Top 12 Kdrama Strong Male Lead who will melt your heart!

Who's the #1 Kdrama Strong male Lead?

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Who doesn’t like binge-watching Korean dramas also known as Kdramas for hours?

Kdrama brings us solace and comfort and nothing feels better than a Kdrama strong male lead waiting to swoon your heart away!

If you like strong male leads in Kdramas then this is the right place for you.

Let’s explore some of the strongest male leads in Kdrama history and see who’s number #1 on this list.

Fret not if your favorite Kdrama Oppa didn’t make it to the list, I’m sure this list will change your mind!

This list will not include multiple characters of the same actors!

Most of the dramas are available on Netflix or other major streaming sites so what are you waiting for? Vamos Amigos y Amigas!

12. Kim Beom (Hidden Identity)

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Kim Beom has starred in many different roles like The Tail of the Nine-Tailed, Law School, but his role in Hidden Identity Kdrama has left a strong impression.

His role was really intense and will make you want to watch this drama in one sitting.

There’s no time and patience for cliffhangers if you’re watching this drama!

11. Yoo Seung Ho (I Miss You)

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This was the most interesting entry in the Kdrama strong male lead list.

Yoo Seung Ho has starred in so many strong roles that it felt so difficult and unfair to pick one role.

Out of all the roles, his role in I Miss You was one of the strongest and more serious roles the actor has played.

The young actor played a very complex role in this drama and it’s one of the most iconic dramas of the actor.

He took all the spotlight and his scenes were so strong and impactful. There are times he made us cry in this drama.

10. Ji Chang Wook (Healer)

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Some fans might be late to the party, but Healer is just the right destination for fans!

Ji Chang Wook stars in Healer, the 2014 KBS drama as an internet reporter who will untangle some of the conspiracies!

Join Ji Chang Wook in Healer Kdrama only on Netflix!  Prepare to be awestruck by Ji Chang Wook’s duality!

9. Choi Si Won (My Fellow Citizens)

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If anyone can play comedy and serious elements perfectly well, it can be none other than Choi Si Won!

The 2019 KBS drama My Fellow Citizens is highly recommended because of its unique storyline.

Watch the Kdrama as Choi SI won out to con entire Korea! This drama is strangely entertaining and very humorous.

8. Woo Do Hwan (Mad Dog)

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Mad Dog is a 2017 KBS drama where Woo Do Hwan plays the role of a conman who’s back to Korea for uncovering the death of his brother.

Check out Woo Do Hwan in Mad Dog drama as he plays the strong Kdrama male lead who’s out for vengeance!

7. Kim Nam Gil (The Fiery Priest)

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Searching for Kdrama strong male lead! Check! Kim Nam Gil in The Fiery Priest just exactly what we are looking for!

Kim Nam Gil plays the role of a Catholic priest in the 2019 SBS drama. He’s strong, brave, fearless and hilarious!

This drama is highly recommended and is available on Netflix!

6. Lee Min Ho (City Hunter)

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Lee Min Ho, the iconic trendsetter and popular Korean actor was absolutely enticing and glamorous in the 2011 SBS Kdrama City Hunter!

Watch the drama and check him out as he’s one of the strong Kdrama male leads in the drama! Lee Min Ho plays the role of an IT specialist plus a secret killer; what an amazing combination!  

City Hunter will always be an iconic and memorable drama and fans should check this drama out!

5. Lee Dong Wook (The Tale of the Nine Tailed)

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The 2020 TvN drama starring Lee Dong Wook as the nine-tailed fox will have your heart-melting.

Lee Dong Wok as Lee Yeon had a good transition from playing the grim reaper in Goblin Kdrama!

Do check both his dramas available on Netflix!  You cannot miss The Tale of the Nine Tailed Kdrama and watching the actor as the strong male lead in the drama will have you squealing and screaming.

Added Bonus Kim Beom stars in the dramas as well!

4. Lee Jong Suk (While You Were Sleeping)

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This list will be incomplete without the mention of Lee Jong Suk.

The Korean actor has delivered multiple awesome performances in diverse roles, but the role which is the most memorable is in the Kdrama While You Were Sleeping.

The 2017 SBS drama stars Lee Jong Suk as Jung Chae Chan, the adorable and intelligent prosecutor.

Do watch the drama available on multiple streaming sites!

3. Park Hae Jin (Bad Guys)

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The 2014 OCN drama Bad Guys is simply amazing.

The multi-starrer cast with Park Hae Jin was simply terrific.

Bad Guys Kdrama was an emotional roller-coaster and Park Hae Jin made sure fans are stuck to their computer and TV screens with his phenomenal and breathtaking performance as Lee Jung Moon, who’s falsely accused of a serial killer.

Hae Jin’s character is a psychopath with extraordinary intelligence. Prepare to have your hearts stolen!

2. Lee Joon Gi (Flower of evil)

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Lee Joon Gi has never failed to surprise fans.

His choice of roles have all been distinct but equally creative. Lee Joon Gi is phenomenal in the role of Baek Hee Sung, a psychopath who lacks emotions but falls in love with his wife.

The 2020 TvN drama is quite bittersweet but like an elixir, you want to see more.

Watch Flower of Evil on Netflix to experience the strong Kdrama male lead Lee Joon Gi portrays through Baek Hee Sung.

1. Song Joon Ki (Vincenzo)

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Vincenzo is the talk of the town. If you haven’t watched Vincenzo yet, maybe now’s the perfect time to binge-watch Vincenzo on Netflix.

Let Song Joon Ki as the Italian Consigliere Vincenzo Casano charm your heart with his seductive and suave role in 2021 TvN Kdrama.

Song Joon Ki’s Vincenzo is the perfect definition of Kdrama's strong male lead!

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