Kakegurui: YUMEKO JABAMI; No.1 Compulsive Gambler

Anime Feb 25, 2021

Kakegurui meaning compulsive gambler is a psychological thriller anime. Since its release it was in the limelight. It is set in the Hyakkou private academy where only the elite people were present. The Hyakkou Private Academy was a bit different from the other schools we see. In other schools the students were judged on the basis of their achievements in academics and co-curricular participation. In the Hyakkou Private Academy, a student’s potential was judged by their achievements in gambling. The hierarchy was twisted but the students enjoy it. The hierarchy was determined by gambling. Students were ranked by their monetary contributions to the student council. Those who win, earn popularity, money and fame whereas those who lose, fall deep into debt and become house pets known as ‘dogs’ and ‘kitten’. Yumeko Jabami, the protagonist of the anime Kakegurui (Gambling anime), is a transfer student at the Hyakkaou Private Academy.

She is Ryota Suzuki and Mary Saotome’s classmate and friend. Yumeko Jabami’s family is aligned with the Momobami clan whose head is Kirari Momobami. Yumeko is shown around the school by Ryota Suzui. She instantly becomes very popular around the school.

How Is Yumeko Related To Kirari Momobami?

It was very much clear from Yumeko’s surname ‘Jabami’ that she was a part of this conglomerate branch of families. Her surname ended with the suffix ‘bami’ which made her a member of this diverse clan. Yumeko was the perfect threat for Kirari. As soon as she stepped in the Hyakkou Private Academy, she changed the estranged rules. Since there wasn’t much screen time where Yumeko’s past life or her family were discussed, there wasn’t much that could be said or predicted about her family.

How Did Everything at The Academy Changed After Yumeko Jabami Came?

1) How Cheating Reduced

a pro playerA pro player

She is first challenged by Mary Saotome to a gambling match. Mary’s strategy was not fair to Yumeko as she was cheating. Mary rigged the game in her favour. Yumeko revealed she noticed her strategy from the start and as she knew her strategy she won the match leaving Mary with a debt of 8.8 million yen. Another scene where Yumeko caught her opponent’s strategy was  when Itsuki challenged her for a Double Concentration match where she caught her strategy and turned the game upside down. She has a very sharp mind when it comes to catch her opponent off guard. She’s a master in this skill.

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2) Gambling styles changed:


Everyone who challenged or was challenged by Yumeko was caught cheating. Inevitably, everyone was shamed into opting for fair means of play as they knew they would get caught cheating and then be shamed for their loss. She knew how to catch her opponent off guard and red- handed.

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3) New alliances were formed:

Yumeko jabami gambling
Yumeko & Mary

One of the very first alliances formed is the one between Yumeko and Ryota. Later when She was approached by Jun Kiwatari and his friends and asked to strip, Midari Ikishima came to her rescue. Apart from this, Yumeko through the game for housepets became close to Mary as they together fooled Nanami and Jun. Mary even played and staked her entire money just to save yumeko from the poison given to her by miyo and miri. Through out the show we see a number of positive alliances and pure friendships being formed.

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4) Competition Increased

Yumeko jabami gambling
Yumeko & Kirari

After she is introduced in the show, the competition level increases exponentially. Everyone is jealous of her capabilities. Those who used to win through cheap means now couldn’t since Yumeko had the eyes of a fox. She could catch anyone using foul play and turn the odds in her favour. For everyone, She became the only person they wanted to defeat but it was an impossible task too for some who don’t know how to play well without cheating.

In the show we observe that Yumeko, in all, is a super friendly character until she sees someone cheating. Though everyone has the desire to defeat her, they are also strangely attracted to her bubbly personality that make her a charismatic person.

She is very strong willed. Even when she catches others cheating, she doesn’t reveal it. Though this puts her at a disadvantage, she still manages to turn the game in her favour through her magnificent play. A gambling addict, She believes that one can feel the thrill of life only when you take risks. For her, it is risking everything just for a win. She wants her friends and classmates to experience the same rush and excitement she feels when she gambles freely.

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