Kakegurui: Who Is Midari Ikishima's Love Interest?

AyaDari is the femslash ship between Ayame Nureba and Midari Ikishima from the Kakegurui fandom.

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Kakegurui: Who Is Midari Ikishima's Love Interest?

Midari Ikishima is a fictional character from the anime Kakegurui. It is one of the best psychological thriller anime which left fans amazed with its storylines, plot, as well as animation. Kakegurui is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. The anime television series is animated by MAPPA.

The music videos for the opening and closing themes were released in 2017. The plot of Kakegurui revolves around students who attend the Hyakkaou Private Academy. It is a school for the most wealthy and privileged individuals. The social hierarchy of the school is determined through a series of games where the students must wager their fortunes against one another.

One of the wildest characters on the show was that of Midari Ikishima. Midari Ikishima is a supporting character in Kakegurui and the main protagonist of Kakegurui Midari, the spin-off series of  Kakegurui. She is a second-year student at Hyakkaou Private Academy. Midari Ikishima is even the head of the Beautification Committee which means she is in charge of making sure no one crosses their lines in ethics and moral rules. But honestly, she is really not interested in her fulfilling her duty. Instead, she is a thrill-seeker.

Midari trying to kill herself

She loves to take risks, especially which includes life and death. Midari has no regard for human life. She enjoys betting on her mortal life instead of money. There is mostly not much gossip about how she gambles as her gambling matches are insane. But one person she actually had a soft corner for was Ayame Nureba.

Ayadari- The Fanship

AyaDari is the femslash ship between Ayadari and Midari Ikishima. Midari and Ayame first meet when Ayame is considering suicide on the school rooftop, after losing in a gamble and going into debt. Ayame knew that if she continued living, she would be forced into prostitution. This caused Ayame to go to the school rooftop to kill herself. However, Ayame is stopped and saved by Midari, who was also on the roof.

Kakegurui: Is Midari Ikishima The Wildest Character?
Midari is a second year student at Hyakkaou Private Academy. Midari Ikishima is even the head of the Beautification Committee

Later, Ayame participates in another gamble with Nana Ootori, in order to make an attempt at fixing her debt to avoid having to sleep with strangers. It is discovered that Nana is cheating, and Midari steps in. Midari proposes a hand knife trick game for the two to play. They need to stab in between Midari's fingers as much as possible within a minute. Nana begins and is rather quick and does not hurt Midari. Next, however, because she is so nervous and scared, Ayame accidentally stabs Midari's finger.

Nana is pleased, thinking she just got into more trouble for injuring the leader of the Beautification Council, but Midari orders her to continue and stop being such a coward or finally kill herself. Ayame gets angry at her and decides that now she wants to kill her. She proceeds to angrily stab between her fingers. Although she pierces Midari's hand, she continues. Through all the pain, Midari gets infatuated with Ayame.

Ayame stabs faster and faster, with a wicked smile on her face, as she loses her grip on sanity. One minute is over and she won by a lot. Her debt is now gone and Midari asks her to join the Beautification Council since it looked like she had fun. Ayame is embarrassed and doesn't know what to say, while Nana panics.

The two end up hooking up inside of a school bathroom, where Ayame asks Midari to be gentle since it's her first time. This is an act Ayame states she would only do with someone she really loves. Midari once again asks Ayame to join the Beautification Council.

Ayame cannot decide whether or not to join the Beautification Council. Eventually, she agrees to join, and they go to the council room, where they meet Naoe Habakiri, the vice president of the Beautification Council. Ayame is still upset that she had actually enjoyed stabbing Midari.

Naoe rejects Ayame, and Midari proposes the idea that they gamble on whether or not Ayame joins. Naoe agrees but says that Ayame must leave if she loses. Ayame eventually recognizes that Naoe is tricking her during the gamble, and ends up winning.

After a while, Midari says she has to complete a task and asks Ayame to join her. She explains her duties, saying her job is to deal with the trash in the school and make it pretty again. That day, she was asked to collect money from the leader of a group that is causing problems around the school, Kurimu Terasumi.

The two girls end up gambling with Kurimu in a very dangerous game of Russian Roulette. During the gamble, Midari makes Ayame point the gun at her head. Ayame shoots several times, but nothing happens.

When the gamble is over, the two left. While walking, Midari asks Ayame if she was actually ready to kill her. Ayame replies that she wasn't because she's still a student and could not live the rest of her life knowing she killed Midari. Midari smiles, pleased with Ayame's insane side; then affectionately hugs her and says she loves her, which makes Ayame flustered.

In the last volume of the manga, during the Kill or Die gamble arranged by Nana, Ayame is forced to choose between killing Midari or getting hung. Before Ayame makes her decision, Midari tells her that she is the most important thing in her life and that everything pales in importance compared to her. Ayame shoots at Midari three times, but purposefully misses and hits the wall instead, as a result of this, she gets hung.

Ayame notes as she's being hung that Midari looks extremely sad, and after seeing the look on her face, Ayame burns the cord off of her neck with the gun. After saving herself, she threatens to kill Nana saying she would rather kill her than die. Midari questions why Ayame could say that to someone else and still refuse to kill her and goes over to help Ayame up off of the ground.

Ayame also stated during this gamble that she wants Midari to live. Midari is shown after this gamble to talk to Ayame, telling her that she "thought Ayame was going to take everything from her, but she didn't and that's just fine". She also holds Ayame's face while telling her she was unimaginable and that she didn't know what the future held for them, but for now, it was just another gamble.

It is then revealed that they would both die to protect each other and there is no limit to how far they'll go to keep each other alive and safe. The manga ends off with Midari grabbing Ayame's hand and saying "Let us enjoy ourselves to the fullest, together".

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