11 Kdrama Siblings We Wish We Had!

Who's your favorite Kdrama sibling of all time? Did the character make your list? Which character were you unaware of?

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Kdrama has introduced us to different things be it romance, comedy, thriller, suspense, a slice of life, or any other genre. One thing that's common in every Kdrama is family. With family comes siblings.

The relationship with siblings can be complicated; it can be heartwarming or bittersweet. There are some of the Kdramas elder brothers or sisters who would go to any lengths to protect and cherish their siblings.

Watching their familial bonds make us wish that what if they were the Kdrama siblings we all had. The reason for that feeling is because they remind us of our own family and sometimes maybe it's the version we want, but we never had.

11. Han Seo Joon (True Beauty)

Han Seo Joon didn’t get together with the female leader, but he’s a warm person who cares a lot about his younger sister. From True Beauty Kdrama, Han Seo Joon sets an example to protect your younger siblings and ensure that your family doesn’t get bulled. Han Seo Joon’s sister Han Go Woon has the same troubles as Im Ju Kyung. He’s extremely supportive of his sister.

10. Kim Shin (Goblin)

If you’re familiar with the lonely god, Kim Shin, the Goblin, here’s a short introduction. When it comes to sibling goals, the list feels incomplete without mentioning Kim Shin from Goblin Kdrama.

To protect his sister, he actively took the hatred of the jealous king and even went to fight on behalf of the nation. He tried protecting his sister in the best possible ways in the past and the present. Kim Shin is the elder “Brother Goals” for everyone.

9. Moon Gang Tae (It's Okay Not to Be Okay)

It could be very challenging to deal with your one and only family when you have no one elderly to rely on. Moon Gang Tae had always been the one to sacrifice for his elder brother who is mentally challenged and disabled.

Moon Gang Tae tried his best to protect his elder brother Moon Sang Tae dealing with emotional trauma and the loss of their mother. It can be challenging having to face a borderline psychotic girlfriend who wants him all to herself and his demanding brother who refuses to separate from him. Kudos to Moon Gang Tae for not giving up and taking care of his brother.

8. Byun Hye Young (My Father is Strange)

The ensemble cast of My Father is Strange will win your heart, especially with the different siblings in the Byun family. One such precious person you wish was your Eonnie/Noona (elder sister) us Byun Hye Young.

She is an intellectual, a problem solver of the family, rational, and justifies reasoning when taking sides. Byun Hye Young is the ideal definition of sister goals who knows how to comfort her younger siblings and equally get into fights with them.

7. Lee Kang San (Bridal Mask)

Being a freedom fighter is not easy. Especially in the Japanese colonial era where freedom fighters can be tortured. Lee Kang San was part of freedom fighting activities and was caught by the Japanese and later tortured.

Lee Kang San pretended to be mentally invalid to partake in the activities for his country and protect his little brother as well. He was the original Bridal Mask but unfortunately died due to his brother. His younger brother Lee Kang To resented him and hated the Bridal Mask, but Lee Kang San never hated his brother.

6. Choi Dal Pyo/ Ki Ha-Myeong (Pinocchio)

The genius Choi Dal Pyo aka Ki Ha Myeong had a tragic childhood. He and his brother Ki Jae Myeong got estranged due to tragic situations. Their reunion was bittersweet and unfortunately, Ki Ha Myeong has to report his elder brother Ki Jae Myeong for the murders he committed.

In an instant, from a national hero, Ki Jae Myeong became the most hated villain in the country. He chose to get reported by his brother to serve justice. It takes courage and determination to take such a heavy step. The emotions of the brothers would make you cry.

5. Kim Tae Hyun (Young-Pal)

The genius doctor Kim Tae Hyun aka Young Pal had it rough because of his sister’s condition. Debt collectors frequently chased him and he even participated in shady and illegal activities to make sure his sister can get the medical attention.

As a doctor, he maintains his oath and as a brother, he does everything to get the expensive treatment for her sister's kidney dialysis. Kim Tae Hyun from Young-Pal is the ideal brother who is protective and caring.

4. Baek Yi Jin (Twenty Five Twenty One)

The IMF crisis cost Baek Yi Jin his family, family, education, dreams and everything he possibly treasured.

Due to the bankruptcy, he had to drop out of college, provide for his brother and himself, and on top of that had to face harassment from the debt collectors because their father went AWOL.

Baek Yi Jin cares about his brother and when he saw him getting bulled he was raged with anger. He taught the bullies a lesson and even saved his brother again when the debt collectors chased him.

Baek Yi Jin did everything to ensure that his brother has a good and stable life. His sacrifice makes us cry and wish there was someone who could understand his feelings.

3. Jung Saet Byul (Backstreet Rookie)

Backstreet Rookie is a memorable Kdrama for multiple reasons. Meet Jung Saet Byul, the elder sibling of Jung Eun Byeol. Jung Eun Byeol mixed with the wrong crowd and tried to become part of the group.

When Jung Saet Byul became aware, she was determined to straighten up her sister and get her out of the bullies' control. Later when her sister was getting a debut, the bullies tried to harm her.

Once again, it was Jung Saet Byul who came to the rescue. She is a protective and caring elder sister who took care of her. She showered affection and punished her when necessary.

2. Baek Seung Soo (Hot stove League)

Hot Stove League is one of the best Kdramas ever, not only because of sports but because of several reasons. Baek Seung Soo was an iconic character delivered by Namkoog Min.

He can be cold, cranky, and harsh with words, but deep down he’s a caring brother. Baek Seung Soo’s younger brother Baek Young Soo interviewed for the same company his brother worked for.

Baek Seung Soo didn’t want his brother to face hardship, discrimination or allegations of nepotism. This is why he scored him less and failed him in the interview. Even later, he took the blame and left the company on the condition to not terminate his brother from Dreams.

His brotherly love was heartwarming and he deeply cares for his brother, although he fails to communicate well.

1. Ye Jin Woo (Life)

When it comes to brotherly bonds and sibling love, the siblings from Life Kdrama Ye Jin Woo and Ye Sun Woo are prime examples. Ye Jin Woo sometimes hallucinates his brother because he feels guilt and responsibility towards him.

However, that’s not the reason why Ye Jin Woo is the best sibling/elder brother in the Kdrama universe. He deeply cares about his brother Ye Sun Woo who faced disability.

The iconic scene where he blasted off his anger on his superior when he insulted his brother is something no one can forget.  Ye Jin Woo was deeply hurt and could feel Ye Sun Woo’s feelings.

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