30 Kdrama Cameos that made the shows Memorable & Unforgettable!

Which Kdrama Cameo is your favorite?

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What makes Kdramas even more appealing are unexpected cameos which add a certain interesting element to the flow of the story. There are some Kdrama cameos that were not only surprising but made the show quite unforgettable and memorable for years to come.

Sometimes they are recurring characters from the same universe but from different shows, but nevertheless, the introduction of such short characters left a deep impression on viewers. What Kdrama Cameos made you feel happy, excited, and squealing?

30. Missing: The Other Side Season 2 (Im Si Wan)

The entire second season of Missing: The Other Side Season 2 was a roller coaster ride. What no one expected was the surprise cameo of Im Si Wan in the last episode (Ep 14) as the Merry Go round man hoping to create a narrative for future possibilities of Season 3. Im Si Wan’s cameo was absolutely breathtaking and hope he can appear again in Season 3.

29. The Producers (Multiple cameos)

This is one of the best Kdramas in history admit it or not. The complicated quadrilateral love scenario where Kim Soo Hyun emerged as the favorite was something we can’t easily forget.  There were multiple cameos but the most memorable ones were from Go Ara and Lee Seul Gi. Do watch The Producers to find out more cameos!

28. School 2017 (Kang Min Hyuk)

Before Ra Eun Ho fell for Hyun Tae Woon, she had a hots for her sunbae Jong Guen. CN Blue member Kang Min Hyuk made a cameo in School 2017 and made Ra Eun Ho’s heart flutter. The jealous Hyun Tae Woon was a sight to see.

27. Thirty Nine (Im Si Wan)

It was one of the sweetest and most unpredictable cameos in Kdramas. When Jeong Chan Young finally made her dream to act come true, one of the costars of the movie was Im Si Wan. The girls were swooning over Im Si Wan who appeared as himself in Episode 10.

26. Oh My Ghost (Seo In Guk)

When it comes to ghost dramas, the 2015 Kdrama Oh My Ghost became the trendsetter. Another memorable thing about Oh My Ghost was the cameo of Chef Edward played by Seo In Guk. That was one hell of a powerful cameo.

25. Hotel Del Luna (Lee Joon Gi & Kim Soo Hyun)

When it comes to characters breaking the Kdrama and stealing the thunder, Hotel Del Luna is top on the list.

One of the most memorable and enjoyable cameos was from Lee Joon Gi as an exorcist which almost terrified Jang Man Wol (IU).  

Hotel Del Luna created the reunion for Lee Joon Gi and IU who have previously worked together in Scarlet Heart Ryo.

Another interesting cameo was from actor Kim Soo Hyun who replaced Jang Man Wol as the new owner. Fans are still waiting for the unexpected sequel with Kim Soo Hyun, hoping it comes true.

24. One The Woman (Kim Nam Gil)

One of the best Kdrama cameos was from Kim Nam Gil in One The Woman Kdrama episode 1. Lee Ha Nee and Kim Nam Gil have previously worked together in the Kdrama The Fiery Priest where Lee Ha Nee played the role of a corrupt prosecutor.

Her role in One The Woman Kdrama isn’t all that different minus the amnesia part. The surprising cameo of Father Michael to enlighten Jo Yeon Joo was funny and unforgettable.

23. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Lee Jong Suk)

No one can forget this classic cameo as we rarely see Lee Jong Suk in a cameo. The actor appeared briefly in episode 2 as the customer where Bok Joo worked. Kang Ki Young who played the role of an aspiring actor commented that Lee Jong Suk looks like someone who came out of a webtoon, as a reference to W Kdrama.

22. Pinocchio (Cameo from I Can Hear Your Voice)

When it comes to Pinocchio, there were two of the most memorable cameos as actors who have previously worked with Lee Jong Suk. Yoon Sang Hyun made a cameo in Episode 11 reprising his role as  Cha Kwan Woo from I Can Hear Your Voice Kdrama.

Actor Jung Woong In made a came as Min Joon Kook in the same drama I Can Hear Your Voice. Both the actors were part of the cast and worked together with Lee Jong Suk in the drama.

21. My Fellow Citizens (Daniel Choi & Baek Jin Hee)

Who can forget the funny Kdrama from Choi Si Won? The famous couple from Jugglers Kdrama Daniel Choi and Baek Jin Hee made a cameo in My Fellow Citizens Kdrama as newlywed couples. It was a nice surprise to see them.

20. Doctors (Lee Ki Woo)

Remember the gangster Doctor Park Shin Hye met the gangster boss. Actor Lee Ki Woo made a cameo in Doctors Kdrama Episode 1. His scene was short but quite impactful. Later, because of his gift/ gesture, Yoo Hye Sung (Park Shin Hye) gets into trouble but that’s alright, she had it covered. Lee Ki Woo’s appearance was quite a memorable and impactful one.

19. Temperature of Love (Park Shin Hye)

One of the best slice of life Kdramas Temperature of Love had a nice cameo from Park Shin Hye when she met Park Jung Woo. Park Shin Hye is ever stellar and beautiful in the short cameo.

18. Abyss (Jung So Min and Seo In Guk)

One of the best cameos as grim reapers were from the couple The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Kdrama. Jung So Min and Seo In Guk briefly appeared in Abyss Kdrama when Cha Min (Ahn Hyo Seop) woke up from the dead. The scene was quite eye candy and hilarious.

17. Twenty Five Twenty One (Choi Tae Joon)

It wasn’t just a cameo, but more like a special role. Choi Tae Joon played the brief role of Jung Ho Jin, Na Hee Do’s seven-day boyfriend. He is on the national team and briefly dated Na Hee Do before they broke up. Got to say, Jung Ho Jin was on the list of possible husbands but well we will never know.

16. Record of Youth (Multiple cameos)

There were multiple cameos that made Record of Youth memorable. The first on the list is Seo Hyun Jin who was paired against Park Bo Gum in the drama they shot. This was one of the pairs we wish to see in new dramas, hopefully. Lee Sung Kyung was the second actress Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum) worked with. Let’s not forget Hyeri’s cameo as well along with Park Seo Joon.

15. Search: WWW (Lee Dong Woo)

We can never move on from the handsome Grim Reaper/Nine-Tailed Fox. As Be Ta Mi's ex-boyfriend, Lee Dong Woo appeared in a brief cameo. That was a very surprising cameo.

14. Squid Game (Gong Yoo)

What made Squid Game super special and worrisome was Gong Yoo’s cameo when he played the slap game with Seong Gi Hun. The undisclosed role of Gong Yoo who seems like a recruiter was a surprising cameo.

13. Itaewon class (Park Bo Gum)

The 2020 Kdrama is still one of the best and makes people watch it on repeat. Guess who made an eye-catching cameo at the end of the series to make fans’ hearts flutter. Park Beo Gum made a cameo in Itaewon Class in the last episode, so do check it out.

12. True Beauty (Cast of Extraordinary You)

Adapted from the webtoon, True Beauty made some good changes. The amazing cameo from the Cast of Extraordinary You will forever remain in our minds. The first cameo was from Lee ate Ri who was in Im Ju Kyung’s previous school. She had a crush on him. The other memorable cameo was from Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon in Episode 4. At least in this world, they ended up together.

11. Goblin (Jung Hae In)

Guess who can make the Goblin, the lonely and great guardian jealous?! Jung Hae In appeared in a brief role in Guardian Kdrama as Ji Eun Tak’s first love. Kim Shin was jealous enough to pay him a personal visit and even admitted that he was really great. This cameo made us chuckle and even gave the Goblin a taste of insecurity and jealousy.

10. Hot stove League (Lee Je Hoon)

Certainly the show stealer with his impactful role in Hot Stove League. Lee Je Hoon was introduced as the CEO of the PF firm which later helped the Dreams team. The only not-so-good factor was the condition which still hurts. Lee Je Hoon’s unexpected cameo was forever memorable as the drama itself was amazing from the beginning to the end.

9. Penthouse Season 2 (Lee Sang Woo)

Gotta give a huge shout-out to Kim So Yeon (Cheon Seo Jin)’s husband Lee  Sang Woo for making a cameo in Season 2 as the reporter who exposed his wife. Damn the role.

8. The Legend of the Blue Sea (Jo Jung Seok)

Remember the craze for Heo Joon Jae as sweep people with his accent of “disgusting sh*t”. Lee Min Ho and Gianna Gun were a couple to see. Jo Jung Seok’s cameo in episode 7 as a fellow merman like Sim Chung made Heo Joon Jae go rage with jealousy. Nothing to worry, about because Sim Chung only cares about her Joon Jae.

7. Hospital Playlist Season 2 (Lee Kyu Hyung)

In Hospital Playlist Season season 1 Go Ara made a cameo. It does give the Reply vibes. There were some cameos from the Reply series and Prison Playbook as well.

The most memorable one was Lee Kyu Hyung in Hospital Playlist Season 2 in episode 3. It was weird to see a normal Yoo Han Yang from Prison Playbook right. It was a short but nice scene to see the actor. Even Jung Min Sung (Dr. Go) from Prison Playbook made a cameo in Season 1.

6. Start Up (Yeo Jin Goo)

One of the Kdramas that still gave us angst is Start Up. It’s hard to move on because second lead syndrome was so strong. One of the coolest things about Start Up Kdrama was the voice of the AI Jang Young Shil.  Yeo Jin Goo recorded his voice for the AI. It was like a legit surprise to see Yeo Jin Goo make the cameo in Episode 16 as Hong Ji Seok when he met Han Ji Pyeong.

5. Little Women (Song Joong Ki)

The TvN drama Little Women was a surprise package but what made it even more compelling was the surprise cameo by the Vincenzo actor Song Joong Ki. Kim Go Eun’s character Oh In Joo was investigating the limited edition shoes when her friend Jin Hwa Young was found dead. Song Joong Ki appeared as the store manager and captivated fans through his brief appearance. The subtle reference to Vincenzo was mind-blowing.

4. Backstreet Rookie (Jung Eun Ji)

Before Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) met Jung Saet Byeul, he had his heart brutally wrecked by his ex-girlfriend. Jung Eun Ji appeared as Choi Dae Hyun’s ex in episode 1 and dumped him without a second thought.  Well, thanks to that, Choi Dae Hyun met Jung Saet Byul so will forgive that!

3. Crash Landing on You (Kim Soo Hyun)

Remember the 2013 movie Secretly Greatly starring Kim Soo Hyun?! Who would have thought the writers would have neatly tied up Bang Dong Gu played by Kim Soo Hyun to cameo in Crash Landing on You. Bang Dong Gu is a North Korean secret agent hiding in South  Korea. His cameo in episode 10 made the Kdrama quite special.

2. Taxi Driver Season 2 (Namkoong Min)

If you talk about cameos and do not mention Taxi Driver Season, it is a sin in itself. The hype surrounding the popular Kdrama Taxi Driver Season 2 gave fans a good surprise when the character from One Dollar Lawyer made a special appearance. Namgoong Min’s character Cheon Ji Hoon from One Dollar Lawyer appeared briefly in Episode 9 providing legal consultation to Kim Dok Ki (Lee Je Hoon).

1. Sh**ting Stars (Multiple cameos)

There were several amazing cameos in Sh**ting Stars Kdrama. The most awaited cameos were from the Penthouse Kdrama actors showing support to Kim Young Dae and Yoon Jung Hoon.

Yoon Jung Hoon had a reunion with fellow actors from Penthouse when Uhm Ki Joon and Bong Tae Gyu had a brief cameo in episode 13. Interestingly, Kim Young Dae, Yoon Jung Hoon, and Ha Do Kwon were cast in Penthouse Kdrama.

Another interesting cameo was from the cast of Find Me in Your Memory drama Moon Ka Young and Kim Dong Wook who reprised their roles from the drama in the cameo in Sh**ting stars. Love All Play Kdrama starring Chae Jong Hyeop aka Park Tae Joon made a cameo in episode 5.

Actress Kim Seul Gi made a brief cameo in episode 2. Other notable cameos were from actresses Song Ji Hyo (episode 7) and Jin Ki Joo (episode 11). Last but not least, two of the favorite cameos in Sh**ting Stars were from actors Lee Ki Woo and Lee Sang Woo introduced as part of Starforce Entertainment's actors.

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