Plot Recommendations! (Unranked)

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Nothing can beat revenge-driven dramas with a good plot. Although revenge doesn’t always end well for the people pursuing it, sometimes, the wrongful acts drive innocent people into corners.

It’s fictional but the pain and helplessness are real.

Different characters have different motivations for revenge, some might seek revenge for closure, while some for uncovering the truth.

Let’s check out some of the best Kdrama with a revenge plot best for binging.

The list is unranked and created based on the uniqueness of the revenge plot and characters. Happy discovering and happy binging!

20. I Miss You

Three people are tied together with a painful past.

When they get reunited, and Harry is determined to seek revenge on Han Jung Woo, will this be a happy ending for everyone?

19. The Promise

The twin plot and the death of her child drove the FL (played by Lee Yu Ri) to seek revenge on the wrongdoers.

In the path to revenge was love on the cards? Can she get closure?

Watch The Promise for the revenge plot and who knows maybe there’s a happy ending for both the fans and the cast.

18. Birth of a Beauty

It was more than a revenge-driven drama.

The Birth of a Beauty showed the story of Sara being reborn after an accident to seek revenge on her good-for-nothing husband and mistress.

17. Lookout

A vigilante group that seeks revenge on people who escape the law.

When Jo Si Joo loses her daughter and is unable to catch the killer, she joins the group. Can she prosecute the killer and get revenge?

16. Local Hero

When a mission goes wrong, and someone betrayed the team, comrades end up dying.

Seeking revenge the ML opens a bar to collect information and track down the mole.

15. Return

When sudden murders happen and the suspect are people from the elite class, what will the hot-headed cop and the mysterious lawyer do?

Or was that a carefully laid trap to seek revenge on the killers of her daughter?

13. Defendant

Imagine Joo Dan Tae and Kang Yo Han in the same universe but against each other! Kidding.

The characters have nothing to do with Defendant Kdrama but the actors do.  Ji Sung’s character ends up a death row convict and with amnesia.

Framed by Uhm Ki Joon’s character, can the ML escape the death sentence to prove his innocence?

14. The Lucifer

The revenge Kdrama The Lucifer shows extreme dedication by Ju Ji Hoon’s character who works for 12 years to seek revenge on the killers of his brother.

Fun Fact: The Lucifer Kdrama (2007) has a Japanese adaptation named Devil (Maou) in 2008 starring Satoshi Ono and Toma Ikuta in pivotal roles. Do watch the Japanese version as well, it’s quite satisfying.

Who’s the culprit and why did they go unpunished?

13. The Innocent Man

The genius medical student Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki) was framed for a crime he didn’t commit.

Years later, he returns back to revenge on his lover who felt no remorse to betray him.

12. Vincenzo

The 2021 Kdrama Vincenzo needs no introduction.

There are plenty of reasons to watch Vincenzo because Song Joong Ki and TaecYoon have the ultimate showdown.

The fight between the devil and evil begins, who wins watch to find out!

11. The Veil

A highly trained NIS agent goes MIA. When he returns back with amnesia, every person is a suspect.

A mission went wrong, and the mole killed his team, Han Ji Hyuk hunts for the people responsible.

Namkoong Min won Grand Prize (Daesang) in 2021 MBC Drama Awards. He plays the role of Han Ji Hyuk.

Baek Mo Sa has his own revenge plans against the NIS. Who will emerge victorious between them?

10. Pinocchio

The tale of two brothers both seeking revenge but ending up taking different paths.

Can they uncover the real truth behind their father’s death who was wrongfully accused?

Lee Jong Suk received 5 awards for Pinocchio Kdrama including Best Actor in the 2015 (51st) BaekSang Arts Awards. He played the role of Choi Dal Po.

Can Choi Dal Po save his brother from the unexpected fate?

9. Bridal Mask

The revenge Kdrama will be totally incomplete without the mention of Bridal Mask.

When the original Bridal Mask dies, what will the ML do to seek revenge against the Japanese Army?

Will Korea be liberated? The ending was so memorable and Joo Won nailed the role of Lee Kang To.

8. The Last Empress

This was one of the Kdramas where almost every character has some sort of revenge plan against the ML.

The Last Empress starring Choi Na Ra, Choi Jin Hyuk, Shin Sung Rok, and  Lee Elijah was a good revenge plot while uncover the truth behind the death of the previous crown princess.

7. Graceful Family

When her mother unexpectedly dies and the killer is never identified, Mo Seok Hee returns to find family secrets.

The killer is closer than one could imagine.

Watch Graceful Family as Mo Seok Hee played by Lim Soo Hyang uncovers more secrets and catches the killer.

6. Mine

If Joo Dan Tae made you angry, welcome Han Ji Young from Mine Kdrama in 2021.

The revenge Kdrama was quite satisfying when the wife, mistress, and sister-in-law teamed up against the common enemy.

Mine Kdrama is the perfect revenge drama for a binge-watch.

5. Whisper

How far can one go to prove the innocence of their family?

Whisper is a Kdrama showing the intense manipulation, backstabbing, and seeking revenge for her falsely accused dad who’s terminally ill.

What will the FL do to manipulate the once renowned judge who’s fallen into a complex trap of his in-laws?

4. My Name

One of the best Kdramas with a revenge plot is My Name. The ending was quite satisfying.

The plot revolves around Ji Woo searching for her dad’s killer.

In order to do so, she joins up with Choi Mu Jin, the drug lord.

3. The Devil Judge

Set in a future dystopian Korea where people are run by some organizations posing as charity while the world is swept by some virus.

The Devil Judge delivers what it promises.

The revenge drama focuses on the merciless Devil Judge Kang Yo Han who seeks revenge on the killers of his brother.

The ending was quite satisfying.

2. Penthouse

The most awaited Kdrama of 2020-21 was Penthouse where people were teaming up against Joo Dan Tae for revenge.

Penthouse is one of the best revenge Kdramas and is highly recommended.

Kim So-Yeon won Best Actress in the 2021 (57th) BaekSang Arts Awards. She played the role of Cheon Seo Jin in Penthouse. Uhm Ki-Joon won the Best Actor 2020 SBS Drama Awards for the role of Joo Dan Tae.

Enjoy three seasons in a long binge-worthy mood to avoid spoilers!

1. Taxi Driver

The 2021 Kdrama is centered around a revenge plot where people can seek vengeance through deluxe taxis.

The Taxi Driver is an interesting concept where revenge is served hot and fresh by exclusive Kim Do Ki played by Lee Je Hoon.

Thanks for reading!