6 New Kdrama Worth Watching in July 2022!

Which new Kdramas in July 2022 is worth waiting for?

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6 New Kdrama Worth Watching in July 2022!

An exciting new month is here with July 2022, approaching the next quarter of the year. So many new Korean dramas are back with actors making their comeback in 2022. If you’re looking for a reason to be mesmerised, July 2022 Kdramas are just the ones to look forward to. Which new Kdrama is worth watching in July 2022, let’s check out!

6. Cafe Minamdang

6 New Kdrama Worth Watching in July 2022!

Finally, Seo In Guk is back with another new Kdrama in 2022. The Korean Drama Cafe Minamdang stars Seok In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo in the leading roles.

The first impression of the drama was lit with Seo In Guk as a fortune teller providing help to his wealthy clientele for money. He’s not exactly a fortune teller but disguises himself as one using technology and his highly skilled team.

On Yeon Seo is a detective famously nicknamed “The Ghost” who recently transferred to her new department.  

The interaction between Nam Han Joon and Han Jae Hui would be something to look forward to as both of them have their own motivation. Cafe Minamdang left a very strong impression and is highly recommended, currently streaming on Netflix!

5. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

6 New Kdrama Worth Watching in July 2022!

The new drama starring Park Eun Bin in Extraordinary Attorney Woo has left a strong impression with her acting.

The role is pretty challenging as Park Eun Bin plays Woo Young Woo, an attorney with autism.

There have been dramas previously to show and create awareness of autism and other issues, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is hard to skip.

Highly watch worth July Kdrama. Extraordinary Attorney Woo is currently streaming on Netflix as well so do check it out.

4. Adamas

6 New Kdrama Worth Watching in July 2022!

Wow, Ji Sung is in a twin role, what more can you ask for! The new Kdrama released on 27th July 2022, has a very exciting plot.

Adamas revolves around the story of twin brothers trying to figure out the killer of their stepfather. The story has a twist and would be a good binge-worthy material. The TvN Adamas is worth checking out!

3. Remarriage & Desires

6 New Kdrama Worth Watching in July 2022!

A solid story with good casts, the Netflix Kdrama Remarriage & Desires is worth waiting for. Kim hee Seon will be back with Remarriage & Desires.

The show will feature different motives and plots for high-class society to enter the matchmaking club Rex.

Marriage, remarriage and revenge will be the main focus of Seo Hye Seung.

Actor Lee Hyun Wook will be back with the drama. Quite exciting to see him after his previous role in Mine Kdrama as Han Ji Young.

2. The Good Detective 2

6 New Kdrama Worth Watching in July 2022!

The 2020 JTBC drama The Good Detective is finally back with Season 2. The exact plot is unclear but hoping they show the case of Oh Ji Hyeok’s father.

The West Incheon Police team is back on 30th July 2022. The Good Detective Season 2 is one of the most awaited new seasons for fans.

With the best partners of the universe Kang Do Chang (Son Hyun Joo) and Oh Ji Heyok (Jang Seung Jo) will be back, we can look forward to the drama and new cases.

1. Big Mouth

6 New Kdrama Worth Watching in July 2022!

The MBC drama Big Mouth starring Lee Jong Suk and Lim Yoon A is hard to skip this month. Lee Jong Suk’s character Park Chang Ho will end up as a suspect.

His wife will attempt to clear his name, especially, Park Chang Ho may end up in a life-threatening situation. Big Mouth Kdrama will be airing on 29th July 2022, so mark your dates!

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