9 KDrama Couples We Deserved But Never Got

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We can't seem to get enough of some dramas. Even if most shows have beautiful or painful endings, we still seek other solutions at the conclusion, ones that would satisfy our desire for a happy finish.

Some of the couples we ship become engaged, while others do not.

Couples we'd like to see more of, but who never had their happily ever after

1. Who Are You: School 2015 Gong Taekwang and Lee Eunbi

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Kim So Hyun, who played Lee Eunbi and Go Eunbyul in this popular school series, had two popular and attractive male partners who became interested in her.

The two looking lonely somewhere reflects Gong Taekwang's connection with Go Eunbyul, who has found her hidden secret in the drama, adding to the precarious youth's mood.

Because the picture is situated in a bus decorated with the ending scene of the sixth episode, viewers assumed that the two characters' love will blossom in the future. One of them is Sungjae, who is madly in love with her but ends up playing the main character in the storey.

Despite the fact that the drama is no longer airing, Kim So Hyun and Yook Sungjae still appear to be cute couples in the episode.

Gong Taekwang and Eunbi may not have a happy ending in this drama, but they did win the "Best Couple Award" at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards.

2. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Haesoo and Wang So

The main couple sharing a sweet moment

It was revealed in the most recent episode that the lead couple, played by IU and Lee Joongi, drew a lot of attention from the audience.

With IU's departure, viewers worried how the show would finish, given their committed love and the fact that they ended up in different places at the same time.

Kwangjong and Haesoo were injured by each other and made a different decision, but now that they have spent so much time together, we can affirm the actual feelings of the two who are missing each other in different places at the same time.

3. Doctor Strangers: Park Hoon and Song Jaehee

the main couple sweetly looking at each other

Doctor Stranger has come to a close with something we never expected after hours of unethical surgery competitions, conspiracies, and love chemistry.

As it finished its last stretch, it took the top spot in the drama ratings on Tuesday and Wednesday. When the last few episodes of the drama were revealed, the leads, Jin Se Yeon and Lee Jong Suk were the centres of attention.

Park Hoon is unquestionably the protagonist of the storey, and Jae Hee has become his Achilles heel.

Her identity was so important that it became a mystery that gave the show home, yet it was also the first mystery that produced nothing but groans and disappointment.

4. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Wang Eun and Park Soondeok

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Much to the dismay of Baekhyun's admirers, Baekhyun's character in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Wang Eun, was killed off.

With the drama's last episodes, it's heartbreaking that Park Soondeok, played by Z. Hera, lost her soon-to-be spouse in the end, and it's also one of the show's most heartbreaking scenes.

Although Wang Eun initially opposes the planned marriage, he eventually comes to love his wife, which leads to his death.

Fans were left heartbroken, and they expressed their disappointment by saying that more of the couple's beautiful moments should have been included in the drama.

5. Extraordinary You: Baek Kyung and Eun Danoh

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During a photoshoot, Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) and Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) appeared to be such a wonderful pair as they walked along train tracks holding hands and sharing snacks.

This turned fans' frowns upside down because it was the only occasion in the show where the couple had happy endings. However, the two did not end up together, and fans are now on the lookout for it.

6. Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency: Lee Soo and Gae Ttong

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The two were first recognized as a couple in which a blacksmith and a slave transformed into a lovely couple.

Lee Soo contacted the Flower Crew for aid in getting married to the love of his life because they have the finest agreement when it comes to arranging weddings, and it gives off the impression that the viewers are stuck with the notion of the drama's first pair.

On his wedding day, the blacksmith became King in the blink of an eye, but there should've been an opportunity for Lee Soo, played by Seo Jihoon, to fight for the pure love of his life.

As the tale continued, Gae Ttong, played by Gong Seungyeon, came to the realization that she is truly in love with Ma Hoon, played by Kim Minjae.

7. Han Seo-Jun & Lim Ju-Kyung: True Beauty

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Seo Jun, like Su Ho, was Ju Kyung's personal cheerleader. Despite his fondness for teasing her, Seo Jun always had faith in Ju Kyung's skills. He also praised Ju Kyung for simply being Ju Kyung, a friend he adores without reservation.

Despite his feelings for Ju Kyung, Seo Jun listened to her complain about Su Ho and offered her comfort. He comforted Su-ho as well. He was jealous of Su-ho but that factor never affected their friendship.

Even in her worst moments, Ju Kyung knew she could count on Seo Jun to make her laugh. Han Seo-Jun was definitely one of a kind and gave us a major second-lead syndrome.

8. Han Ji-Pyeong & Seo Dal-Mi: Start-Up

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Ji Pyeong is misunderstood, and Dal Mi's grandmother is the only person who can see past his stern appearance and discover the sweetness that lies behind it.

Ji Pyeong is immediately taken by Dal Mi's charm after meeting her for the first time in years. Even before knowing her by name or face, he clearly identifies her spirit from the writings they shared.

He's been looking out for her ever since, and all he cares about is her happiness, which is connected with her grandmother's, even before he realizes he's in love.

Even if we ignore the letters, something about the Dal Mi-Ji Pyeong combo just feels right. Dal Mi agrees with Ji Pyeong's reality and does not consider it impolite when he just states facts.

Do San, on the other hand, gets irritated by even the tiniest remark and believes it is made with malice.

Ji Pyeong and Dal Mi share similar viewpoints on everyday issues, however, Do San is frequently forced to lie in order for Dal Mi to believe they are compatible.

9. Yang Do-Hyeok & Yu Na-Bi: Nevertheless

couple sharing an umbrella together

Okay!!! Team Potato All The Way!!!!

In "Nevertheless," it's difficult not to fall in love with Yang Do Hyeok. He's truthful, and affectionate, and cooks delicious food for Yu Na Bi, among other things. As a result, admirers can't help but support the chef.

Yang Do Hyeok has proven himself on numerous occasions, both modestly and truly, so here are a few but solid reasons why he's the appropriate guy for the lovely art student.

Yu Na-Bi and Yang Do-Hyeok would've made one of the most iconic couples ever but the script had something else for us.

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