10 Kdrama with Cheating Husband Theme Worth Binging!

Which Kdrama cheating husband made you infuriated?

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Infidelity, cheating, and adultery can be a new trend when it comes to Kdramas.

There has been a surge in Kdramas where the male protagonists (husbands) end up cheating on their wives.

Korean Dramas With Cheating Husband

If you’re tired from the normal fluffy Kdramas and looking for juicy plots, look no further, because the cheating husbands will entertain you.

Here are some of the 10 popular Kdramas with cheating husband themes worth exploring! Enjoy amigos and amigas!

10. Mine

Meet another cheating husband in the Kdrama universe.

Han Ji Young is a psychopath, an adulterer, who cheated on his wife with his past lover and they even have a child together.

Do watch Mine Kdrama to find out what happens in the end?

9. The Last Empress

The main character, the emperor Lee Hyuk, marries his wife to cover up a crime.

He was in a relationship with his secretary and even after the marriage continued his relationship with the mistress and blatantly cheated on his wife.

Do watch The Last Empress for a good plot and great acting from the star cast.

8. High Class

Song Yeo Wool is a prestigious lawyer who was married to the most deceiving person ever.

Her husband not only scammed the entire nation but was cheating on her with the mistress Hwang Na Yoo.

What's more infuriating is that he even had a child and family with the mistress and later tried to kill her because she did not fit into his plan.

The most satisfying thing about the High-Class Kdrama was when the wife and the mistress join hands together to teach the cheating husband a lesson.

7. Cheat On Me If You Can

Be careful when making promises to your wife. If you fail to keep your promises it can even cost you your precious life.

Han Woo Sung is married to the best-selling writer Kang Yeo Joo. He is a lawyer who specializes in divorce.

When they got married he wrote a memo where it stated literally “if I cheat, I die”.

He was in an adulterous relationship with one of the past colleagues of his wife, who later ends up dying.

He was even getting enticed by a university student Ko Mi Rae. Whether he cheats on his wife or not, do watch Cheat On Me If You Can Kdrama.

6. Penthouse

When it comes to Kdrama with a cheating husband, one of the top spots will go to Joo Dan Tae from the Penthouse.

Joo Dan Tae was married to Shim Su Ryeon but was never faithful to her.

He had a short-term fling with Oh Yoon Hee to take revenge on his wife and foil their plans.

In Penthouse, Joo Dan Tae had a legit affair with Cheon Seo Jin and later married her as well, after killing her first wife.

If that wasn’t enough, Joo Dan Tae had a secret affair with Na Ae Gyo when he married Shim Su Reyon and Cheon Seo Jin. Damn, Joo Dan Tae is a womanizer and quite the adulterer.

5. VIP

Another phenomenal performance by Jang Na Ra in the role of Na Jung Sun.

Her husband cheats on her with an employee working in the VIP departmental Store.

Life turns upside down when she receives a text of her husband's affair with her colleague.

4. My Dangerous Wife

My dangerous Wife is a remake of the Japanese drama of the same name.

The main protagonist Kim Yoon Cheol marries his rich wife for the sake of money. Repeatedly cheats on his wife.

Kim Yoon Cheol is a famous chef who later started his business with his wife's money.

He cheats on his wife with his colleague Jin Sun Mi. His wife decided to teach a lesson and test their married relationship.

3. The World of Married

The World of Married is a highly recommended Kdrama.

The main character is betrayed by her husband who gets into a dangerous relationship and cheats on her.

Ji Sun Woo's emotions and heartbreak will make your heart ache for her suffering.

The drama might give you a lot of anxiety, but it's totally worth watching it.

The main character is quite toxic and you might feel rage towards him.

2. The Good Wife

The entire premise of the drama starts with the main character cheating on his wife and getting into a public scandal.

Lee Tae Joon is a successful process shooter who got arrested for political scandal and corruption.

The character had the audacity to cheat on his wife Kim Hye Kyung and belly feels any remorse for his actions.

Besides the cheating plot, The Good Wife is a must-watch Kdrama with an amazing cast and captivating storyline.

1. Artificial City

Is there any character in the show who probably hasn't cheated yet? Almost all the male characters are cheating on their wives.

The best award for adultery, seducing others, and having multiple flings would go to the main character, Jung Joon Hyeok, Yoo Jae Hui’s husband.

He’s shameless and doesn’t care even if Yoon Jae Hui is aware of his unfaithfulness.

Almost every character in the Artificial City Kdrama is cheating on their wives.

Enjoy watching!