Kdrama Moments that Slap Harder than Will Smith!

Which Moments in Kdrama had you rolling and wondering, damn, that hurt, it hurt more than Will Smith's unexpected slap!

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The unexpected moment that took the entire world by storm was when the Best Actor Nominee Will Smith slapped the presenter/host of the show Chris Rock. That was shocking and quite frankly very unpleasant for all the parties involved.

Well, we aren’t here to talk about that and move on, the meme world just had an addition and exploded with slap memes which are here to stay for long.

Nevertheless, such tough moments exist in Kdrama and we are gonna revisit the memory lane. You ask why, why not, to find the Kdrama Moments that Slap harder than Will Smith!

Kim Hee Woo Gets Slapped(Again My Life)

In AgainMy Life, Kim Hee Woo is an unpredictable and meticulous character who has it all planned. Bet even he never saw the unexpected slap out of nowhere.

When Kim Hee Woo started his new job, he did a good job to uproot the local gang, but someone wasn’t quite too pleased with Kim Hee Woo’s efforts. Jeon Seok Kyu slapped Kim Hee Woo suddenly when he went to arrest the Yuchae Gang.

Caring about your Hoobae (junior) is great but there was no need to slap the poor guy. As if life isn’t a hellhole for Kim Hee Woo, Jeon Seok Kyu’s unexpected slap was painful to watch.

Kim Shin Gets Stabbed (Goblin)

When it comes to betrayal or painful moments, how can forget the painful memories of Goblin Kdrama? The jealous king had Kim Shin watched the spectacle as the king orchestrated his sister’s slaughterfest and soon, shortly after stabs him to death.  

You ask if it hurt more than Will Smith’s slap, hell yes, because Kim Shin ended up dead. Well he gets revived, and that’s another story, but the moment when Kim Shin dies and gets revived will be etched in our memory. Not a funny one for sure.

Shin Ha Ri Slaps Kang Tae Moo (Business Proposal)

Poor Kang Tae Moo was trying woo Shin Ha Ri and even took her out on a movie date. Unfortunately for him, Shin Ha Ri’s coworkers showed up at the movies.

A panicked Shin Ha Ri tried to hide President Kang Tae Moo while trying to hide him. What Kang Tae Moo received was a tight slap in the end which wasn’t funny at all.

The poor guy paid for everything and couldn’t even enjoy the time. Oh well, the slap sure is iconic and hurtful enough for Kang Tae Moo.

Na Jung Sun slaps On Yoo Ri & Park Sung Joon(VIP)

You should never mess up with someone’s patience. Things went too far when the mistress On Yoo Ri texted something to Na Jung Sun and crossed the line.

An angry and fumed Na Nung Sun slapped On Yoo Ri to her senses. If things weren’t wrong, the shameless husband Park Sung Joon comes to aid the mistress without giving any regard to his wife who was present as well.

Baam! Na Jung Sun slaps Park Sung Joon as well. Quite honestly, the slap might have hurt, but the scene was so satisfying.

Baek In Ha & Oh Young Goon(Cheese in the Trap)

No one can be as crazy as Baek In Ha for sure. Yoo Jung knows how to manipulate people and so he did by using Baek In Ha for his revenge to dethrone/demask Oh Young Goon.

Talk about second-hand public embarrassment if you’re dealing with Baek In Ha. Baek In Ha honey trapped Oh Yong Goon and later gave him a dose of public humiliation and a tight slap. That must have hurt Oh Young Goon, but it was a well-deserved slap. Painful, but he deserved it.

Koo Ryeon Epic B!tch slap (Tomorrow)

If there’s one thing you should never do underestimate the Grim Reapers. The thugs not only beat the poor maknae Choi Jung Woo but sent him back beaten black and blue.

If they thought Koo Ryeon was at their level, they shouldn’t have tried. It was satisfying to watch Koo Ryeon put those thugs in their place.

Shim Su Ryeon slaps Seo Kyung (Penthouse)

If there’s one character in Penthouse that’s an angel, it’s none other than Shim Su Ryeon. The woman has lost so much in life trying to deal with Joo Dan Tae. Shim Su Ryeon treats her children well, but Seo Kyung took things way too far.

She wasn’t in her right sense to argue back with Shim Su Reyon and tested her patience. Bet no one saw the hurtful slap coming from the angelic Shim Su Ryeon. It was about time Seo Kyung learn some manners.

Vincenzo fires at Jang Joon Woo  (Vincenzo)

There’s more person whom Jang Joon Woo should have never messed up with. Jang Joon Woo killed Vincenzo’s mom which made Vincenzo more than just angry.

Vincenzo walked into Jang Joon Woo’s house and gave them a real death threat and scare for life. Jang Joon Woo ended up getting hurt in his ears, but the psychological torment made them shiver. It wasn’t a slap but a bullet fired by Vincenzo to put them in their place and freak out from fear.

Seong Gi Hun Iconic Slap By Gong Yoo (Squid Game)

Remember when Seong Gi Hun lost all his money and was in utter despair? The angelic but suspicious person approached Seong Gi Hun offering him money to play a game.

Well, but there’s a twist, lose a game, and you get slapped. The iconic scene when Gong Yoo slapped Seong Gi Hun every time he lost the game was hurtful as hell.

When Seong Gi Hun won finally, forgets that he won money and can’t slap back Gong Yoo. Damn a double burn for sure.

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